PHOTO: Man Claims to Test The New 2015 Ford Mustang!

2015 Ford Mustang Spy Photos

Earlier this year, we brought you a photo of what we thought could be the new ’15 Mustang hiding inside the S-197 shell. There were a few indications pointing toward the 2015 Ford Mustang being cleverly tested incognito. Well, another “photo” (above) has surfaced claiming to be a spy shot of the new Mustang (looks a little photoshopped). We’re not convinced, but check out this next claim…

[UPDATE: See the 2015 Mustang, complete with video, pictures and specs from the car’s official release.]

Not only do we have another “spy photo” but according to StangTV, a forum member of had the chance to compare new ’15 Mustang in-person as part of a marketing test group and decided to spill his findings. He says that the front end is larger than the current model and features “slit-styled” headlights. The trunk is shorter and it also has honeycomb grille with louvered taillights. The third brake light is also located BELOW the license plate. The forum member who made these claims said the concept rendering he’s seen that looks the closest to the 2015 Mustang that Ford showed him is this:

2015 Ford Mustang Concept Car Rendering

Not much was said about the interior except that the cup-holder is still in front of the shifter and everything appeared to have larger buttons.

He goes on to say that what he saw was a 2.3-L EcoBoost producing 310 horsepower while running 34 mpg, highway we assume. He brought up the option of a possible V8 EcoBoost creation that will likely get 500+ horses and still make 30 mpg.

It has been repeated that the Mustang will feature Independent Rear Suspension which has some worried, especially the hardcore live-axle enthusiasts, of where the new Mustang is headed.

What do you think of these 2015 test claims? Should we be convinced? Comment below and tell us what you think!

  • Red

    Honestly, there are going to be people who love it, and people who hate it. That’s the way it always is when something changes. I for one, absolutely love my 2011 GT, but since I’m a car guy, I like most sports cars. Therefore, I’m very intrigued and am highly anticipating the new design. There were a lot of people who loved the SN95 Mustang and when the S197 came out they absolutely hated the “new retro” look. It’s the same here with the S197 and the new ’15 Mustang.

  • jonnyb8891

    Everyone keeps saying 2015, I understand that 2014 is the 50 year mustang anniversary and bet they will do something huge! …but what could that be??? Does ford already have the 2014 design set and now all the ideas are for 2015? Is anyone else confused with this?

    • Kevin S Paley Jr

      they will be releasing it on the anniversary date making it a 2014.5…..the origional one was a 1964.5 everyone knows that….they will not be releasing a 2014 from what i understand the 2013 will be the last year of this body style

      • Blake

        isn’t the “2014” going to be out in 2013? therefore the “2015” would come out at the appropriate 2014.5 time?

      • Tark Jones

        The original was a 1965 as far as Ford marketing and production was concerned. It was just released early. Collectors and fans refer to the initial release in April as 1964 1/2 but Ford marketed them all as 1965 models, regardless of when during 1964 they were built.

      • Tark Jones

        Yes, they will release a 2014. Otherwise it would interrupt 50 years of continuous production. Ford won’t do that. The 14 will be the current body style.

        • John

          I have a 2014. it is identical to the 2013 model. Last year before new body style.

      • michael white

        No everyone does not know that. There was no 64&1/2 model, they were only called that because they started production before the standard September timeline.

    • Mike Mihelich

      1965 was the first mustang released in 1964. 2015 is the 50th anniversary.

      • Eyes Blue

        the mustang debuted as a 1964 1/2 mustang made in late 1964, so mike ur right the mustang was released in 1964, but as a 1964 1/2 model

        • Tark Jones

          Technically there is no 1964 1/2 Mustang as far as Ford is concerned. That’s completely a function of fan/consumer convention to distinguish between the cars released from April 1964-August 1964. Following the factory retooling for the new model year, which typically took place in August of the year prior, the Mustang underwent some minor changes in August of 1964. Collectors and purists consider this the difference between a 1964 1/2 and a 1965. But Ford never marketed the Mustang as a 1964 model year. The original Mustang was a 1965 Model released in April 1964. The model year production typically changed in August, but Ford wanted the car on sale for summer, so it was released as an early 65, rather than a “late” 64 for marketing purposes. Ford didn’t want the car to appear to be a year old when all the competitor’s 65’s went on sale. Of course, they didn’t expect it to be as wildly successful as it was, so that ultimately wasn’t an issue.

          • Emory

            the 40th anniversary mustang was in 2004 so that means it was first made is 1964 PERIOD

          • Tark Jones

            Yeah, it was first made in 1964 as a 1965 model. Ford marks the anniversary from when it went on sale, not by the model year.

          • michael white

            no Mustang ever had a title as a 64 or 64&1/2. the first ones had titles that said 65. period

          • Michael White

            You need a tampon for your period because it’s wrong. Do a little research and find out how wrong you are.

