New 2012 Boss or Original Boss 302?

We all know that the new 2012 BOSS 302 is a beast! Well, I do, anyway. I’m hoping you agree, especially after watching the video of the quarter mile run on the Dynojet at the Cobo Hall Auto Show held in Detroit.  Although it is virtually stimulated, it still lit it up with a VERY nice 12.4 second run. Thanks to one of our boys over at Dynojet, we got this sneak peek photo of the sleeping beauty before they fired her on up!

I won’t give exact numbers but the car put down close to 400 on the dyno – all stock Boss 302!

That’s no joke, folks. It could have lifted up a few skirts but that was left unmentioned, unfortunately. Sorry, guys! This is the only sneak peek you get for now but stay tuned!

So, would you rather have the NEW 2012 Boss or the original Boss 302… and why? COMMENT BELOW!

Ford_Dynojet Dyno_2011.jpg

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  • Daniel C

    That new Boss is so fast it can run a 12.4 sitting still!! Now THAT is impressive!

    In all seriousness, putting out over 400 at the wheels is very impressive. Looks like Ford’s recent underrating of Mustang power ratings continues.

    • Ric Bogue

      the new boss is a must have but after owning a 70 boss i loved thos solid lifter, they just had that speical sound, cant wait top drive the new one

  • josh shepherd

    the new boss becouse.Im 21 and brought my first new mustang california special last year.Seein all the 1960″s and 1970″s mustangs like the boss and gt500 but new again is so cool.

  • Shane Yarrington

    Personally, new. The whole idea of it is just sick. But, after reading the “5 speed vs auto” blog, its always going to come down to personality and driving preference.

    They are both beautiful and capable cars, I’m not here to take away from either. However, I feel it is an unfair question. Your asking about two different worlds here! Classic muscle & raw horsepower in the classic vs complex tuning and physics homework beyond comprehension in the new.

    Anwyay, as Josh said, bringing back the past is awesome and providing the die hard fans with more (beefier) options is always a must. The new BOSS 302 looks amazing, performs amazing, and sounds amazing. i vote new BOSS!

  • Amie Williams

    As much as I love the classic BOSS, I must go with a new 2012 BOSS 302.

    It’s a complete beast STOCK. It is well-built, brand new, and impressive all around. I’m not saying the classics aren’t impressive (I’d love one!) but I’m loving this new one right here.

    It’s making my eyes pop out hearts like a cartoon character. :)

  • Eric

    New…look at it?!?

    not to mention all the extra perks over the reg. 5.0!

    • Nate

      What extra perks a tune and plastic looking boss intake which you could get for just under $1000. Oh and lets not forget a different suspension that could be matched or better for $290.

      • dillon

        you forgot the cool boss sticker’s dude at least $10. why buy all that aftermarket when u can just get the package all together for a couple 10 thousands more?? your just dumb dude. :)

      • Jon

        are you serious? that type of suspension setup will cost well over a thousand dollars. the engine is all forged, titanium valves, hand massaged cylinder heads, quad exhaust, brembo brakes, recaro seats, torsen diff, unique body, etc. and thats not even getting into the laguna seca. please return when you know what you are talking about.

  • Ryan E.

    Man tough choice. The new one is the obvious choice, because it has 40 years of improvements behind it. But the original…I mean dang. I’m gonna have to nitpick, and say if the new ones arent offered in Grabber Blue or Grabber Orange, I would be really really disappointed

    • Amie Williams

      I absolutely love Grabber Blue.

      • Ryan E.

        Heck yes

  • Scott Pickering

    How can you not vote “Classic” over current???? If not for the original, you would not have the new. The original started it all. My vote…..1969 Yellow, and Black……..what a color combo.

  • Mike

    Personally I would love a pair, 69′ and 12′ both orange and black. If i had to choose, i would pick the 2012 just because the 40 years of technology. And VVT

  • Stephen P

    As much as I’d love to have a classic, the new 2012 boss 302 dominates the muscle scene. the stats are impressive and the color combos and body kits are sick!!! my preferred colors would be the grabber blue and orange!!!


