The Great Grille Debate – Vote Now!

A small adjustment can make a huge difference in the way something looks. Changing out your grille is the same principle–a minor adjustment makes a big difference in the overall look and style of your Mustang. You can make your Mustang sleeker, darker, meaner, or sexier with a relatively small amount of work. Not every look appeals to every person though, so we’d like to know which grilles are your personal favorites. Below are some of our most popular grilles, listed by generation and ready for your vote. Don’t see the grille you like best for one of the body styles? Leave a comment to let us know what your favorite is.


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  • Matt

    I have a 2007 pony package with the black billet grille…the fog lights are hidden behind with a tri-bar pony emblem off to the drivers side. It looks so much cleaner without all the pony package chrome accents!

    • SueG

      I agree totally Matt

    • O

      Yup that is what i did to mine!!! love that look it’s clean!!!

      • http://americanmuscle Kos

        No ponies! Everyone has a pony. Make yours different. I’ve got a billet grille, halo projector headlights, and aftermarket taillights. EVERYONE notices my car.

  • Canadian Stang

    I have the “ELEANOR” style grille and added a ’69 tri bar emblem to the left side on my ’08 GT.
    This grille also has better air flow for CAI.

  • dan

    i replaced my smaller foglights with the larger fog lights in the middle. it looks meaner and i get a lot of compliments!

  • Great03Mustange

    I like the grill delete kit with the Mustang in the middle. It’s the best and I wish it was featured on your debate as a choice because I’m pretty sure it’d win! :-)

  • Luke

    1994 – 1998 and 1999 – 2004, the stock grilles are best… everything else just looks so ghetto; however, for 2005 – 2009 and 2010, the black billet grilles look tough!

    • Mikeymustang

      I disagree with luke. The stock grille is terrible looking. I would definately vote for the Mach 1 grille delete. I put it on my 01 and it’s mean looking.

  • http://AmericanMuscle Dave

    The “Eleanor” grill for my S197

  • Carl Ervin

    I really like the retro black grilles for the 2010, but I also like my Driving/Fog Lights too…Perhaps this style of grille with the Driving/Fog lights moved to the middle or even smaller lights like the Pony Package, perhaps in the lower grille??? I LOVE the lower grille for the 2010…I have to have that for my wife’s new Sterling Gray 2010 for sure!!!

  • Jack C. Fuller

    2010. Combine the center mounted Headlights and the black retro billet grille.

  • Chris

    On the 99-04 cobras, im all about the grill delete with a cobra emblem instead of the pony. People see that in their mirrors and get outa the way!

    • Matt

      I agree totally Chris.

  • Mike

    I tried a few different grilles and finally settled on the Agent 47 high flow grille. it has a metal honeycomb design and keeps the fogs but eliminates the pony.

    • Mike

      for S197

  • Javi Trujillo

    I plan on buying the black retro Mustang Billet grille at some point for my 2007 V-6!

    • Jason

      Why does anyone buy a V6 sportscar anymore??

  • Kim

    I don’t like any of the “Pony delete” kits, if you don’t like the pony – you shouldn’t have bought a Mustang. Just a hard core Mustang girl!!!

    • hersilverstang

      I agree with you Kim!

    • SueG

      I agree with you totally Kim!!

    • SueG

      What do we have here?? The girl group??

  • Pam

    I put the Cervini polished retro billet grill with pony emblem (which I bought from you guys) on my 08 GT. Moved the fog lights down low on the Cervini front end. Looks much better.

  • Jerry

    Grill delete WITH the pony or cobra

    • Matt

      I agree totally Jerry.

  • http://S197forummember Elliott

    I want to see the center fog light Grille from 3D Carbon for sale here.

  • hersilverstang

    I agree – I like the grill delete kit with the Mustang in the middle. That is what I have on my 01 Stang!

    • Matt

      I agree totally hersilverstang.

  • http://AmericanMuscle Albert

    Well……..All I have to say is a Mustang is just not a Mustang without the Pony on the front grille….That’s just not right…LOL……..I also purchased the chromed letters for my rear bumper and they are just soooooooooooooooo cool…..I’ve had many comments with that and the sequential single lights……..I have a 2002 GT convertible and I just love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Black09GT

    I know I’m in the minority but I actually prefer the OEM grille over all the aftermarket styles I’ve seen.

  • Rejekt

    99-04 Grill delete with stock 94-98 horse and Roush 440a fascia :-)

  • Dave

    I and tons of other 05-09 GT owners are looking for a black, pony delete billet grill that is a complete replacement, not an overlay, that keeps the driving lights in stock position. They make a bunch for the v6 but none are available for the GT, WHY? Please make one!!

  • Eddie

    For the 05-09, I really like the retro Shelby GT Billet grill with the retro pony emblem by the driver’s side headlight.

  • Russ

    99 04 grill delete looks so much better.

  • Gerald Dunbar

    I like the Mach 1 grill in the 99-04 cars. It’s a lot cleaner looking in my opinion.

  • Creed

    None of the polished grills work in the photos. I might have a different opinion on a different color, or in person.

    The cars from 05-present look the best with the big, twin driving lamps. The old cars look great with blackout grills, or the Cobra grills. Nothing else will do in those cars. Shiney stuff is for coins, not for these Mustangs. There could be a few exceptions, like the Eleanor model, and thats about it.

