Stage 4 BOOSTS Our 2011 V6 Mustang to 12 Seconds!

So far, our 2011 V6 has completely transformed from a moderately responsive and dumbed-down V6 slushbox into a hard and fast-shifting beast that not only is good in a straight line, but kept up in a professional road-course environment. We could have called it quits and retired the car very respectably at Stage 3, right? That’s just not how we roll at AmericanMuscle…

It was time to set this V6 apart from the pack and we wanted 400HP to prove our point! With a little help from our friends at ProCharger, we hit the dyno and the track in 95 degree weather and still managed to put down exactly 400HP. These dyno numbers just weren’t enough, so we headed back to Cecil County Dragway in Maryland for the grand finale. Not only were we ready to embarrass some V8’s, we were looking good too! Check out the details of Stage 4:

ProCharger High Output Intercooled Supercharger (11-12 V6)
BBK Chrome Long Tube Headers (11-12 V6)
Matching BBK Off-Road Shorty X-Pipe (11-12 V6)
Raxiom Black Projector Headlights w/Halo (10-12 All)
Saleen S281 Front Grill (10-12 GT)
Boss/CS Style Lower Front Fascia (10-12 GT)
GT Front Bumper Cover (11-12 GT) 2011 V6 Mustang Project - Stage 4

On a cooler day, I have faith this thing would have gone low-12’s @ 115 mph or so. Hard to argue with those times, and especially at only 6PSI. The GT front bumper, Boss/CS fascia and Saleen grill are completely justified, as it helps open up the intercooler to as much fresh air as possible.

We’re glad that you’ve followed along, and if you’re looking for more – we’ve got further to go! Want us to go for Stage 5? Tell us what you’d like to see by commenting below!

  • Richard Winsett

    I would like to see what you can get out of that V6 keep going and tap it out.  I would to see it in the 10 sec range I know AM and Bama Tunning can pull it off.

    • Sean Peters

      I just want to address a few things on here i feel should be as I’ve been over a lot of this car first the injectors on this engine r tiny because intake manifold folds over passenger bank they’re 40mm cl to cl so be careful I put gt500 47# on and it seems to work so far saved me some bucks . Also driveshaft is a must. Also for previous comment exhaust is probably only not emissisions friendly because no cats get kit with cats if u need to pass smog. Also this car has coil on plug no wires oh be careful of your sp gaps check urs mine varied from .048 to .06 when i got mime used tho 55k and use the right plug I’m running mmrs sorry am with my custom supercharger one heat range colder but stock is good for most. Crank and rods good for about 600 it seems pistons only weak link hypereutectic but as long as the tune is good most should be fine cant even run more than like 550 rwhp with open deck block anyways it seems and rwhp is different than crank horsepower usual 12 to 15% drive train loss more with autos cuz of torque converter though these lock up past 40 mph i think anyways do reasea ch its easy with internet nowadays taught myself everything I know and now I build my own kits

  • Colby

    I think they can possibly pull another 4-6 psi and be a complete beast

  • Bobby

    I want to hear that things exhaust note now with the headers and atak!!!!!

  • Bobby

    I want to hear that things exhaust note now with the headers and atak!!!!!

  • 96gtAlex

    I would love to see this engine pulled and stroked. Cam swap, lower compression forged internals and then dial up the boost!

  • Big96Rick

    Its a beast looking car. and it performs like a GT almost! but I love the front and back end<3

  • FordIsBestPissOnRest

    Holy $h!% guys that car is a BEAST!!!

  • Guest

    Needs a driver Mod still.  400HP and only 12’s?

    • Guest

      Whats your deal?…  You must not know much about cars!  Cause first off, what would a driver mod do with an Automatic?  Second of all, the supercharger is, what those of us that know a thing or two, a centrifugal supercharger.  It builds up boost the higher you go into the rpm range.  Its not instant boost…  I think you need an attitude mod!

      • Bareri82

        Def needs driver mod, i do low 12’s with my dd street car with 300 to the wheels…

      • Patrick

        Really, does AM pay you to swing on their nuts or are you doing it out of the kindness of your heart?

  • Hogasswildmc

    Are the LT headers and X-pipe required? Just not sure I want the car that loud.  But I like everything else!