    Why can’t I have both?? The new one would have all the modern comforts and power, but there is no way I could turn down a Raven Black ’69 Boss if it was offered to me.

  • Mike Galimi

    The new one because I’d rather drive it and beat on the car than have an original ’69 and be afraid of breaking it or stuffing it at an open track day.

  • Daniel C

    Forgot to say, I’d vote for classic 302. The new one is going to be faster and outperform it in every way obviously, but the appeal of an old Boss 302 is something I don’t see the new 302 ever gaining. People know what an old school Boss 302 is, but they might look at the new 302 as just another Mustang with a few cosmetic parts.

  • Ben

    There’s alot to be said for the classic look and the unique character behind a classic car 35+ years later. Yet, it’s hard to get around the nice new interior, the performance, the looks, and the just born and breed for track status the new Boss brings to the table. I vote new because it brought down the BMW M3 at the track and that’s alot more than I could say with a classic boss, you still get all the nostalgia but in a new, more finely tuned package. I love ford for bringing the greatest models back!

  • Rockford Hall

    I am old school. I owned a 67 GT 390 back in 1970. I drive an 04 GT now. Ya it was great back then but if the mods are not up to date its a just wishful thinking. I would opt for the new one unless you can put it under the old skin. Know what I mean? Some things are just better left to memories.

  • Reagan

    New Boss. It looks more like a race car, it has modern updates like a cd player, I love the 2 key idea, and I don’t feel as nervous putting mileage on it.

  • James

    This question stumped me. If the car would be used as a daily driver, I’d have to go with the new Boss. If the car would only be used on weekends or some special occasion I’d go with the original.

  • Matt

    if the choice was betweem the 1 of 1 Grabber Blue Boss Laguna Seca that was at Barrett-Jackson this past weekend or an old school one, I pick the GB Boss, but I take an old school over a new one if i couldnt get a GB one

  • Mark

    Although the new Boss 302 lays down some ridiculous power, I would still say I’d rather own the original boss, theres something about a classic that makes me feel good inside, regardless of horsepower or technology

  • Foti

    That’s cool and all, but that’s not how you dyno a car. It’s still sexy though

    • Machwon

      Not a dyno pull – virtual quarter mile. Different things.

  • Nathan

    Classic (1970 Grabber Blue) for the driving experience, there’s just nothing like that classic muscle car feel, smell, and rumble, and old school style. 2012 for the performance and great modern styling with hints to the past. I would take either one in a heartbeat.

  • Ross

    classic all the way.

  • Vince

    Am I really the only one that’s busted his nut to have BOTH? I’ve owned my Calypso Coral (orange) 69 Boss 302, only one of 410 made…. for 16 years. And I work at a local Ford Dealer and have secured the right to purchase the ONLY ’12 model Boss 302 we are getting. We were one of the lucky lottery Ford dealers to be allocated just one. Even luckier… if it doesn’t show up orange, I’ve already contacted a sister dealership to trade as they will be getting 6 to 8 :) Anywho, Refinements of the NEW are incredible but to be expected at that price…. so say what you want about not choosing the ORIGINAL first, cause when you slam the 69’s Toploader gears from 1st to 2nd and he whole dash feels like it’s gonna break loose and jump into your lap, the nostalgia FAR outweighs the tech of the new. Did I mention pure the people who don’t look twice at a NEW Mustang, but run into parked cars yanking their head backwards to see my “old” Boss? Thank God and dead presidents I can love ’em both!

  • Vince

    BTW…. how ironic that 41 years later my old one’s original sticker price of $4,036.69 (now appraised at nearly 20 times its original value= $77,000), is roughly one/tenth of the new ones price…. Do you think it’s possible that in 41 years my $41,000 ’12 will be worth double much less 20 x’s @ $820,000? Anybody following my math and history lesson? Hehe, I crack myself up.

