How Do I Add Horsepower to My V6 Mustang?

Ford Mustang Q&A

V6Stang04 asked: “I have a stock V6 Ford Mustang, what can I do to increase it’s performance?”

As a V6 owner myself, I understand how frustrating it can be trying to modify a V6. While there is not as much aftermarket support for the V6s as there is for the V8s, there are still plenty of performance parts out there. Supercharger and turbo kits are available for V6s now. But if you’re starting slow or don’t have quite that much to spend I would recommend these three modifications first: a cold air intake, upgraded exhaust system and a tuner.

Top 3 V6 Mods That Add Horsepower

Ford Mustang Cold Air Intake1. Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake systems by themselves can add 8-10 horsepower to your car and are relatively inexpensive. A K&N FIPK V6 Intake kit would be a great option for any Mustang v6 owner due to its simple bolt-on installation and instant results. If you’re not looking to spend $200-$300 on a complete intake system, a K&N Drop-In Replacement Filter is a less-expensive alternative that will still net you a good amount of horsepower. Plus, a v6 aftermarket intake or filter can be cleaned and reused, so you’ll never have to buy another filter, saving you money in the long run.

The newer 2011-2014 V6 Mustangs already put down impressive power number but by adding a 2011 Mustang V6 cold air intake you can get a couple extra ponies to the ground.  However, for a 05-09 Mustang, I would recommend an intake/tuner combo kit. In most cases, S197 Mustangs will not run if a new CAI is installed without an aftermarket tune. The car will start but stall out immediately.

DiabloSport's InTune Ford Mustang Tuner2. Tuner

A tuner reprograms your car’s computer, working with your modifications, to produce the most horsepower (or mpg’s, depending on the tune). Tuners can be tricky. If you’re unfamiliar with them you can check out our tuner tech article for help.

A custom tune is ideal. But know that tuning a car by yourself can be tricky if you’re not sure what to do. There is a small possibility of actually damaging the car if you run it with an improperly calibrated tune.

A custom tune designed to run with high octane gas (91+) will produce optimal results and add as much as 20 bhp to a bone-stock car. Octane is a vital factor: You can always run higher octane gas than you are tuned for but never lower octane!

3. Exhaust

V6 Mustang Exhaust

Choosing an exhaust can be confusing; we have a great exhaust tech article on exhaust systems/terminology if you’re wondering what an H-pipe is, or if you just need a refresher. I’ve heard that putting an aftermarket exhaust on a V6 will give it a high-pitched, raspy exhaust note, but in my experience this tends to not be true! There are many factors that determine the sound of your exhaust and a balance between intake and exhaust is crucial. If you have doubts about what setup is right for you then call our knowledgeable tech staff. They’ll make sure you get the sound and power you want.

Six cylinder Mustangs have a Y-pipe from the factory, which funnels exhaust gases from both banks into one tail-pipe. The most common “dual exhaust” out there is another Y-pipe that attaches after the catalytic converter and splits the stock mid-pipe into two tail-pipes. That’s fine if you just want the look of a dual exhaust. If, on the other hand, you want to squeeze the most ponies out of your pony, an X-pipe that allows you to use a GT cat-back exhaust is definitely the way to go. I’ve got a Pypes Stainless Steel X-Pipe on my 2004 V6 and, with a GT cat-back, I picked up another 15-20 rear wheel horsepower.

These mods will put you on the right track to building your V6 Mustang into a serious street machine. V8s may continue to dominate with their large displacement and infinite aftermarket options, but these tree mods a the best way to have your six cylinder Mustang catching those pesky GT owners. But stay tuned as the V6 world is steadily growing and gaining momentum. This has not gone unnoticed here at AmericanMuscle and we look forward to seeing more modded V6s at our next national Mustang-only car show!

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  • Alex V.

    Very cool, thank you guys for the info on this, I know you guys wouldn’t leave the V6 crowd alone.

  • Peter Van Benthuysen

    It’s good to know that you guys won’t leave us V6 guys out in the rain… I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us!

