Name These Mustang Parts and One Could be Yours!

Everybody loves a challenge, and we have one for you guys! Below are cropped images taken directly from the main website picture of six different parts. If you guess all six of them correctly, you could win one. The rules are simple, all you have to do is find the pictures the images shown below were taken from and fill out the entry form before midnight on July 28th. Each entry with all six pictures listed correctly will be entered into a drawing. The winner of the drawing will get to pick one of the parts below as their prize, and will be announced on the blog on July 30th. Good luck!

Official Contest Rules

  • All entries must be made using the form below, and submitted before midnight on July 28th.
  • All correct entries will be put into a drawing to determine the winner. The winner will get to select one of the parts as their prize.
  • You can submit multiple entries, but please don’t send the same entry more than once.
  • Please submit a link to the page where you find the picture of the part on the website.
  • Parts are numbered 1-6, clockwise from top left.
  • This contest is open to US residents only.

[contact-form 6 “Name That Part Contest”]

  • James J

    man the last 4 are so easy. the first 2 i cant find to save my life. :(

  • Stephen

    You really have to know your stuff to get the first one. Fortunately I spend a lot of time here just shopping for stuff. Thanks AM!!

  • Stephen P

    The second picture took the longest reason is i would have never though to look for that product for my V6. But i knew the others great contest AM!

  • Teejay Shanks

    i swear i know this website like the back of my hand but i cant find that 1st one

  • Jimbo Tom

    Stupid question, but when they say clockwise from top left does that mean go from 2 right from the top left 1, then down 1, then to the right 2?

  • Daniel

    Simple enough but do they want the link of the product or the page the main picture for that product is on?
    For example: if one of the pictures was Mach 1 Mustang Shift Knob (79-04) would they want or

  • James J

    guhhh found all of them but the 2nd one. looks like a dang threaded bolt or allen screw of some sort but cant figure it out.

    • Billy Joe

      you could’nt be further from the correct answer

  • Dylan

    haha yeah im glad i spent alot of time on here in the past, sure would be nice to win that part! edited to remove guess

  • Firedawg

    I found the first one… You never guess what it is….LOL The second one… just happen to watch tv and seen it.

  • bruce lawmaster

    i still cant fine the first one its wayy to hard damn am do u guys have any hints for this 1?

  • Marco

    man…i got all but the second one … that one took about an hour of looking to actually get lol i luckily stumbled upon it =D

  • CJ

    If you win do you have to choose from those exact parts? Because I have a 99 and I already have the only other part I could get.

  • Desi

    Wow that was kinda tough, all were pretty easy except for #2 took a lil bit to find but then i remembered seeing them yesterday morning when i got my parts from am and i was like wow i woulda never guessed…… good luck to everyone else hope u find em all

  • William

    The last four are very easy, however, you do have to be able to find the exact product, so for those of you that think you are right you might want to double check. The first two are the hardest, but the second one was definitely the hardest for me to find. However, I did find all six within twenty minutes of starting. I wish everyone much luck, and to whom ever the winner may end up being I wish you an early congratulations.

  • Mike

    Wow. Numbers one and three were rough, three was by far the hardest. 2, 4, 5, and I had right away. Thanks for the challenge AM!

  • John

    This was an awesome contest… lots of fun finding the stuff, took about 15 minutes… my birthday is the 29th so this would be an awesome contest to win! lol

  • Anne-Marie Stowe

    Ok, done!!!!!!! lol The first and second one gave me a run for my money but I found number two long before I found number one!!!! Sure would like to win number one or four!! 😉 GREAT CONTEST AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

  • Justin

    2 was the only tough one… The rest were super easy. Took me 2 minutes to do 1,3,4,5 and 6 and about 10 to find #2. I like the tricky directions… It will thin out the winners. 😉

  • Jimbo Tom


  • Andy

    Finally found the first one :) That was fun. Great contest AM

  • JerkyBoy

    boring!!!!!!!!!! now the ballpark contest was fun. I’ll wait for the next contest. hmmm play around looking for a silly black thingy, or go drive my mustang. Peace

  • david

    that was easy only took a little while, you just have to have common sense, like the first one can only be a few things since it is solid metal and the second well come on really?? that is to obvious and the rest are extremely easy

  • billy

    number one is the hardest.. still haven’t found little help please

  • James F.

    #1 took the longest, but it wasn’t all that hard. I could tell by the picture that it was a certain part or at least mates up to that certain part. So from there it was just a little digging. I can see how #2 would be tough for anyone who isn’t familiar with the part. I knew because I happened to buy that part recently.


    Good luck everybody! 😀

  • Wayland

    I have a V6 Mustang. If I actually win (I won’t, but here’s to hoping!), I can’t use any of those exact parts. If that were the case I wouldn’t mind getting a cash prize so I could order a carbon fiber driveshaft (9 lbs.!) from PST.

  • Teejay Shanks

    i cant figure out the first one to save my life i swear ive gone through the whole website twice ugh!! hints?

  • G-Thunder

    Dumb question probably, but when it says multiple entries are accepted but dont enter the same entry more then once, what do they mean? You can’t use an entry with your name more then once?

  • Billy

    James j the number two is springs it the black covers ,can you tell me number one

  • Billy

    unlike most of the people on here im not willing to be greedy to get parts, not help other when needed…. yeah it a contest , but it not like we cant afford those part are self, those are all under a $900… only greedy people will comment bad about this post…

  • Teejay shanks

    ughhh ive got everything but the first one…im driving my self crazy i cant find it anywhere!!!

  • God of August

    Luckily I’ve been a longtime customer of AM, so this wasn’t too hard. Had some difficulty with number one though I’ll admit; I had the right idea of what it was, but had to dig a little to find it. Good luck to all who enter, although I hope I win cause my Birthday is the 25th of August and that would be an EPIC present.

  • Jimbo Tom

    yeah whats number one james dont be a fruitcake

  • CJ

    Number 5 could technically be one of two products by the same manufacturer. just saying.

  • James F.

    so when is the winner gonna be announced?

  • Noemi

    A large amount of thanks for your phenomenal write-up. I extremely enjoy it and will probably be revisiting to take a look at a little more.