    • Mark Thomas

      You’re theory is right, but you gotta remember that the price of the new Boss is going to lose value for a longer time than the older one because of the nearly 40,000 dollar price difference. I’d have to say that it would probably only go up to 80,000-100,000 dollars in 41 years time, which is pretty good, but doesn’t follow you’re theory. I like the way you think though.

  • eric leigh

    My preference would be a resto-mod with a 1970 Dynocorn shell and all new Boss 302 engine,suspension etc. Best of both worlds! Don’t like the new styling, especially the front splitter and rear end, not to beat a dead horse…to me, the 1970 body is the best looking muscle car ever made…

  • Justin Reeves

    I would take the new Boss, hands down. Ford simply got it right with the current Mustang, thats really all that can be said.

  • Jonathan Pesavento

    I hate how they don’t talk about the original Designer Larry Shinoda… Larry is the man who started it all… you tube him… I own a badged and certified 06 Boss Shinoda Legacy… great car from the orginal designer ckeck out!

  • Mark Thomas

    Old Boss 302. I like both, but if I had the choice, i’d take the older one. The styling of the older one is so much better and it looks more aggressive. However, the sheer fact that the Boss 302 is a legend would be enough for me to want that one over this. However, like I said, I like both and I think they’re both awesome.

  • Mustang Blogger

    Depends. For investment and collection, the classic boss 302. Wouldnt drive it much.

    For actual driving, the new. 1st and foremost for safety. Last thing i want is to be hit by a Range Rover in a 1970 car.

    When time is right i may get a Laguna Seca to sleep next to my 5.0, and only use the Boss for track days or Mustang meets.

  • zyon

    Anyone ever heard of resale valve? After watching the most recent Barrett-Jackson I’ll take the classic Boss any day of the week. The new ones will never bring the cash a classic Mustang brings.

    • Tony Sikarin

      You re right about that, but a true stangs lover will never sell theirs. We passed it on to our next generation.

    • 95monster

      resale resale really its all what you want to you want a garage queen your afraid to drice because it is worth to much or do you want to use the car and track it i have a 95 gt and yes its a daily/track car any car i have i will drive not worry about resale. The truth is tho i want them both

  • azmustang

    I have a Blaze yellow 2011 5.0, and I had an 08 gt in grabber orange. Both of them are fun. My wife has the a 2011 white v6 coupe.

  • Roland Holch

    I do believe that this certain blog was ever most useful in my adventures of blogging. Ever more I think everyone should know and learn the information posted. Good day.

  • Brian Burdick

    I’d haft to go with the new boss. ace it guy’s it’s a much better car in all forms and the awesome looks and sound alone is awesome!

  • Tony Sikarin

    I have always have my heart out for them stangs. The dream of mine was 69′ boss 429. But this new boss 302 is turning me on with is looks and sound and power. I have had a 70’gt and now have 89″gt. ” LOVE TO HAVE THIS NEW BOSS 302″ but my heart still remain at 69″boss 429.

  • jim 5oh

    sorry guys only a ford fan from the fuel injection days on (86)but still a big muscle car fan, the old boss’ are cool but the new boss is awsome i own a 2011 5.0 w/boss side exhaust hee hee the 12’boss is just bad a–

  • tony

    To All,

    I am a mentally and physicaly very young 60 year old guy who has had nice cars from the 60’s. Had a 67 and 69 Camaro SS and Z28, 70 Road Runner and others. Always loved the Boss but never owned one. I picked up my new 2012 Boss yesterday in race red with black striping, and not to make digs at any other cars, I can’t tell you how cool this car is even compared to other Mustangs. On my way home from picking it up, the number of people looking and gawking at it, slowing down to see it, double takes and rolling windows down with huge smiles was un-real; this has never happened to me before. To add, it feels like no other car I have ever owned, including BMW’s, MB’s, Volvo’s etc. Make no mistake about it, you can’t appreciate one from what you read or see or compare with if you haven’t seen or driven one, it is a very extraordinary car. Tony