  • logan

    Where did you guys get the gt front fascia to add that grill and lower fascia? Are you going to be able to sell that part anytime soon?

  • Simonkishek

    i must add these parts to my car immediately

  • Knug1811

    add some more boost, might be able to add a little nitrous.

  • Vegetamario

    i would like to see a shift kit, a better Torque Converter , Underdrive pulley’s and MSD Ignition or Kenne Bell BOOST-A-SPARK Ignition.


      no need for a shift kit in any of the new cars. all of that is adjusted electronically via a tune. also a set of underdrive pullies is not what you want on a blower car.

      • tank cannon

        underdrive pulleys don’t reduce the amount of boost. they slow down the accesory that you swap the pully out on making that accesory turn slower using less power. your crank is still turning the same speed unless you change the size of the crank pulley. go larger on the crank, simply use a smaller pulley on your supercharger. it’s common sense, not rocket science


      Hey Vegetamario ur absolutley right. Fuck Mrstang…. Vegetamario …thats why ur 96 v6 mustang is a beast

    • Teej281

      underdrive pulleys will reduce boost…why would you want to do that?!

      • Wingmanmiller

        underdrive pulleys don’t reduce the amount of boost. they slow down the accesory that you swap the pully out on making that accesory turn slower using less power. your crank is still turning the same speed unless you change the size of the crank pulley. go larger on the crank, simply use a smaller pulley on your supercharger. it’s common sense, not rocket science  

  • Jacksonmullins

    go to stage 5 more boost and better track times

  • John Hughes

    Upgrade the intake system more with a larger mass airflow sensor, throttle body, and plenum. Increase the boost. And get better plugs, wires, and coils etc. I’m assuming the car was lowered when you put in the handling package?


      this is an ’11 V6..there are no plug wires, and the mass air sensor is a slide in cartridge, inside of a seperate housing (in procharger’s case, the MAF is in their intercooler D: )

  • brian

    smaller pulleys to increase boost

  • Abc123

    take the cash from all the mods and make that v6 a GT. youll run 12s in factory trim

    • Guest

      probably would still need a driver mod lol.

    • Jpeloquin

      They already have a 10 second GT.  Guess you don’t follow American Muscle very much huh?!

    • Y2kexec2000

      is this an automatic?

    • Tacamo01

      My guess is they are trying to sell parts they have on stock that did not sell that well before the project car. Claiming 0-60 in 4.3 seconds with just tires, driveshaft, tune, cai, axle back , gears and handling is impossible. It is an automatic to boot! If they dropped the curb weight down 400-500lbs I might entertain the thought.

      • Crestfallenode

        it’s not impossible at all, gears and suspension really help the car from 0-60 expecially when you get in the 4.10 ratio range, a car that runs in the 5 second range 0-60 stock can def get 4.3 0-60 seconds with those mods.

        • Guest

          gears will not help you as much as you think seeing as how gears dont do any difference from about 0-65 then you can tell the difference, even with 4.10’s you might be going 5mph more at 65 then stock gears

          • Casey Kaim

            Stock the v6 has 2.73 how can it not help are you kidding me?

  • Playa 25

    Why didn’t they lower it with spring?? Looks good though. Wit more psi it probably make 11s

    • Jpeloquin

      I believe they slapped on the Ford Racing Handling Pack in a previous Stage.  And that comes complete with lowering springs.

  • Spillzmillz

    This Car Looks AMAZING , everyone has to agree on that

  • Joeyg

    Which lowering springs did they use?

  • Jeff

    The Procharger is a nice touch; however, that hood, decals and those headlights look “importish”.

  • Mgpfaff

    Stage 5 – Stroker Kit, More Boost and Drag Radials! Shoot for 500HP and 10 sec 1/4 mi. 

  • Ryan Edwards

    whats with the fender stripes only on one side???? Fools i say!!

  • Joseph Doby

    I am looking forward to see a Stage 6 or Stage 7.

