Mustangs At the Ballpark Photo Contest!

Mustangs and baseball are the two best things about warmer weather, and we love combining two great things. In that spirit, we’re challenging our blog readers to take pictures of their Mustangs at a ballpark! The person who submits the best picture will win a Pypes Beast exhaust system, plus 2 tickets to a local major-league baseball game.Two runners-up will each win a $25 gift card and an AM prize pack.

The ballpark in question doesn’t have to be a major league stadium, but pictures should include the name of the ballpark if possible. Pictures must be submitted by midnight on Tuesday, June 1st. You can enter multiple pictures, but please do not submit the same entry more than once. Winners will be announced on the blog on June 4th June 7th (to give us time to take a look at the last-minute entries). We’ve included a couple of pictures from a similar post to give you some inspiration. Now all you need to do is snap some pictures!

1st place wins:

  • 2 lower level tickets to a local baseball game.
  • A Pypes Beast exhaust kit for your ‘Stang (~$500 value!).

2 runners up each win:

  • A $25 gift card
  • A wicked-cool AM prize pack, including a t-shirt, calendar, mustang keychain, and decal.

Official Rules for Entering:

  • Pictures must be uploaded using the form below by midnight on Tuesday, June 1st.
  • 1 first-place winner and 2 runners-up will be announced on the blog on Friday, June 4th.
  • Multiple entries are allowed, but spamming the same entry will disqualify all entries.
  • The contest is open to US residents only, but no purchase is necessary.

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  • Paula McLain

    I can not get my car pic and info to load for the Ballpark Mustang contest. The pic is under the allowable MP.


    Very cool!! Good luck everybody

  • Immanuel G.

    It’s not letting me upload photos

  • Evan Frank

    Also having issues uploading… file size is OK and I’ve tried using IE, Firefox, and Chrome. If you could get this issue fixed and extend the deadline that would be awesome!

  • Keith 05horse Rose

    i posted a few of mine….look close am! it would be neat if we could see the other pics.

    have a am vote and a popular vote

  • Zachary VIncent

    Only 73 minutes left everyone! I wish you all good luck!

  • Immanuel G.

    Still not letting me upload photo’s

  • Mark Eggan

    ACK! I was only able to upload my picture this morning (June 2nd)

  • Jeff

    I posted a couple of times for this contest, with two different emails, my photos were accepted, but I don’t see that I an even in the running? Both my son and I entered before the deadline.

    • Immanuel G.

      I don’t think that they are showing the contestant entries for the public to view. Maybe when they decide the winners…

  • Keith 05horse Rose

    june 7th!!!! last minute entries…. thats whgat a deadline is for! my model rushed…. to help me lol

  • JerkyBoy

    ahhh, three more days of torture……noooooooooo!

  • Immanuel G.

    And the time countdown begins….I’m so curious to see the results…!

  • Justin Yost

    Ah man I’m so anxious…it’s technically June 7th, so post the results! haha

  • Keith 05horse Rose

    its 4:06….do you know where your results are at?

    they should post a huge page of the top 50 submissions

  • Chris

    The anticipation is killing me…i agree with the guy above, that it would be cool to see a huge page of the top 50 submissions.

  • Zach

    When will we know?!?!?! I also would like to see a huge page of all the best submissions, this is a great contest and I’m sure there were some really creative entries.

  • Keith 05horse Rose

    i had a local mlb team saying i could bring my car down, get ol lady half naked, or all naked on their home plate with the team
    then it rained and they said…no way jose

  • AMStanger

    The results have been posted, and we’re about to contact winners about their prizes. Check out the three winners here: and keep an eye on the blog next week, when we’ll be featuring more of the awesome entries we received.

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  • cityville

    i was beginning to sense i may well be the only young man which thought about this, at the very least at present i discover i’m not crazy :) i will be sure to look into various several other posts after i get my morning caffeine in me, adios for now :)