Photos: Want to See the 2015 Mustang’s New Instrument Cluster?

2015 Mustang Dash Gauges Spy Photo

This spy photo shows the instrument cluster and some of the 2015 Mustang’s dashboard. What’s more interesting is that this just may be the dash of a 4 cylinder EcoBoost Mustang.


[UPDATE: For a comprehensive look at the 2015 Mustang’s interior, as well as the rest of the car, check out AmericanMuscle’s exclusive coverage of the 2015 Mustang]


The red line on this particular Mustang matches up with the 6500RPM limiter seen on a 2015 Mustang mule’s interior that was photographed over a year ago (see image below) and happens to be the rev limit of the Focus ST’s EcoBoost motor. Now, that is a long shot, but regardless if this is a 4 cylinder Mustang or not, it IS the 2015 Mustang, and much of the interior quality and design should carry over between the different motor options.

2015 Mule Interior

Older 2015 Mustang Mule Interior Photo

The interior seen in the latest spy shot gives weight to those who are saying the car is nearly production ready. Notice the chrome trim and finished look flaunted by the interior buttons–the polar opposite of the rough, 3D printed look seen in the first set of 2015 Mustang interior shots. Could this latest photo really be a picture-perfect example of what we see when the first 2015 Mustangs roll off the assembly line?


  • Chadd Monahan

    i love the steering wheel and the console, but the meters… it looks so average. i think ford is becoming too mainstream with the mustang; the 2010-2014 looks so much more unique compared to the current peredictions floating around.

    • AnneHappy

      Gauge Cluster looks just like 2014. Only difference are more sweep in the gauges. Plus, the old fuel & water temp were hard to read.

      • Chadd Monahan

        These look nothing like the 2014; it looks more of like what’s in the average Honda.

        • AnneHappy

          Hmmm… have you actually seen a Mustang or Honda before?

          • Chadd Monahan

            Okay, well I admit I feel like an idiot for pointing out the Honda thing, however, “Gauge Cluster looks just like 2014″… no it doesn’t. The only thing the 2015 and 2013-14 have in common is the message center; the meters are very different, and not just because the one pictured to the right is in KPH.

          • AnneHappy

            ok. cool.