Tattoos: How Hardcore is your Ford Mustang Pride?

tattoo.jpg How hardcore is your Mustang Pride? Would you get inked or have you already? I have noticed on a few different Mustang forums and websites where quite a few dedicated people are sporting some Mustang tattoos with the most popular being our iconic Running Pony.


Some (like the one above) are decently done and pretty badass while others are just quite special… I mean, is that really a horse carrying a machine gun!?

While looking through the different links, I came across a dedicated Mustangs and Ford Tattoos Facebook Page with almost 400 fans. As you know, our favorite car has been around for over 40 years so you know there has gotta be quite a few people permanently representing that Pony Pride! Well, I already know there are quite a few (because of google image search), but how many of you are our own AM fans?

Personally, I don’t have one but I’m curious to know what you guys think! Vote on the poll and tell us about your Mustang tattoo in the comments below!

Do you have any Ford/Mustang related tattoos?

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  • http://Facebook Shanna Holt

    I actually got my tattoo on my lower back a few weeks ago after somebody hit me and totaled my Mustang. I am IN LOVE with these cars and always will be.

    • Steph

      I had my a pony tattooed on my left hip after mine was hit and totaled when I was 17! Then I went and got the V8 emblem on the back of my neck out of a sheer love for the cars.

    • Mustanggirl03

      I have 2 screaming eagles on my arm for the Firebirds I had (still have 1-traded the red 1 in on my stang) I plan on adding a stang tat with them–probably a yellow convertible to match my car or the running pony with yellow flames-haven’t decided yet. Mustangs &all musclecars rock–I’m almost 60 & I’ll still be putting the pedal to the metal with the top down when I’m 80!!!

  • Jason P.

    Got 7 tarts no Ford ones yet but it is a possibility.

  • Paul

    I got a horse and bars on the right arm/shoulder. It looks great, got it at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas. You have to be SO CAREFUL selecting an artist, I have seen too many of these come out looking like donkeys or prison tattoos. The internet isnt very encouraging when browsing for imagines. The one above, on the back of the neck, is what I brought to the artist with a couple more images on how I wanted it to look. For example, look at that one above, the nose is a bit too long but its about the best example on the net (still looks amazing, no offense!). Chome effect is AMAZING! Make sure you bring pics of actual logos on cars. My artist had spent time tracing an image off an actual mustang and used that as the stencil. Also, figure out which way the horse is running and make sure they get the color bars right. Red isnt always up by the head. Red is on the left, Blue is on the right. Horse can face either direction though most typically the horse is running left. Mine is on the right shoulder, so to have it facing front, its running right. I’ve actually seen both, so I guess its debateable but do your research and let it be YOUR DECISION.

    So, in summary, I’ve always owned a mustang (13 years of driving), always will, and wish I had got this earlier but VERY happy I got the right artist to do it (and just paid the price). My pride is beyond hardcore!

  • Jason P.

    Err. Tatts

  • Daniel Velarde

    Thank you so much for writing about my Facebook page. It is a honor to be mentioned but such a great company. here is the video of the tattoo and my Mustang becoming one

  • Jessica

    Got a huge ass one on the back of my neck/shoulders. Go on to Facebook and look up Flesh Tattoo Company, it’s under the tattoo artist Jay

  • Bullet Burchett

    My very first tattoo was after I bought my first car, it was a 1998 cobra and my sister took me to go get one and I couldn’t make up my mind so I pick the Cobra emblem off my looks next tattoo. Is of my daughters name, I named her SALEEN after my 2nd is a 2000 Saleen with a 331 stroker.I got the Saleen emblem on my whole back its awsome next tatto is my sons name,I named him after the steve mcqueen movie BULLITT. So I got his name on my on my other arm. I love my tattoos

    • Chris

      Wow, my first new car was a 98 cobra too. Then later got, that’s right a 2001 Saleen, finally a few years later a nice 2001 Lightning. still have all 3. Got tats that represent each one as well.

  • Thomas

    I have my mustang tat on right bicep. It’s more of a custom piece. The front half of the running pony fading back into flames. Went that route because I have air brushed true flames on my hood.

  • Roddy Rauls

    I have a replica of the 45th Anneiversary badge on my right shoulder. Soon, it will look like the image that is airbrushed on the hoodscoop of our ’09 Candy Apple Red Pony.

  • Shawn Smith

    i have the mustang running pony, cobra, and steeda emblem incorporated on my right arm. i also have my old 93 lx tattooed on my back because i walked out of it instead of dying like they thought i should have.

  • Bret McKissack

    I have the flaming pony on my right arm. I have had it for over 6 years now, got it when I was 17!

  • Ann Monroe AKA mustangann

    I have the Flaming Pony on my lower left leg I love my tattoo and my 2002 Black GT my pride and joy.

  • Brian Izatt

    I have a bad ass tat of a running pony horse on my back.. its one of a kind! i designed it myself, after hours of design i finally come out with the final product and had it put on me.. i draw all my tats and this is one of my favorites i did.. wish i could post a pic!

  • Steve Nance Jr

    I have a tattoo of my exact car doing a burnout on my inner bicept. Got my tattoo about 2 yrs ago. I had my car in a show where they had a car related tattoo contest. I won first place and got a $100 gift cert for my next one.