  • Jim Thomson

    400RWHP  from an automatic transmission..with only 5 psi boost ???  Click on the pro-charger ad…it’s actually 8 psi boost.   Long tube header’s ?  That  will take a full day to install em, since the motor has to be lifted several inch’s [ and not lifted by the oil pan either].  My local Ford dealer would want $105 per hr x all day  to do the header’s alone…and for what?  Look at the long tube header shoot out in 5.0 + FF online mag.  All of em trade in low end TQ  for some high end TQ. Some would give you an extra 33 hp.. but only > 6000 rpm. From 4-5.5krpm, it’s typ 8-10 hp.  At 3 krpm, you lose HP vs stock.  From idle to 3 k, same deal, you lose a lot of hp/tq.  Unless you are a hardcore drag racer, headers are not really a good investement.  Tuned shorty header’s are a bitch to install as well, and buy you even less.

    My problem with these  centri  typ blower’s is… the boost goes up  to the SQUARE of the RPM.   8 psi of boost @ 6 krpm….and  only 2psi @ 3krpm.   Any pos displacement blower has instantaneous boost, bam right now. You end up with a flat TQ curve  from just above idle to 5 krpm.  Like being shot off the end of an aircraft carrier. 
    I noticed they didn’t upgrade the brakes !  The V-6 oem brakes are even smaller than the stock GT. You need either a big brake kit…. or at least hawk HPS/HP-plus  pads  + Wilwood 570 [572 deg F rated] brake fluid + stainless steel brake line’s  front + rear.  The oem brakes would fade after  2-3 laps.

    If you add  up the costs of ALL these mods  from stage 1-4..and had your local ford dealer install em all…. you would be into it for an easy $20K.   IF you are doing it piece meal… by yourself…spread over time, it’s still a lotta $$$.   IMO, the biggest bang for the buck would be a used 2010 / 2011 mustang GT + POS displacement blower. The blower + AL DS  install would be a one day job.  Even a 2011/2012 GT +  Ford racing procal tune  would yield an extra 60 ft lbs TQ.

    Still, hats off to em, for transforming the stock V6 into something just wicked..and not to be trifled with.  

    • Twinturrbo406

      …. well, i for one think it is pretty impressive so far, the cost will not be cheap, compared to the GT version, but, this car does get better MPG … as for future upgrades, i would like to see a properly designed set of Burns Stainless, or Pro-Fabrication headers on this car, long tubes on anything should never cost power anywhere, if they do, something is wrong, primary length, diameter, colllector length, taper, merge point, etc ….. i think a stepped design would work best with a nice merge collector …. any thoughts of some nice CNC head porting yet ??

      • Twinturrbo406

        ….oh, i forgot, the auto insurance is also a nice kick-back for having the V6 Mustang instead of the GT, mine only went up $24.00 a month from basic coverage ….. i was very happy ….. also, i’m sure the blower and headers on a V6 car like mine with the Performance Package (Posi 3:31’s) would outrun the GT model for less than 40K, which is around the price tag for a GT, depending on options,
        i got mine for a little over $23K at Mullinax Ford … JMO though … 

    • Ajhaight


      Some of what you say has merit to it but you’re misinformed on a lot of information you’ve posted.

      1. Long tube headers on the v6 don’t require lifting the block. The stock manifolds can be dropped right out the bottom and the LTH’s will fit right back up through the bottom. The install should take no longer than 2 hrs on a lift.

      2. Stock brakes are the same as the GT.

  • Jim Thomson

    Be carefull with long tube headers, X pipes,  off road anything, Centri type Super charger etc.   They may well  not pass any emmisions  testing.  And even if your state/area has no such testing, it may well affect you when it comes time to sell the car.  And if your area does have testing required… then you are screwed, and would have to put a lot of it back to stock…pita  and more $$.  

  • Michaelsmith351

    Meth injection, make it E85 compatible, do some weight reduction, racing seats and harnesses, bigger tires, bigger brakes, brake ducts, and a small shot of N2O for stage 5!  Make it more road course friendly!

