Hot or Not? Boss Mustang / Camaro Mash-Up Concept

Hot or Not? Boss Mustang / Camaro Mash-Up Bossco Concept Ok, so check out this crazy concept! This conversion concept is very interesting indeed, especially being a mash-up between two rivals, our very own Ford Mustang and our competitor and fellow American muscle car, the Chevy Camaro.

This is a concept dreamt up by Hungarian designer, Tamas Jukas, meshing what he says to be the 2011 Ford Mustang with the 5th-generation Camaro to create what he named the Jacuzzo Bossco. It looks to be built more to the size of the Camaro and is dreamt to have a 600-HP V6 engine up front sending ridiculous power down to those rear wheels.

jakus_1.jpg jakus_2.jpg jakus_3.jpg jakus_5.jpg jakus_6.jpg jakus_4.jpg

It is definitely an over-the-top concept style with noticeable characteristics belonging to both cars. The silhouette seems to be Corvette-like, in my opinion. It seems to have more of a “supercar” feel than the muscle pony car like stance. A little over the top, but isn’t that what concepts usually are?

Would you like to see this thing produced? Is it bad-ass or little too crazy? Would you ever even mesh these two together? We want to know what you think!

So, HOT or NOT? Vote or comment below!

Hot or Not? Jacuzzo Bossco Concept Design

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  • Rochelle

    thanks for the post Amie. I think thats a beautiful car, and i’d definitely drive it.I like the look of it.

  • Kyle Anderson

    change up that front end then we’ll talk

  • paul hayden

    whats with the dinosaur front end

  • Rock


  • Bluemeanie94

    I don’t see much Mustang but I don’t see any Camaro at all. Looks more like a Mustang mated with a 90’s Supra and taking perhaps the worst aspects of both. It’s Hideous.

  • Meddy69

    looks like an Accura

  • Grt_20002

    Ford Hit in 05 with the new Mustang …….. And not they are starting that rear fish look.. whatever this this is is way way off mark…. I would rather see a Mustang II retro then this thing ever hit the streets…..

  • Brandoncrepeau

    the man who made this concept is a fuck tard, and apparently im not the only one who feels this way, also anyone who likes this car is a faget who can go to hell

  • fred

    love it we all like the car and wish to see it on the market soon

  • Mike

    Looks like a hot wheels … Oh god no … I like oatmeal and I like sushi … I don’t mix oatmeal and sushi lol

  • Corey Cross

    A bad ass design. I don’t know what the hell everyone’s talking about. It’d would sell like hotcakes if it were out today providing the price was right and every person on here not liking it would take one.

    My verdict: HOT CAR!!!