  • miguel

    hmm u guys offer any turbos yet for v6

    • Heather

      Not yet, hopefully in the future though!

      • Newman

        k so in the future i may want to supercharge my v8 stang roller bearings are better than the stock bearings but would i need to switch out my connecting rod for a better quality one

  • Andy T.

    You guys should offer some camshaft options for the V6’s.

  • ferd g.

    comp cams, are you working on a nice cam for the 4.0l v-6 ?

  • ferd g.

    we need a good street cam from comp cams

  • ferd g. has an 8 & 10 lb boost centrifugal super charger setup for the 4.ol . heard it’s pretty good.

  • ferd g.

    by the way, i thought you guys had a 25% underdrive pulley for the v-6. can’t find it !

  • http://AmericanMuscle Carl R

    I love your site and love your products! But was wondering if you guys were open to feedback about the possibility of consumers requesting new items for your site. For example Ive been looking at buying 20″ rims for my mustang and I have looked at everything you have to offer and don’t see anything that excites me. The rims I found that I love are FOOSE Hornets and you guys don’t carry them. Is that an item that you might eventually pick up? Would you guys consider adding a consumer request section? I know in business it all about having what the customer wants and I’m holding off buying some items because Id rather buy them from your site. Ive been very pleased with the purchases Ive made from you guys and the fast delivery. I think the pre painted parts you guys are coming out with is a “home run” and what us consumers have been looking for!! Keep up the “thinking outside the box” GOOD WORK!!
    2008 Mustang GT

  • Jonathan H

    Thanks for the blog guys! Most people think of the V8 as the only fun option for the Mustang (and they do have a good argument, I’ve driven friends’ stock GTs before), but most (if not all) of our V6s are pumped out of the same plants in Michigan with the same ponies on the grille (Going by the VIN, my 98 V6 came from the River Rouge plant, in Dearborn I think). For me it was a money issue that got me a Sixer coming out of high school a few years ago, and I love it way too much to part with it. I already love the CAI, Throttle Body, and BBK Underdrive Pulley Set I’ve put into it, so I can’t wait for the day when I add a bit more like a tuner and full Header-Catted X-Catback system. Also bent one of my stock rims on a curb and got a full set of silver coated 95 Cobra R rims here. Super cheap because I got the 16x8s (so my tire guy could get a damn good deal on 4 tires).

    Anyways, a Mach 1 that commonly parks by me at my college asked me why I had my car decorated with the AmericanMuscle Windshield Banner (across the top of the BACK window where most people see it :-D) and Quarter Window decals…I explained that its the only place I’ll get my V6 performance parts…He then asked why I spent time working on a V6 when I could just save and get a V8, and I told him that this is one of the only sites I’ve ever seen that offers a pretty good variety of V6 stuff and I’m never gonna be able to part with my first car.

    Anyways, thanks AM, you guys rock! And to the V8s reading, I got nothing against you at all…I treat GTs on the road like my big brothers. I’m just happy to see a lil Sixer respect…

    • adrian

      i agree. although v8 are pretty fun i love my v6. just got it a couple of days ago and already started putting in work on it. and i enjoy every minute of it. something about doing the work yourself feels better. Now all i need is the cash. :)

  • Tncsman

    What about the inline 6 banger?

    • You’re joking, right?

      Uhhhh… what about it? It’s fine if you’re a soccer mom.

      It’s a good boat anchor.

      • Joe

        Nothing a DIY turbo can’t fix! I have an I6 250 turbo and just got my 4.0 V6. I think they are both fun platforms, both have great torque but no upper RPM, and the 7 main bearing bottom end of the I6 is crazy stout. I can’t stand how the 4.0 sounds, someone please offer a solution that sounds respectable, perhaps low RPM 350Z-like.

  • billy

    I gained about 40+ hp on my 2002 v6 with bbk cai, bbk headers, bbk tb, pulley kit, custom tune and mac exhaust. I have other mods to suspension, rims+tires, gears etc… and my car has been gutted out to make it weigh less. Most of my products purchased on AM, and installed by me and my buddies except the custom tune you have to take it to professionals. I still get good v6 mpg and i’ve been told that my car sounds “beefy”.