    • Jim Thomson

      A centrifugal SC  + meth/water injection works well.  A fellow here in town has just that. He use’s  a 51/49  mix… and puts it into the windshield washer resovoir. Of course, he no longer has  windshield  washer capability anynore… but that’s a moot point.  He uses a vortech centri…  with 16 lbs of boost.   He also blew up TWO engines this last June.. just 2  months ago.  He’s  on his  3rd motor now… which now has forged rods/crank/pistons etc.  His is a 2008 GT 4.6L V8.    Adding any SC  to an UN forged 4.6L motor  with any more than 8 lbs of boost is like playing russian roulette. It’s not a case of  ‘IF’…  it’s  ‘When’   it’s  gonna blow up.    Then you gotta worry about everything downstream too.  My buddy in florida installed a Ford/whipple 11 psi blower to his 2008 GT. [550 flywheel hp]   He broke his driveshaft  after just 2 weeks.  Replaced with an aftermarket 800 HP rated, one piece shaft…[ with safety loops at BOTH ends].   His clutch burned up 2 months later.  

      And you wanna add  N2O  to the mix ?   That’s nuts..but doable.   IMO… by the time you REBUILD the 3.7 L V6  with all forged internals, and do all these other mods  from stage 1-4…. you had better win a lottery 1st.   Then you STILL  need to  re-do all the brakes with real ones, including bigger rotor’s, better pads, higher temp brake fluid,and stainless/teflon brake lines…..otherwise you won’t last  2 x laps on any road course.   Having the brake pedal  go the floor at >100 mph, with a corner just up ahead is something you will never forget.   

      • Chris W.

        For the record the 3.7 Duratec uses a forged steel crankshaft, forged steel connecting rods, and internal oiling jets, among other features. 

        I’m not saying it’s a blueprinted engine or anything, but they stand a a LOT better to abuse than previous generations of Mustangs.

        Also they come standard with a 31 spline LSD in the back, 2.73 or 3.31 depending on configuration.

        You will want a new driveshaft, as the stocks are heavy 2 piercers that can break under significant boost.

        The brakes are an issue, as you mentioned, as well as the manual trans on the 6sp which is having the same issues as the GT trans.

        (It’s the same well-designed-but-made-in-fricking-China Getrag 6sp that the GT and GT 500 are using.) 

        The autos like this one seem to be holding up OK.

  • MAD_MACh1

    While 12.4s in not bad I actualy expected more from the super charger. They didn’t evn gain a full second from stage two times. However thru stage 3 I was very impressed with the project. Not really feeling some of the visiual mods, but that’s nothing more than personal taste. Ditch the hood and side scoops and it would be just right IMO,

  • Israel Lee Segura

    Alot of people are thinkin N2O but why not throw a Performance Camshaft in this Pony and see how that goes?

    • Teej281

      When you’re talking camshaft…these new v6’s have 4 camshafts.

  • mchulst

    What style fuel injectors are compatible with the 2011 V6? I am looking for some that are atleast 60#. I don’t wanna order something that makes the job way harder than necessary.

    • Jim Thomson

      60#  injector’s  on a 3.7L V6 is humongous.  A roush M90 uses only 37 #   Most are 37-48 #.    There is a formula  for injector size….. and you don’t want em sized too big..or they lose eff. 

      • mchulst

        I used a calculator at which actually comes out saying I need 60# injectors.  The main thing I am curious about is, is there a particular type of fuel injector, size or impedance that I must use. (This is all to install the procharger tuner kit)

  • Pgriggs93

    Love the car but the guy in the video doesn’t know a damn thing if he looked at the curves after the dyno and said that car picked up 156 hp. 400-305=156 ?

    • matt

      305 is HP at the crank, 400 is horsepower to the wheels. For the automatic V6 stock HP to the wheels is about right at 244, which would be 156 HP gain.

  • Eric

    Stage 5 should be giving that car away. Preferably to me.

  • randy

    i like mustangs, but why do you always rice out your cars smh

  • Teej281

    Stage 5 should consist of more boost and better rods/pistons so you can make some real power!

  • Erik Ramirez

    I would like to see how much power can you guys possible produce to make the meanest 2011 Cobra to ever roam the streets

  • Joseph Miller

    I think this was a good project to showcase parts, but would personally stop with CAI, tune, and gears and call it a day and drive it.  It would be a great driver, but beyond that it would make more sense to buy a GT.

  • Procharged 4.0

    Is it bad that guys in 05-09s with centris can run about the same time, with about 300RWHP? 

