NEW: AmericanMuscle Tire Size Calculator

Now you can size things up and figure out what works with your late model Mustang before ordering your wheels and tires! Gain measurements and key insight from this useful tool to help guide your wheel and tire selections. Not sure what size your stock wheels are? No problem. Just fill out the year/make/model and the tire tool does all of the work. The Tire Size Calculator is great for:

– People who want to see if a particular tire size will fit on their stock setup

– How much a new tire/rim setup will throw off their speedometer

– Measure and actually see the difference in sizing between your current setup and the one you are planning on having

– Finding the perfect stance and wheel well gap for your Mustang


While this tool is tailored to the Mustang enthusiast crowd, you can put in the wheel sizing for any car and get an accurate reading of what changes you can expect.

Anyone with questions on specific wheel related issues can reference a tech guide, such as our wheel buyer’s guide and explanation of wheel offset.

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