          • Derek Miranda

            My 1999 Mustang was a 35th anniversary making the year 1964.

          • Tark Jones

            Ford marks the anniversary from when it first went on sale. So yeah, “4” years are the decade anniversaries. Doesn’t change the model year though. It was released as a ’65 because Ford didn’t want to release it as a ’64 when all the competitor’s ’64 models had already been on the market for 6 months.

          • Michael White

            Yes the year it was introduced. Your 1999 Mustang came out in 1998, get a clue. Do a little research.

          • Michael White

            Incorrect, the anniversary is of the introduction, not the model year. No such thing as a 64 or 64&1/2. Do a little research.

        • michael white

          The FACT is that there was NEVER any Mustang with a title that said 1964 or 1964&1/2.
          These are facts that cannot be disputed. The first Mustang off the line had a title that said 1965. THERE WAS NO 64&1/2 MUSTANG PERIOD.

          • traviserck

            No it is known as 1964 1/2. Stop trying to change history books.

          • Michael White

            May have been “known” as a 64&1/2 but no Mustang ever had a title that said 64 or 64&1/2. FACT.

          • traviserck

            That’s not what is shown is the history books. FACT.
            And you don’t what your talking about. It’s dubbed and known as 1964 1/2 in every single slideshow and in every history book known to mankind. Good luck trying to prove yourself right. Because your plain flat WRONG.

          • Michael White

            Yet no Mustang ever had a title that said 64 or 64&1/2. Fact.

          • Michael White

            Only because of the changes in production before and after the regular retooling in August. The fact is that all Mustangs built in 1964 were 1965 models, from the first one built in March of 64 till the end of the 65 production in august of 65. So yes I do know what I am talking about. How about doing a little research before you try to call someone out with incorrect information?

          • Michael White

            Did I say anything about trying to change history books? NO I DID NOT. The fact is that every Mustang built in 1964 was a 1965 model. This is a fact which cannot be disputed. The 64&1/2 thing is a myth. Then you get people saying it’s because they were different. Yes they were and there were other changes in production almost every month of 64 and 65.

    • huwtm

      The US release a year ahead of the model (or 6 months, but you get it) so, 2015 will come out usually in 2014.

  • Dave

    I will not like it, mostly because it is almost assuredly going to be a smaller car. Think ’73 going into ’74. Ford knows they cant cancel a V8 altogether, but they can make it like the early 80’s and offer a 4 banger that has similar 0-60 times etc as the offered V8 and make the 8 cost more- or, if this guys numbers are right, make the 8 a lot more potent but then make the GT package(or equivolent) cost a lot more. The independent rear isnt a big deal to me, and overall the car will probably have a significant gain in lateral G’s and the like. I really think Ford is repeating history. We have a crazy powerful Boss 351 out(even if not in full name, though I wouldnt be surprised to see that nameplate in ’14) and now we see a transition to a smaller car with a smaller standard engine. Maybe in ’18 we will see a new SVO. Any way you shake it, “turbo 4” just loses something after 50 years of V8 pony car history. Oh and also, hate the headlights. Let the Crapmero guys keep the little slit style.

  • s3ighb0t

    SICK shape, apart from the front lights that make it look like a Jaguar.. And i need those wheels on my 13GT!!

  • Danny Parrot

    you see i love all mustangs but this 2015 mustang is driveing me nuts i cant wait for it to come out its going to be one hell of a cool mustang i know it will


    What happened to “American Muscle”?this looks like some foreign car. I mean seriously a 4 banger? We got enough rice burners in the U.S. as it is.Dont like it at all.

    • ToxicGT92

      Whats wrong with having a 4Cyl Mustang thats faster than the V6 and gets better MPG? While still having the V8 as the flag ship, and you realize there has already been a 4cyl Mustang and the original was an inline 6…

  • dphillips13

    2010-2013 S197 is the nicest mustang body ever created, there I said it.

    Say good by to the tribute models and hello to new futuristic creations, all I can say is I’m happy I bought when I did 😉

    2012 GT

  • Steven Taylor

    He’s wrong about the engine. The V6 won’t go away. Ford makes too much off of it and most mustangs are V6s.

  • ToxicGT92

    Hopefully this goes to the top, THE ecoboost 4cyl ISNT replacing the GT! why cant everyone see how brilliant this is? you have a mustang that gets insane gas mileage and is also decently fast while still being a mustang! and “oh its unlike any mustang before rabble rabble rabble..” there was a 4CYL Mustang in the 80s…

  • Larry Shelton

    Brings back the 79 -93 mustang 4 banger 2.3l 88hp. I don’t think I’d kick a 310 hp 4 cylinder out of bed though.

