American Muscle Now Offering Free Tunes For Life On SCT Products!

American Muscle is now offering free tuning for life when you purchase an SCT product from us and then purchase a new part from us that requires a retune. Applicable SCT tuning products include the LiveWire, the X3 PowerFlash, the Xcalibrator2, and the Eliminator 4-Bank Chip.

In the past there was a nominal fee for retuning to accommodate for modifications such as Cold Air Intakes, Gears, IMRC delete kits, etc., but now you can have your tunes updated for FREE! Naturally there are a few restrictions regarding products that are not purchased from us, or require dynamometer tuning to achieve a safe tune, so make sure to check out the full details here!

Corral Day 2008 & “Pinks Style” Charity Race! is holding their annual Corral Day 2008 at Beechbend Raceway in Bowling Green, KY this weekend on Saturday June the 7th!

During the event, a “Pinks” style grudge race will be held between two teams from Kentucky and Mississippi. Lose the race…lose the ride! Except there is a twist on this one, the loser’s car will be auctioned off on eBay and the proceeds will be donated to help offset the cost of one of’s very own member’s kidney transplants.

American Muscle is helping to sponsor the Mississippi Team’s car and hooked them up with a set of Moser 31 Spline Forged Racing Axles. Check out the full build details on the Mississippi car at the Corral Forums here!

AM Drop Me A Line Contest Winners Announced – $300 In Prizes! Drop Me A Line Contest – $300 In Prizes!
The Winners Have Been Announced!

So you dropped me a line…now you get your fifty bucks! That’s about how it works! We received over 200 entries on this one, and let me tell you, we laughed, we cried, and we wept bitterly for the future of mankind.

Thank you so much for making this contest a success…and making us feel a little better about ourselves in the process…cause wow…some of you are really out there! Just kidding! …welllll…maybe…but on to the good part…the winners:

  • Joe M. of Gulf Breeze, FL
    • “If you want your car to hustle, you need American Muscle!”
    • Well Joe, we fully agree and endorse that statement 100%!!! Fifty bucks and a T-Shirt are coming your way!
  • Mike H. of Ventura, CA
    • “If I won $50 from American Muscle and Chuck Norris won $50 from American Muscle, Chuck Norris won more money than I did.”
    • Well Mike, Chuck Norris fully agrees and endorses that statement 100%!!! Fifty bucks, a T-shirt, and a swift round-house kick to the face are coming for daring to use Chuck’s hallowed name to win a contest!
  • Chuck C. of Round Rock, TX
    • “You should give me $50 because in my house, I’m an island of testosterone in a 3 female ocean of estrogen and I need some spoilin’!”
    • Hold strong Chuck…a fifty cert and T-Shirt are coming to ease your pain!
  • David H. of Raleigh, NC
    • “You should give me $50 because if you don’t my head will most likely explode and all the little Mustang ponies in my head will get free and start a massive stampeded that eventually could end life on earth as we know it.”
    • I truly hate when that happens…only solution…$50 and a T!
  • Sean A. of Melbourne, FL
    • “Because I love my 2000 GT, I am about to have a baby in Aug and my wife won’t let me spend money on the car because “she” thinks it’s ridiculous…that’s why.”
    • Clearly the only thing that is ridiculous is your wife not having her priorities straight…$50 and a T-Shirt for you my man!
  • Aaron S. of Grapevine, TX
    • Whoa calm down there buddy! Your landlord just doesn’t appreciate what you did for him…just like you don’t appreciate the proper use of the Caps-Lock key. $50 and a shirt for you!

For original full contest details, click here!

AM Drop Me A Line Contest! – $300 In Prizes! Drop Me A Line Contest – $300 In Prizes!
Wednesday May 21st Through Wednesday May 28th
Submit a one liner on why I should give you $50! Click to submit your entry now!

Want a free fifty bucks? You’d be a fool to say no to that, so read on my friend! The AmericanMuscle Drop Me A Line BLOG Contest is simple. Come up with a single, solitary sentence on why I should give you $50. The top six entries will each receive a $50 Gift Certificate!

No pictures to take, long-winded stories to write, or hours of scavenger hunting are required for this one folks! Just one sentence! It is that easy! Entries will be judged on creativity and how much they make me want to either give you $50, or how much they make me want to close the email and bang my head against the desk weeping bitterly for the future of mankind…actually either one might get you $50!

To submit your entry, send your entry to: The top six entries will be featured on our site and they will each receive an American Muscle T-Shirt and a $50 Gift Certificate to!


The Fine Print:

  • Entries must be submitted to
  • Your entry or entries must be submitted before 3:00PM Eastern Time on Wednesday May the 28th.
  • You must include your full name, address, phone number, email address, and T-Shirt size when submitting. (Personal information will only be used internally for our records and to deliver your prize. No personal information collected will be used for outside solicitations or sold in any way.)
  • Everyone is eligible to enter, you do not have to have made a previous purchase from
  • You may submit as many individual entries as you want, but please do not SPAM the same entry multiples times or ALL of your entries will be disqualified!
  • Gift Certificate Prizes valid only for products at and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cash value. Drop Me A Line Contest – $300 In Prizes!
Wednesday May 21st Through Wednesday May 28th
Submit a one liner on why I should give you $50! Click to submit your entry now! 1st Annual Silver in the Hills Cruise This Weekend!

American Muscle is sponsoring’s 1st ever “Annual Silver in the Hills Cruise” this weekend, Saturday May 17th through Sunday May 18th, 2008! We donated over $600 to help defray the cost of marketing and planning the event, with the hopes of helping to make the event a huge success!

For full event details, check out’s event page here: Full Event Information