  • Rocket

    Buy a GT.

    • Alex V.

      “Buy a GT” I cant believe you, get a life.

    • vistabluesixer

      you’re a douchbag man. have a little respect for your mustang brothers/sisters. you probably drive a 94 4-door Accord anyway

      • Edsel

        And you’re driving a V6 vista blue mustang, and proud of it. Who’s the douche now?

        • Eric L

          haha to everyone. i love my 2001 v6

          • Connor D.

            2001 V6 all the way! Laser Red

      • Dazzzy

        you do get respect.just like a step brother,so not much at all.

    • Mathew Wykoff

      Little you know, dont underestimate v-6’s

      • Jake

        Only if they have two turbos attached.

  • adrian

    I just baught a 99 v6. im super excited to start messing with it under the hood. iv already changed the alternator, battery, starter and air filter on my car using just my owners handbook. im looking to buy more products like the cold air intake, throttle body and a H exhaust kit. im glad i found this website. Thanks AM.

  • Norm



  • Steven

    I don’t recommend adding a CAI to a 96-04 car. Its a complete waste of money. Buy a K&N drop in filter, and call it a day.

    If you want to add power to your v6, consider a 75 shot and gears.

  • Steve A

    Drop a v8 in it 😉

  • Chris M

    I’ve purchased many mods for my v6 mustang here. Sequential blinkers, new headlamps, fog light kit, chin spoiler, mach 1 grill delete, 18 x 9 rims, eichbach pro springs and struts, high amp alternator, accel edis coil, msd wires, steeda short throw shifter with roush handle, centerforce 2 clutch, 65mm bbk throttle body, cold air intake, caliper covers and i’m sure a few other things i just can’t remember right now. However, the v6 community will be seeing a new exciting upgrade for making some serious power in their v6. It’s via the 03 04 cobra roots style supercharger. these will fit the v6 with an adapter plate on the split intakes on the v6’s. However a 7.5″ rearend with a trac loc unit will grenade around 300hp. But luckly a gt’s rear end will bolt right in. I’m storing my car for the winter and come spring it’s getting a full exaust, headers back, the 8.8 rear end with some 4.10 gears, a supercharger from the v8 with a complete cai for the v8 and a tuner to bring it all together along with a set of correct temp spark plugs for proper spark. properly tuned a solid 350hp and 400 torque is appropriate and with a 4:10 gear and a few hundred pounds lighter than the big brother gt’s, well needless to say you’ll have them jealous! I’m looking at a cam and heads but as a future upgrade when rebuilding the engine and possibly stroking it. Yes a gt can make some noise and go, they’re a dime a dozen, but how many have a v6 that can more than give them a run for their money? I’m willing to bet many more will in the future!! Great job American Muscle with just providing the mustang community with the best prices on the best mustang parts anywhere, especially us v6 guys!!!

    • vistabluesixer

      i’ve seen that as well. the only kit i’ve seen tho is for a 3.8. do you know if they have any plans for a 4.0 version of the kit?

  • Shaun

    I can’t believe the mis-information. You’re not going to gain 20hp form anything short of a full longtube exhaust on our V6’s which run $1,000 total, an intake will get you 1-3hp if that, not 8-10. Bolt on’s don’t do too much for our V6’s. Get a tlock and some 4.10’s if you want to make it faster even though they won’t increase power. Anyone who is serious about making power check our I wouldn’t listen to much of this info. Any I’d like to see the dyno sheet from the people on here who have claimed these ridiculous claims in this blog, please. 40+hp from bolt ons lol come on.

    • mustang maniac

      hey man, i mean no disrespect, but i had a full dual exhaust put in about a year ago an did gain about 15 hp. you dont need the longtubes although a nice option, an as for the intake, just a aftermarket filter will get you one to three, but again im going to have to respectfully say “your wrong”, i just i just installed a cold air intake an gained about 8-10, an in case your wandering, yes i have it dyno’ed each time i add a bolt on.