  • Blake

    i highly doubt that if ford even did something like this that they would give the people such specific numbers like 2.3L and 310 horsepower. although i do think it will look similar to those concepts but of course not exactly like any of them because manufacturers don’t have the balls. i also think a turbo v-6 is much more likely than a turbo i-4 but hey you never know and this guy certainly doesn’t.

  • Blake

    Anyone else simply trust Ford? I do. I’m nothing but excited for Mustang’s future and the rest of Ford’s future. I can’t wait until I can get the money to buy my own GT.

    • Eric Bushroe

      i cant wait, i’m trying to get my wife to wait for are new york trip and go to see this at the new york auto show, i can’t remeber when the last time i was so excited to see a new car, its driving me nuts

  • ferrellmike

    Yuck. The front end has lost it’s aggressive muscle. If this design comes out, I may go Camaro. The 2013 body style is by far the best ever for a Mustang.

    • john carter

      Agreed. Love the 2010 and up bodystyle and the 2013 perfected it with that mean front grill and slick taillight set up

  • ferrellmike

    Who is the DH from Ford upper executives that says the front grill has to match all upcoming Fords as the new face of the Ford brand. The Mustang is the exception. It’s an American icon. It’s like saying the Corvette needs to have the front end grill of the new Malibu or Volt. Terrible thinking.

  • Banners Broker

    i have waited for a mustang rhd for a long time but if it looks like the pictures above, no way would i buy it! Where is the muscle look? Looks more like a aston martin! Im praying for them to keep the 2013 shape and a nice v8


    change is inevitable likely leaving us looking through photo albums of the ones we loved. However, the renderings i’ve seen of the ’15 mustang, lets face it, could be worse. I will be devestated if they cut the 5.0 out of the line-up. I mean, come on, you can’t say mustang and not think of that gutteral roar that seds shivers down your spine. C’mon ford, for all of us die hard mustang fanatics, do the right thing.

  • gmaninvan

    That concept with the slit headlights is super sick! Hopefully it comes out close to that.

  • Bryan Smith

    I think the body style looks pretty good as a concept. It needs a little work to make it more aggressive looking like a Mustang should but the rest I think looks pretty decent. It shouldn’t look like a Taurus or Fusion. I happen to love the retro look of the current platform but I also believe everything has to evolve. Just keep it looking like a Mustang. The Camaro is the least “retro” of the three pony cars and it’s out selling everyone. That right there tells you that change is needed but I hope Ford doesn’t change the platform to a smaller Euro-Acceptable car. This has to stay a Pony car… Keep the Coyote 5.0 V8 and offer a 5.8 litre option so you don’t have to buy a $70,000 Shelby to get a bigger engine. Keep the EcoTech V6 as the base engine. We dont need a 4-Cyl. We don’t Mustangs because we want a fuel efficient commuter. I think the switch to IRS is a good idea. I think the live axle configuration has been the achillees heal for the Mustang. This is 2013!!! Nothing outside of a truck should run a live axle. Dumping the live axle alone should help the European market sales. Besides, the Camaro and the Challenger are both IRS and it doesn’t hurt their sales. I know the drag race guys like the live axle but if you drag race and you cut up and tub the rear then you can convert it to 9″.

    Ford…Don’t screw this up.

  • huwtm

    Has anyone seen the clays. They give the best idea of what it looks like.

  • Eric Bushroe

    I myself LOVED my 97, i love the 94-98 style, that is my all time favorite, plus the fox bodys, and 67-68 fastbacks,
    But i cant stop looking up the 2015. its a year away, well the 2014.5 and i’m picking up pennies to make sure i get one, Now i’m a mustang fan from day one, exce;pt the mustang II crap, but ive seen some rederings that show it looking like a Ferrari 599 GTO, which i’m fine with, i mean The Corvette is nothing but an american Ferrari, if u dont belive me, look at the pics,. its proven, And i’m all for that style. i love the head lights, everything so far, I hope they spend alot of time doing the interior, that needs alot of work, and has needed it for ever, I just bought a 2013 focus, and i love that, i want the fusion but the wife won, But What i’m really wanting to see is the Roush Mustang, I wont buy the basic gt 5.0, i want the Roush with 500HP. even at 50,000$$$ and i’ll just murder all the crap GM puts out, and well i’ll take it easy on the challenger,
    So ford if you read this, please do something with the seats and dash, its been needing done from day one,

  • Jason Seate

    If this green photo is what the 15 will be regardless of setup I am in that is one good looking car, they all can be modified to ones likings.

  • Ronald West

    Just take my money already

  • Mark

    I have a 13 stang love it drive the hell out of it , the look is bad azz, the 15 stang looks good still has the tough stance looks like the next gen stang , One thing though lose an I mean LOSE the 4 banger it almost killed the stang before put a turbo 6 an make the gt boys cry for more lol.

  • TonyTM2

    Photoshopped for sure. There are no body seams around the hood and fenders…dead give away. Pretty good looking photoshop!!!