  • Jeremy Marler

    absolutely amazing!  v6’s are a force to be reckoned with!  I think AM should use my ’12 v6 w/ the Mayhem Package for the next V6 Project Car ;)!

    • Twinturrbo406

      … what exactly is the Mayhem Package ?? …. is this a real option ?? i never heard of that ?? ….

  • Offbeatmammal

    there’s still room for some little stuff from the AM catalog… Screamin Demon ignition coil (if they have one for the ’12 yet), new leads and plugs with the gaps opened up would be my vote for one line item.

    New throttle body or spacer

    Would be great to see these changes happen one at a time and before/after runs to give an idea of what it really means off the line, mid-range acceleration and drivability / mpg etc… 

  • Simonkishek

  • Frank Reyes

    So does the procharger complete system work on your automatic V6? Procharger says on their website that the tuner kit is for autos, and the complete system is for the stick. I’m trying to get clarification from Procharger on this before I purchase their supercharger. If I have to get the complete system to get the Procharger tune, then I guess I will, but it does not make sense to purchase the SCT tuner box twice

  • Frank Reyes

    Another question. Would your system, especially the headers, pass CARB testing. I live in California, and need my car to pass the smog test. I know the procharger will eventually get CARB and EO certification “soon” as they have submitted their paperwork, but all your headers for the V6 are listed for “off-road” use only.

  • Frank Reyes

    How much would or did the Dynotune cost? Procharger told me yesterday that their complete kit was only for manual trans cars. Automatic trans cars can only use the tuner kit, which does not include the fuel injectors, SCT tuner, and tune. This means you gotta get a dynotune with an automatic transmission. I think you should add this to your price list. Also, Procharger does not sell their drive train warrantee with the tuner kit, only the complete system. Until Procharger has a complete supercharger system with EO & CARB certification, and the drive train warrantee, I’m saving my money. Last thing I want to do is to have to pull the supercharger off my car, in order to pass smog testing.

  • Kyle

    How does the front grill fit?  As well as the front lower fascia. Said to be for GT only?

  • Robbie62314

    id like to see some cams, better ignition system, bigger intake, bigger injectors and boost

  • Robbie62314

    ohhh and i wanna add that all these guys trashin it, do you own one? cause youd shut tfu then id bet, i got an 2012 with all mods possible cept procharger and i love it, i keep up with bout anything round town, and throw the 4.6l in my rear view nothing punk about the 3.7l or what my guys here at am are doing

  • Dallas Brown

    What about the V6 having a limiter that makes it so it can’t go past 117? I have a 2013 and it has the power to go much faster then 117 but it just wont let it. A Supercharger sounds great, but if I can’t go past 117… Any way to SAFLY get past this 117 limit???

    • Aaron Hollenbach

      1 piece aluminum drive shaft and a tune to get rid of the limiter.

  • wayne rhodes

    I now have a friend that has the same mods as the 2011 v-6 project stang, and with automatic trans and 4000 stall and the whole bit. His best 0 to 60 was 4.6 seconds and his best quarter mile time was 11.96. This real live time and at a totally different altitude humidity and mercury, air density. People do not realize, or maybe they do but forget to add the numbers in different places all over the country. Plus this not the old single valve Harley Davidson push rod engine either. Factory rev limiter set to 7000 rpm. Also you have to remember the deep sump oil pan does not whip and twist oil around the crankshaft like the old 5.0 liter engine does. No push rods polished finger followers with ball bearing pivot rockers on all24 valve valves. Built in girdle to get maximum lift without flexing and wobbling like the old Fred Flintstone engines had. That had heavy valve train components, that only allowed 6250 rpm limit before valve float accrued.. This little beast carries lite valves and lite pressure valve springs. has no internal drag on the moving parts. Has a set of lungs that are amazing. Heads that flow crazy amounts of air. Roller bearings through out the engine. No parts drag. Yes I believe it’s true I’m living proof it works. I’ve raced a 2013 Boss 302 and beat it all the way through the quarter mile. 0 to 60 I was slightly a head till the eighth mile, he came back up on me, but after another shift, I pulled a car and a half on him at the finish line. Talk about embarrassed! to say the least.He come running over to me, I thought he was going to kick my but for out running him. But he only wanted to see the engine. And shook my hand.