  • Austin

    I have a 2006 4.0 that will leave 3 valves eating my exhaust fumes. I first did wat any other guy or gal would do. Cold air along wit a diablo tune and then did exhaust wit BBK short headers, off road X pipe wit dual flowmasters for a good sound. Magnaflow and Borla produce more horse but bad sound for these cars. I then went wit 4.10 gears,steeda short shifter and JBA wires and NKG iridium plugs and a BBK 70mm throttle body and a 4″ aluminum 1 piece driveshaft. Suspension is a big part if you wanna hang out wit the bigger dogs but on street tires i can run a good low 13 and thats on 20’s my friend. Suspension and losing weight off the car will help as well

    • Steven

      Austin, your a joke if you think your running low 13’s.

    • Dazzzy

      you wish your 6 cylinder went low 13’s.blown v6s only go 13.50s.stop touching yourself and stop wasting money on a v6.with what you spent on the car and upgrades you could have had a gt with some boltons and been going faster than you will ever get that 6 banger to go!

      • what-up now !?

        hey look, you an every body else needs to quit bashing V6’s. not every body is lucky enough to have rich parents who can buy their cars for them. For the rest of us we’re just trying to do the best with what we have. I personally like my V6, the only V8 i ever owned bent a rod the first week i owned it. an another thing, great job on taking the easy way out, its nothing for a V8 owner to win a race an laugh about it, but when you beat a V8 with a V6 you get a feeling of accomplishment knowing that you did something not many people can do. dont worry though, when you shoot a piston through your hood, we V6 owners might give you a ride to the nearest car lot….or salvage yard.

        • 04termie

          i used to own a v-6 and i was proud of it when i had it cuz that was all i cud all u guys with the GT’s chirpin the v6’s can come to me and race my 04 cobra and we will see who’s chirping at the finish line.

  • Garl

    just picked up a 2007 v6 with the pony package.All black sittin 0n 17″ perilli pzero’s. I am married and want to know how to convince the Mrs to buy all of this stuff. I love the car but want to stay married.

    • fuel mileage

      tell her about the economic side of performance parts, by adding a cold-air intake an dual-exhaust, also maybe a tuner you gain about 10-15 mpg ! i own a 95′ V6 an am currently getting about 25 mpg in the city an about thirty two on the highway, let her know that by saving more gas with the parts it gives you more spending money when you take a trip together.

  • http://AM Wayde A.

    Everyone needs to quit bashing V6’s. I own a 2002 V6 Mustang Coupe. My first Mustang. I love it.

    • Richard Hinthorn

      same here i have a 02 v6 stock its a nice little car with some power

    • charles

      I love my v6!! 305hp..and it can do almost 150mph.

  • brad

    i have been with the v6 side for bout 5 years now and i own a 96 5spd with quite a bit done, i love it and im glad i started off this way, yes i am moving to aftermarket v8 blocks, but v6 will always have a place in my heart, i may have single port heads and no motor work done but all bolt ons and hella tune, ive takin down gt’s left and right and kept up with alot also. xcal2 tuner with all aluminum drivetrain like flywheel, driveshaft with 373 posi, and more but it moves like a gt.

  • Rudy

    This is great info for someone who has not done any mods to there V6 but what I want to know it why American Muscle does not sell the X-Charger Super Charger Kit for the V6. I would buy one off of AM in a heart beat but I am a little scared to get it from other sellers out there.

  • Norm

    Yah, AM should sell the X!

    But even if they don’t, you can get it direct from Dave at Explorer Express.

    He’s the guy that developed the system, and he’s 100% legit and a great guy.


  • mike

    i love my V6, ive drivin a 2006 GT and it was nice, but with everything i have done to my car, it felt just about the same. people shouldnt bash the V6 either, its a great engine in a great car. Thanks americanmsucle for the great products and fast shipping! GTE SOME SUPERCHARGERS IN!

