January Sale: 27% Off thru Jan. 31

New year, new gear! That’s the latest Mustang man’s mantra. With the return of the 5.0, and the Mustang staged to finally make its NASCAR debut, 2010 is set to be a truly awesome year for everything Mustang. But the season for car shows and track days is coming up quick so get your ride dialed in now, and save up to 27 percent while you’re at it.

Click below to check out the January Sale at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  • http://none Bruce LeClair

    2008 Black Bullitt

  • Steve

    Did that paragraph say that mustang was making a debut on NASCAR, good , get that V-6 fusion body off the track.

  • http://www.1badstang.weebly.com 1badstang

    About time, although by the time NASCAR is done it will hardly be recognizable from the others, but at least there will be some Mustangs making laps.Hopefully it will be good for Ford’s (and AM’s) sales numbers. Win on Sunday, buy on Monday.