Mystery Gift Card Sweepstakes Delivers Big Prizes

Hoping to give something back to customers and friends this holiday season, has partnered with the two largest Mustang enthusiast sites, and to offer in tandem, two Mystery Gift Card Sweepstakes.

Here’s the deal:

1. Go to or to sign in or sign up.

2. Buy a $12 gift card to for just 10 bucks. (Your savvy investment skills just earned you 20% in just seconds. Try getting that in the stock market these days.)

3. Every day randomly selected members will receive upgraded gift certificates worth $50, $100 and even $250.

That’s right, $10 will get you $12, or more… Maybe even $250.

The Mystery Gift Card Sweepstakes runs on both websites now through December 18. As these promotions are independent from each other, winners will be chosen from both sites almost daily.

For more information, and enter to win, visit, sign up, and sign on to or today.

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  • Ulises

    Have they announce the winners there yet? Is there a link there that we can all view to see all the winners?