AM Begging Contest – Over $300 In Prizes! Begging Contest – Over $300 In Prizes!
Friday February 1st Through Wednesday February 27th
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So I was driving to work the other day when I started to day dream about bacon. It’s delicious! And it’s a universal topping that instantly transforms practically any meal into a gourmet delicacy worthy of the people’s pickiest pallets. From the breakfast table, to hoagies, to meatloaf, to salad, to ice cream, to heck…even dog’s have Beggin Strips! That’s when it hit me! I thought…why not pay homage to this grand American institution by having an American Muscle Bacon…err Begging contest!

So what exactly is a Begging Contest? That’s easy…it is exactly what it sounds like. I list a prize. You beg for it. The best beggar wins! Can it be that simple? Well, the competition is probably going to be pretty fierce on this one, so you better get real creative! I want to hear sob stories, crazy wacky stories, lists of herculean feats you have performed in the name of American Muscle, etc. etc. etc.! They can be true stories, or they can be fully loaded fictitious fallacies, but they must all include why I should pick you of all people to be the chosen one to win a prize! The top three entries will be featured on our site and they will receive super sweet prizes!

Now on to the really good part…the prizes:

  • 1st Prize:

    • $150 American Muscle Gift Certificate

    • American Muscle Swag Pack
  • 2nd Prize:
    • $100 American Muscle Gift Certificate

    • American Muscle Swag Pack
  • 3rd Prize:
    • $50 American Muscle Gift Certificate

    • American Muscle Swag Pack

(American Muscle Swag Pack Includes: T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Calendar, and Decals for your car!)

Still unclear about what you are supposed to do? Check out this example of what I would say is a top-notch entry for this contest:

Example: “One day in 3rd grade I was sucker punched in the back of the head and knocked out cold in the parking lot. When I came to, the first car I saw was a Mustang GT and ever since then I have been obsessed with Mustangs! Now I own 5 Mustangs and outfit all of them solely at American Muscle. Now I am facing an extremely difficult decision on whether to buy my wife an anniversary present or get new springs for my newest Mustang. Please please please let me win a prize so I can use that gift certificate to help pay for new control arms to go along with those springs! And/or get my wife something for her anniversary…if I really have to.”


The Fine Print:

  • Entries must be submitted to

  • Your entry or entries must be submitted before 1:00PM Eastern Time on Wednesday February the 27th.
  • You must include your full name, address, phone number, and email address when submitting. (Personal information will only be used internally for our records and to deliver your prize. No personal information collected will be used for outside solicitations or sold in any way.)
  • Everyone is eligible to enter, you do not have to have made a previous purchase from
  • You may submit as many individual entries as you want, but please do not SPAM the same entry multiples times or ALL of your entries will be disqualified!
  • Gift Certificate Prizes valid only for products at and are not redeemable or exchangeable for any cash value.
  • American Muscle Swag Pack includes T-Shirt, Sweatshirt, Calendar, and Decals for your car. Begging Contest – Over $300 In Prizes!
Friday February 1st Through Wednesday February 27th
Click to submit your entry now!

Scorching Hot 2008 Calendar from and Modified Mustangs Magazine

With Christmas almost here, that means 2008 is just around the corner. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mark off the days with a calendar filled with hot girls and hot Mustang parts? Now you can!

AmericanMuscle is happy to introduce the AmericanMuscle & Modified Mustang 2008 Calendar.

2008 calendar

2008 calendar girls

With 12 months of scantily clad women and the hottest Mustang parts around, this calendar will keep you warm year round! What more can you ask for? The American Muscle & Modified Mustangs calendar is the perfect addition to any wall. It makes a great gift, too. Get one for yourself, and every other Mustang lover you know!

With a price this low, you really can’t go wrong. But these are flying off the shelves. Get yours today, while supplies last! donation to Homes for Our Troops benefits Massachusetts soldier

Back in July, donated 5% of every sale on one day to Homes for Our Troops. HFOT is an organization that assists returning servicemen and women that have been severely injured as they selflessly serve our country. The organization, working with donations of money, building materials and professional labor, ­coordinates the process of building a new home or adapting an existing home for handicapped accessibility. raised more than $2100 for Homes for Our Troops during the event. And Homes for Our Troops has been kind enough to keep us updated on ­where our donation was used.

On October 10, 2007, Homes for Our Troops held a ground-breaking ceremony in Plymouth, MA, at the site where a new handicapped accessible house would be built for SGT Brian Fountaine of the US Army.

SGT Brian Fountaine

US Army

SGT Fountaine, a 24-year-old tank commander from Dorchester, MA, lost both legs below the knee in June 2006, in Baghdad, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device (IED) exploded under the vehicle he was riding in. Fountaine was a member of the First Brigade Combat Team of the Fourth Infantry Division and was serving his second tour of duty — a tour he volunteered for. During his first deployment, his unit came under attack almost daily from mortars and rifle fire, but Brian still volunteered for dangerous missions. The risk of permanent injury or death was huge, but SGT Fountaine said, "I was a soldier. I expected…either a loss of limb or a loss of life."