  • Scott

    There’s a misconception about H X or Y pies for exhaust. The only thing that changes is the exhaust note. There power gains you get from an X pipe are no more than that of a H pipe or even a Y pipe. I only bring this up because I have seen the dyno sheets fr the same car with the different pipes and they were all about the same (give or take .2HP)

    • sorry….

      your right about the H an X pipes not any significant difference but going to a y pipe will reduce power substantually…I say this because a Y pipe adds restriction which will ultimately decrease horsepower, but yea there is virtually now diference between an H an X pipe exhaust.

  • ryan

    the first mustang i owned was a 2003 v6 mach “2” haha, i put a k&n cone filter on it and had tru-dual exhaust put on, it sounded decent. and i won a few races against the old stock 300z’s but other then that i was quick to get stomped by most other cars. 4 months later i went home on leave and got in my moms 300c hemi v8 and hammered it, thats when i determined that there is no way my mom was going to have a faster car then me. i went back to fort campbell and bought a 2003 black mustang gt and traded in my v6 mustang of 4 months. i have to say it was the best move ive ever done. i was looking into the supercharger kits for the v6’s and trust me looking back im glad i didnt dump more money then i did into my 6r. v6’s can be fast but the 99-04 gts really arnt that expensive at all now even the 05 models are pretty cheap just save ur money and get a gt. oh and i raced my moms 300 with my step dad driving and won finally (after heavy modification to my gt of course 😉

  • 00R

    Heather for prez!

  • Shane Hoffman

    I have bought every bolt on upgrade possible for the v6 also got a procharger supercharger at 11psi 😀 but it would be great if could provide v6 cams, or 8.8 inch rear end upgrades from the 7.5inch, also would be great for other people if they sold v6 underdrive pulleys I love this site and love the fast shipping I hate having to go somewhere else to get a part I dont trust them as much as i do Americanmuscle keep up the great work 😀

  • junior cruz

    do u have any chance to a v8 engine? thats what im lookin for.Insead of a v6 engine.

  • junior cruz

    ill chat with u later so keep in minde with to all of u guys see ya.

  • junior cruz

    but i would like to have a v6 engine for now and how much so thats about it.

  • Heather

    Thanks for all the suggestions and comments! We will definitely be working on bringing in more V6 performance products, so stay tuned!

  • Frank

    AM needs to bring 3.8 cam options to the table, period. That’s the one thing that this site lacks. Four or five different grinds would be great, from mild N/A to aggressive N/A, all the way to aggressive boosted applications, hardened pushrods, tougher springs, sold separately of course, but maybe sold in discounted packages/kits as well.

    • Heather

      Thanks for the input! I’ll definitely try to get some V6 cams on the site.

  • Salieri

    There are plenty of parts that improve HP on ebay. Use to find them faster.

  • Masterquiles

    My 2 cents here,

    I had 2002 GT, beatiful car, dark red with beige interiors, premium. I put on it shorty headers, catback, intake and Ford springs with 18 inches AFS wheels. The car drove nice but the modifications did not do much to it, just improved the sound.

    After changing jobs my commute got longer, gas prices went up, so I traded my GT for Honda Accord. my mistake, six months later my wife got the accord and I went into buying a new mustang.

    I test drove a 07 GT and 07 V6. I did not not like the new GT. It felt like a truck was pushing the car from behind, the accelaration was not natural, plus there were too many noises in the car dashboard.

    Then I did test on the V6 and I liked better, more natural accelaration and more balance. So I got a 07 V6 premium Alloy. Paid 19K out of the door. I added a GT bumper, Xpipe, GT exhaust, SCT tuner with Demolet intake, Steeda springs and 18 Fanblades.I probably put like 1500 on the car, the expensive stuff got it second hand. So still cheaper than a GT and it handles better a from suspension point of view. I can change the gas type and the car really responses well. It is actually faster than my old GT and I can keep with new GTs. you got see their faces on the highway trying to figure out if i have GT without the GT badge, or is it 500?