  • Daniel Velarde

    If you want to show off your tattoo post it on my page

  • vickie sue cox

    my husband and i got married at our local ford dealership. had a mustang wedding on the show room floor. it was awesome of course. we are planning to get matching mustang tattoos. something with the running pony in flames i think. hummm. love our mustangs so much that our living room is nothing but models, magizines, posters, cars, even a couple of grills and a gas cap have joined the collection. a little mustang museum. lol.

    • Amie Williams


      Are you from St. Augustine? We had a couple here get married at our local Bozard Ford Dealership showroom. :)

      • vickie sue cox

        yes amie, it was me. we were married at bozard ford feb. 2010. so cool you remember us. the mustang couple. LOL

        • vickie sue cox

          american muscle sent us a cold air intake and programmer for a wedding gift. we also purchased our wedding rings from AM, the ones that are engraved with mustang. we are still the happiest couple you will ever see driving our mustangs and collecting for our little mustang museum. LOL

          • Amie Williams

            That is so awesome!! Small world!!
            I drive around an 04 Sonic Blue Mustang around St. Auggie! :) How many Mustangs do you have now?

  • Amie Williams

    I like the one the guy is designing in the photo. I don’t know for me, but that looks pretty badass!

  • daniel velarde

    Thats Adam Forman of High Volatge aka LA Ink. He did such a great job! It turns out he is from Dearborn and his grandfather was Henry Ford’s driver, so he was the right guy for the job


    I only have one for now on my ankle, running ponies in red white and blue. About to get another one on my wrist of the Skeleton Pony to match the grille and other custom airbrushed pieces I have on my ’03 GT.

  • Tim Nelson

    I have a 1990 mustang 5.0 and i have 5.0 MUSTANG ON MY LEFT BYCEP.

  • David

    I have “MUSTANG” wrote the whole way across my back with a running horse to come this fall

  • Krista Elyse

    Mustang pony tattooed on my left hip

  • Amber

    I talked my boyfriend into getting one because I’m too much of a wuss when it comes to pain. Since we both share a love for our V8 stangs, he figured he would get one. So the three hour affair began. He got the running pony in between his shoulder blades with a Ford mustang piston and cam shaft in the back ground making a X with the pony running through it. I must say its original and bad ass.

  • Kate C

    I have the pony emblem on the top of my right arm, it’s running towards the front like it would if it were placed in that location on an actual mustang. My artist did a GREAT job! I get compliments on it all the time!

  • Beka

    My very first tattoo was the running pony on my back. I put it there so that I could be professional in my job, and control who got to see it. However, I find that I have to make up excuses to show it. I wish that I had gotten it somewhere else. I’m sure that I will get more!

  • mike o

    I have the mustang pony withe the red white and blue stripes behind it.. with two scrolls one at tip one at bottom with my Stang club and est date.. on my leg

  • Richie

    I have the mustang symbols on my left leg and the cobra symbol on my right leg. The only 2 tattoos that i have. You wont find a bigger mustang fan than this guy right here

    • K-Brant98

      I dont know, I am a huge fan myself. owned a mustang since I could drive (first was a 92 4 cyc) had a 98 GT and now I have a 01 GT. Have one till i die and then probably be buried in one

  • Austin

    I got the actual ford cobra emblem back in ’09 right after i got back from deployment. I love cobras so much that i have to have it in my blood lol. Nothin can compare to that supercharger whine and the torque the car pulls with you in the seat so i got one

  • Colleen

    A few months ago I special ordered a brand new 2011 GT with the 5.0 engine. The day I picked it up I drove past a 1965 mustang for sale. Fully restored, show quality, with a 289 engine. Took them both home the same day! :) I own a perfect pair. In their honor I have a Mustang Pony tat on my right leg just below the knee and under the pony, the 289 and 5.0 engine numbers.

  • Cream Puff

    I have a picture of my red lx on my lower back. The artist also incorporated a rainbow that starts in the sunroof opening and comes down on my right side! It’s FABULOUS! My life partner loves looking at it. :)

  • kelly laws

    Got the v8 symbol on my leg

  • Josh Guertin

    I have a 2003 Cobra. Its been my dream car ever since they came out. Once I got the car I was in the tattoo shop a few weeks later. I got the Cobra emblem with Mustang written down the side. Same lettering that’s on the dash. And underneath I have “Venom stops the heartbeat” the tattoo is on my right side rib cage. Hurt like hell but well worth the pain.

  • Jose Osorio

    I have an svt on my right forearm and the curled cobra emblem on my left forearm for my 04 cobra. My wide has the running pony emblem on her calf.

  • Greg Zelenock

    Recently I was counting the Mustangs I have owned, 15. My Mustang experiemce started with a 66 GTA convert, 69 Shelby GT 500 convert, 89 GT convert pumped, 99 GT convert Cobra engine Drag Pack , theses are a few of the stangs I have owned and wished that I had kept the above stangs. I will own Stangs untill the day I die.

  • John

    Two tattoos and there both mazda related ^^

  • primeredstang

    tribal mustang on my shoulder blade looking to get another one soon