The explosion that detonated beneath the Humvee carrying SGT Fountaine was the fifth time that he had survived an IED. Though he survived, he knew this time would be different when he found himself in the dirt beside the truck, looking at his mangled feet and fractured legs.

"I knew I would become some sort of an amputee," said Fountaine, massaging the stumps of his legs, amputated 10 inches below the knees. ”I won’t be able to feel the grass between my feet or the sand under my toes, but the important thing is I still have my life."

SGT Fountaine still has his life, and is able to walk with the help of prosthetics, but he still needs to use his wheelchair when the prosthetics become too painful.

Because of this, and because of his enormous sacrifice and his willingness to volunteer himself for the most dangerous missions, Homes for Our Troops is in the process of building SGT Fountaine and his family a wheelchair accessible house. This new home — scheduled to be completed in March, 2008 — will allow him to deal with the many challenges that come with living with prosthetics and adjusting to a new way of life. His n­ew home in Plymouth, MA allows him the independence he fought for, while still being close to his family in Dorchester, MA.

The walls of SGT Brian Fountaine’s new home going up! 

Looking more and more like a home.

We at are honored to have been able to contribute to both Homes for Our Troops and SGT Fountaine. We can think of no organization that deserves it more.

Brian Donaghy, Shanika Martin, and Christopher Lee Win Big in’s Twenty Questions Trivia Contest!‘s first Trivia Contest has come to an end, and what a fantastic response! Participants were asked to answer 20 questions, for a chance to win three great prizes. We had more than 100 entries, and a good portion of them were 100% correct. The staff at randomly chose three (3) winners from the correct entries, and it’s time to let the world know who they are.


First Place — Winner of an $100 Gift Certificate

and a set of Mustang Rocker Stripes in their choice of color:

Brian Donaghy of Emerson, NJ!


Second Place — Winner of a $50 Gift Certificate

and a set of Vinyl Bumper Insert Letters in their choice of color:

Shanika Martin of Land O’Lakes, FL!


Third Place — Winner of a $25 Gift Certificate

and two Window Decals:

Christopher Lee of Columbia, KY!


Now, everyone wants to know what the correct answers were to the tough questions we asked. Well, here you go!

1. How many colors total were available for the 1987 Mustang (looking for the number, not the colors)?

The correct answer was 12. (The colors were Black, Bright Regatta Blue Metallic, Dark Clove Metallic, Dark Gray Metallic, Dark Shadow Blue Metallic, Light Gray, Medium Cabernet, Medium Shadow Blue Metallic, Medium Yellow, Oxford White, Sand Beige, and Scarlet Red.)

2. What was the Mustang II re-badged as?

Ford Pinto

3. Where and on what date was the Mustang introduced to the public for the first time?

April 17, 1964 at the World’s Fair in New York

4. What movie had the honor of being the first to use a Mustang in a movie?


5. The Mustang has been offered in six (6) Grabber colors. Name them.

Grabber Green Metallic, Grabber Blue, Grabber Orange, Grabber Green, Grabber Yellow, and Grabber Lime.

6. What year did the millionth Mustang roll off the assembly line?


7. What was the final year the 5.0 Mustang LXs had black body side moldings?


8. How much more horsepower did the ’93 Cobra R make than the ’93 Cobra?

0 — Both the Cobra and the Cobra R were rated the same (235 hp).

9. What was the name of the concept car that pre-dated the ’03 Cobra by 10 years, but
featured a roots-supercharged, intercooled, 4V, 4.6L engine?

Mach III

10. What new exterior color was introduced in 1999?

Electric Green Clearcoat Metallic

11. When was factory clearcoat paint first available for the Mustang?


12. What is the only year that the Cobra was offered in color code BZ (Chrome/Canary Yellow)?


13. What was the first year for a 140 mph speedometer on a 5.0L?


14. When were the 16" 5-star rims first offered?


15. When was Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) first used?


16. What was the first year for a 4-speed automatic transmission?


17. What special model made it’s third appearance in 2000?

Cobra R

18. Name the three (3) aftermarket tuner Mustangs that Ford sells with factory warranties (as of 12/05).

Saleen, Steeda, Roush

19. What year was the heated back glass introduced for the convertible?


20. What other Ford Vehicle — meaning NOT a Mustang — came with the 4.6L DOHC Cobra
V8 engine and was initially only available in black?

Mercury Marauder

Sweatshirts & More To Keep You Warm This Winter!

As Old Man Winter quickly inches closer, thoughts of staying warm are on everyone’s mind. I don’t know many people that like to drive with a bulky winter coat on, which is why these new AmericanMuscle sweatshirts are perfect!



Available in Black and Grey, these heavyweight, 100% Cotton sweatshirts are the perfect way to stay warm. Whether in class or on the job, in the car or on the couch, these sweatshirts are designed for maximum comfort in any environment. They feature the official logo on both the front and back, and are a great way to show your AmericanMuscle pride. And you can’t beat the prices! These are flying off the shelves, so get yours now!


And, while you’re picking up one of our sweatshirts, don’t forget to check out our ever-growing selection of Mustang T-Shirts for Men and Women. There’s something for everyone! T-shirts for the men, rompers for the babies, and tank tops for the babes. And much, much more! Check out the pics below for a sneak peek, and then come on over and see what else we’ve got!