    On top of this I get 25 MPG average and my car looks better than a GT thanks to an aftermarket grill and a front spoiler, and 500 a back spoiler.

    The only thing i really miss is the posi for doing burnouts. But how often do you really do that? Im not really a kid anymore. I love my v6!

    • Travis M Bruno-Erck

      I’ve got a 2007 V6 auto and 2010 GT auto.  The V6 is clearly (unmodified) very poorly constructed by comparison to my GT it’s night and day.  I dont agree with your post and I own both of them.  Now, my V6 is a project car and in the end has cost me 4000 dollars in parts and labor to bring up to speed.  If you got the money to do this with your V6 you’ll hang with your V8.  But without forced induction good luck taking any 2010+ out of the loop.   The reason I mentioned the price is it makes sense to invest the money if your V6 is paid off.  IT has alot of room to grow.  But to sit there and say outright the V6 stock felt better than the V8 is flat out bs.

      Ride a 2010.  No matter what type of exhaust you put on the V6 it’s not going to sound near as good as the V8.   I love my little V6 and it’s pumping out some good power now and got great suspension.   But, it will never be as nice as my V8.  Close , after 4000 dollars later but that only makes sense if your V6 is paid off and your trying to keep your insurance low.  Otherwise the best option is trade up for the V8.
      But to state the V6 is better when I own both I’m going to call that BS out right now.l  Love em’ both but when my V6 gets 17 mpg and the V8 gets 17mpg in the city and in many cases I’ve seen my V8 get better due to the fact it can get to the power bands faster and get to cruising speed I almost feel that at bone stock the V8 was the better of the two.   And you going to say a V6 felt better?  Bone stock buddy that’s just a crock of total crap.  The V8 ride is smooth and silky.  Sorry, I’m just calling this one out here.   If you want me to prove it look at my image of the V6 and it’s super sweet and looks nicer than my 2010 I posted also.  But in no way is it better than my V8 period end of story.  My proof is own I both and here in the pic they are! 

      I call out BS when I see it.

  • Austin Clark

    I would be a v6 supercharger in a heartbeat if it was available

    • Heather

      That is something we’re looking into, hopefully we’ll be able to get a kit on the site soon :)

  • jeff

    after over 40 years of owning the quickest and fastest cars ever made,(69 302 dz z-28) bign block cameros belching outover 650 hp at the rear whels @ 10:00 s , 69 mack ones, 1969 l-89, covettes, my 2006 v-6 4.0, has thepotential foralot of old school building potential. you fools that are bashing the owners of 4.0 ponies are forgetting the basic rule ofhot rodding. that rule is take what you own and think everying through, and build what you want ande enjoy every minute of it. if you own a 4.0, v-6 or a gt, it dosent matter. just have fun in what you do. and for gods sake please race on the track. the person you might kill might not just be yourself, but maybe you might wipe out a whole family. “have fun with your builds and please be safe, jeff P.S. ionly mentioned3 or four of the 15 hottest cars ihave ever owned and built by myself.

  • Don

    Not sure why V8’s bash sixers on these threads. I’ll tell you why I went with a V6 (other than I wanted a convert. and couldn’t afford both a vert and GT (not my only car). But with a six you can do cool stuff to your car, really get to know her and be proud of what you have done. A regular guy can add CAI, custom tune, 4.10’s, t-lock, X-pipe, true duals (easily under $2,000) and have serious action on the streets, even strip. With a V8, and I have had plenty of them, you can never reach the top. You can work years pumping up your V8, beat your buddies, turn great times, then get smoked by some rich kid with a 550 HP stock Cobra, who never even opens the hood or knows his own gearing ratio. With a V8, and I love’em, there is no end. Stock GT, baby stuff in the V8 world. A V6 is not suppose to be fast, when they are, it surprises people and feels good knowing you made that happen. Both are good for their own reasons. itiswhatitis!

