Save up to 33%! March Sales Have Arrived!

March is finally here, and spring is inching closer and closer. It’s hard to remember when you’re stuck inside, cooped up and restless because of the weather, but the warm weather is coming. This is the perfect time got finish getting your Mustang ready for show season and good driving weather again. What’s the best way to add those finishing touches or squeeze one more performance project in? Check out our March Sale! You can save up to 33% on tons of parts that will have your ‘Stang looking and performing its best in time for its spring debut.

Click below to check out the March Mustang Modifications Sale at!

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  • jacob anthony

    i purchased a handheld sct tuner the 18 of feb. then feb. 22nd i got an e-mail saying that my order was put “on hold” cuase i forgot to fill out the needed info. for the custom tune..( that was my fault for not doing so) from the night of filling out the info. it says that it will take 2-3 days for me to get the tuner after filling out the needed info…. it is now the 1st of march and i just got an e-mail (1:40 pm in san antonio) saying that the order got approved. DATE:19-feb-2010
    why is my order just getting sent out today?? this has taken to long and i will most likely will be thinking twice about ordering from you again.

    • zyon

      This is the best Mustang supply place around. When I ordered my SCT tuner I thought I picked it without the custom tune and mine got delayed too. Although AM is great, I think it’s a pretty small staff that loads these custom tunes. If they rushed it and messed up you’d be pissed when your stang didn’t run right. I feel your pain though!

      This is the only stang supply place I haven’t had major issues with…

    • Big Ern

      Looks like you got Munsoned.

      Maybe they got confused because you have two first names.

  • Big Daddy Diesel

    I must say I have found cheaper parts for my mustang else where BUT… the “other” sites are not nearly as helpful or fast. I ordered a replacement grill, the bottom piece of my GT grill, this was 2 weeks ago. Guess what? Still not here… last time I shop anywhere else.

  • Daniel Menna

    Hello Jacob, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We should have had it out to you much sooner. We have been quite busy lately, but none the less, you should have had it sooner. If there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to contact me at 1(877)-841-1275 Ext. 225. Thank you and have a great day!