    • Oscar

      I’m with you, Creed

      • Toby

        That makes three of us!

  • russ

    I have a pollished billet grill that requires removing the pony from the original grill and not using it at all. It looks soo sleek with the grill and no pony emblem.

    I am very supprised you don’t have one here!

    It looks the best and I see it all the time on other mustangs!

  • Tony McQueen

    For the 2010 models, I have to say that I prefer the stock grill with the smoked/darkened pony emblem.

    • Jim Rockford

      Yo Tony, Tell Steve I said hi, thx.

      • Tony McQueen

        I did say hello and he was having a beer with Mr. Garner talking about all the problems they have had with Firebirds.

  • http://msn mike kelowna

    we have a 2008 GT/CS performance white black rag top the mustang came with honey comb grill and honey comb in the shaker hood scoop and side air vents.we decided to go with that look and added the honey comb rear tail light panel with black tail light trim with sequential turn signals then we painted the scoop side air vents and rear spoiler a satin finish to match the rag so far a big two thumbs up from all motor enthusists it really gave the mustang a good profile from all angles.

  • TJ Brillhart

    I am a huge advocate of the Mach 1 grill delete for the 99-04’s. Looks the best…really dont like billet grills.

  • Jeff Z

    Personally like the stock upper honeycomb grille, just needs a matching honeycomb lower grille – which is available for 2009 models but not yet for 2010’s.

  • Jorginho

    When it comes to 99-04 Mustangs there is only one aftermarket grill I like, and that is the Mach 1 grille delete. In my opinion, billet grilles do not look good on any car or truck.

  • Jim

    Prefer the stock grill on all models. Engine and driveline mods are fine, but the
    original Mustang body and trim designs are classic and look best in original configuration.

  • kcwhunter

    Prefer the Eleanor style grill to most others. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Lone Ranger

    On my 2006 Six-shooter, I customized a polished billet grill by having it powdercoated to match my 20″ Black Chrome 454 Motorsport Wheels. It is 3 “Bads!” and 3 “Hots!”.

  • DD

    2010 ‘s are so freaking ugly that they should just not even be included in the survey… just put them on the CAMORO web sites !!!

    • Chris

      He said “CAMORO”


    • Kim

      AMEN! I totally agree with you. What the heck were they thinking? They messed with the car from all angles, only change that I liked was the side scoops. They had a really good thing going – so what will they do next???

  • Armeen Darlou

    For the 2005-2009 Grill, definitely the retro style grill for the V6 is the best looking grill.

  • Realdo

    Leave the Pony alone. That is why i like the polished pony grill.

  • Ken

    05-09 centered fog light ‘Eleanor’ style grill is my favorite.

  • brian

    2010 tr-bar pony offset to the driver’s side is the best, 05-09 leave it alone, 99-04 mach 1 delete, 94-98 i didn’t like anyway

  • Steve 07 GT/CS

    I have the “ELEANOR” style grill that really stands out. It also seems to help with the Steeda CAI.

  • Geri

    The look I got for my grille on my 06 Gt is the fog lamp chrome trim. I also put a door molding trim on the outer edge of the grille just like the bullet. It looks awesome

  • Ryan

    I dunno about the other generations but on the 99-04, the original grill or the mach 1 delete are easily the 2 best looking options. Those billet grilles are horribly ugly.

  • Mike

    The Eleanor grill is my favorite. The lines of the ’05 – ’09 remind me of the ’67 and the ’67 GT500 is by far my favorite Mustang of all time.

  • Ed

    I like the blacked-out treatment, but with the pony. I have an 07 Pony Package and one of the features I like most about it is the blacked-out grill with the “pony in the coral”.

  • John V

    for the 94-98 I think the stock grilles are the best.

    and for the 99-04 the Mach 1 grille is the way to go!

  • Jeff

    For the S197, I love the grille that came with my V6 Premium w/ Pony Package. Honeycomb, plus Pony, plus fog lights plus retro styling. Awesome!

  • Brian

    For the 1999-2004 Mustangs the Mach 1 grille delete with horse in the center is the best.
    The Mach 1 Grille is cleaner , don’t have to worry about the
    silver paint wearing off nor the black plastic fading.

    Billet or chrome is nice, but polishing is a pain.

  • Jason M

    I love the subdued look of the retro black. I think it looks mean, sophisticated but yet raw all at the same time.

  • Shelby1050

    I have the “Shelby” grille for the CS6 (S197) package. Naturally, not every ‘stang can pull that grille off without having the rest of the package to back it up, but still, it makes my car look awesome.
    you can see what i mean at “car of the month”.

    other than my own grille, i’m a fan of the black retro one.

  • Joe Snyder

    I don’t like any of the aftermarket grills for my 2001 Bullitt! The grills all look cheesy and I don’t like the open look at the radiator of the delete kits. After much debate I decided to simply black out the chrome pony in my stock grill and I like the dark stealthy look a lot! Since the Bullitt has no fog lights and the headlights are smoked, there is nothing but blacked out and ominous coming in your rear view mirror. Note: there is a Mach1 spoiler under the nose as well.

  • Jason R

    I own a 2006 GT Coupe and have bought several accessories from AmericanMuscle and am very pleased with them all. I have thought about what grill I would replace the factory one with and would like to see a duplicate of the factory mesh pattern with fogs in the factory location with the classic tri-bar pony emblem in the center.