  • Jay

    Thanks, this page is really helpful getting a jump start for people but i also think you should add videos so people can hear the difference in exhaust

  • John

    Until you girls can hit 210 on street or strip, keep your braging to the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      First I want to say, some of you V 8 guys are dont have a clue. I run a 9.8 1/4 car. 521 CU naturally asperated and it runs 131 mph. I also own a 2002 3.8 K & N CAI with a Gforce chip, that is installed properly with dual ex, what a fun fast car for the streets and has beat v8 and a GT. If you really want to dominate just add twin turbo’s

  • John

    1965 pony package 289hpo+++++++++++++++++

  • Steve

    I don’t understand what is wrong with having a V6. (other than the fact that they are somewhat slow) But i have talked to people who have V6 stangs that could keep up with some cobras until about 60 mph. Now, you cant start bashing me. I am in love with mustangs, my dad has a 65 with a 347 stroker in it, and a basicially stock 06 GT. The thing is that with bolt-ons, you can make some decent power, one of the best mods that you can do is add some gears and a T-lock. I don’t know if anyone has realized this, but you can buy a V6 mustang for alot cheaper than you can buy a V6 Camaro, add some minor bolt-ons, and be just as fast as any Camaro. Another thing, I have seen a 700 horse TT mustang, along with a 300 horse N/A V6. and that is from a PUSHROD V6. These DOHC motors have endless possibilities, I love the site tho, and wish that you guys had more V6 parts for the 94-04 V6s too!

  • Wayland

    American Muscle, more ’94 V6 options please! I have to leave it at that simple request or I’ll end up ranting about all that I want to do with my own V6. Keep up the good work.

  • Steve Smith

    Question…will any of the wheels that you guys carry fit my 2008 Toyota Tundra….my wheel size is 18×9 i would love to put a set of Mustang wheels on my Truck.


  • Alex

    Im living proof that it doesnt take much to gain a good bit of hp in a v6 all i have is dual exhaust (stock headers), CAI, and a 93 octane tune in my 05 4.0L. Im running 225rwhp and 248 ft/lbs of torque with the automatic.

  • dany

    how many horse power is a 2007 mustand v6 can someone awnser me. and the car still original

    • james

      210 hp

  • highpockets

    I have a 2007 Mustang V6. From the start I was slow to do anything to my baby. I added a hood scoop, solid window scoops and side scoops. Then I added 18″ wheels instead of the stock 16″ and the same rubber that comes stock on GT’s. After that I had dual exhaust added (just like big Brother GT). Did some other things to the exterior for appearance, like small rectangluar for lights, a chin spoiler, a single stripe that goes down the middle with pin stripes on each side. I just thought I was done. Did the dash area with a composite material. Then after going to a car show and talking to other V6 Stangers I found a few other things to do. Added an X pipe to my exhaust and a K&N cold air intake. My baby can take all that I dish out to her. My next item is going to be a tuner and for now I think that is all I will be doing. Only time and money will tell if there is anything else coming. Needless to say, I love my baby and she gets respect on the street from those soccer mom’s driving their vans and SUV’s, the Biker sect also give a look and the guys that wish they could be driving such a nice car as mine and not the family car.
    Hears to the V6…see you on the road somewhere.

  • Kayne

    V6’s all day.

    • Briones

      I love my v6 stang its my first car and i dont plan on ever selling it… but i do want to add some stuff to make it faster and sound mean. what options do i have other the the cold air intake?

      • Heather

        You have lots of options other than a cold-air intake, like a throttle-body or a tuner. If you’re looking for sound I would recommend making some exhaust modifications – like a true-dual conversion.

        • Briones

          thx… but my baby is a 1999 v6 do they make a throttle-body for that year?

      • J Shepherd53

        I have a 2010 mustang v6 i added pypes true dauls exhaust system wth a k&n cold air intake and a throttle body spacer, i can tell diff. And plus i get alot complaments on how great it sound i bought it as a plain silver base model but its totally diff now ppl even tk pics of my car the way i fixed it up, if u hv a # ill send u a pic