  • Jon M

    Okay, this will be lame but the snippet about the cup-holder in front of the shifter is generating unforeseen excitement. Having it behind the six-speed shifter in my 2013 pretty much sucks.

  • ۞۩ ۩ ♈╬RÅÜ£╬♈ ۩ ۩۞

    Wow Awesome :)

  • Harry_Wild

    Looks the same to me as the current model body shape. It looks like a refresh not a new model!

  • Rowland Williams

    Thank God Ford is moving on in design. Tribute cars are fun. But one can do far more with a design by paying homage to the past within modern design. The 1964 was a groundbreaking design. It’s time for another. Now, if only Chrysler would do the same with the Challenger!

    • Michael White

      65 not 64

  • MustangFanSince1980s

    To those of you that keep arguing the point about the Mustang model years and what constitutes a 1964, 1964 and a half, 1965, and what year the anniversary is and other such things. The car was released LATE in 1964. It is a 1964 model year. Therefore the 50th anniversary will be in 2014. Want proof? Check the badging of the base V6 1999 and 2009 models (possibly others but those are the only two I know for a fact). They have a big beautiful 35th Anniversary and 45th Anniversary emblem right there on the side of the vehicle. I should know, I own the later, and previously I owned the former.

    Sorry, but this has always bugged me about people arguing the release year. Ford themselves in their anniversary models have confirmed that 1964 was the first one. Now as to why they won’t release the new car til 2015 is up for speculation, but many a site has confirmed they will either not release a new model for 2014, OR they will release a 50th anniversary model as the last of the current gen (this would be my guess at the plan). If they were REALLY on top of their game they would hold out until April and release the brand new 2014 late like they did 50 years ago in 1964.

    As for the story? I think it is more hype, but legit? Well… we’ll find out in early 2015 is my guess.

    • motiiv8

      You are right of course. They way I read what’s going to happen, is they release the mew car next year. Simple as that. But due to Americas weird set up for model years, even though it will be 2014, it will be called 2015 model year. Time will tell, but I think that’s the plan.

      • MustangFanSince1980s

        American model years typically start around the same time as the fiscal calendar – October-ish – tho because many car makers like to trump other makers, they tend toward early releases. April was just WAY too early to be considered a “next year” car (despite VINs and other evidence to the contrary) so at some point someone at Ford decided that the car was a ’64 and the anniversary models that come out seemingly every 5 years (at least since ’99) are the “benchmark” for that. Basically, Ford did something VERY confusing in 1964 and now it is debated ad nauseum by us enthusiats :)

    • Tark Jones

      No, Ford marks the anniversary based on the initial sales date. It’s been in production for 50 years. Ford does not mark the anniversary by model year. So yes, the anniversary models are based on 1964, but the first model year was a 1965 as far as Ford is concerned. I worked in Ford marketing on the Mustang from 2002-2005, including the 40th anniversary (2004). It was a big point of debate over whether the S197 (2005MY) should be the 50th anniversary since it was all-new and harkened back to the original design. But they had always marked the anniversary by the sales year, so it stayed that way. They even tried to speed up the S197 program to launch it in 2004, but couldn’t get it done. But all official reference inside of Ford has the original Mustang as a 1965MY.

  • Chris Myers

    Look,I bought a NEW 2008 Dodge Ram on Oct 25,2007. Car companies do this all the time now and back then. I love Mustangs and have owned them in the past. What makes the 1964 1/2 are a few things…. 1.Unimproved leading edge on the hood. 2.Generator charging instead of a alternator. 3. No Fastback body. 4.headlight buckets. The big thing is they all carry a “5” in the VIN number, designating a “1965”.

    • Michael White

      And all Mustangs made in 64 had the year model 1965 on the title. Fact.

  • Fakir Smith

    If it’s anything like these pics I will be buying. The current one is nice, but this new one is going to take the refinement to a whole new level. Finally the price will be justified because stang prices have gone too high for what you get – a pretty simple, classic setup we have seen forever.

  • harvey

    wasn’t sure how they would pull this one off without ruining the retro appeal but I gotta say I luv it!

  • michael white

    Any of you that think there was a 1964 or 1964&1/2 model Mustang must be retarded. The first year titles all said 1965, FACT.

  • Captj

    Wow, a V-8 with 500+Hp. Ok… but 30 mpg?? I want one for my lawn mower!!!

  • Joe Strickland

    it looks like an aston martin to me:/ come on ford stop fucking up!

  • wayne rhodes

    Bogus for that pic for the magazine attention. That’s all it is. Bull crap

  • Michael Harris

    Somewhat believable. I’ve been to a few of these private, secluded testings with 3-4 other testers present. However the Manu doesn’t spill all the beans, just a few juicy bits because they know people will talk.