Hot or Not? Boss Mustang / Camaro Mash-Up Concept

Hot or Not? Boss Mustang / Camaro Mash-Up Bossco Concept Ok, so check out this crazy concept! This conversion concept is very interesting indeed, especially being a mash-up between two rivals, our very own Ford Mustang and our competitor and fellow American muscle car, the Chevy Camaro.

This is a concept dreamt up by Hungarian designer, Tamas Jukas, meshing what he says to be the 2011 Ford Mustang with the 5th-generation Camaro to create what he named the Jacuzzo Bossco. It looks to be built more to the size of the Camaro and is dreamt to have a 600-HP V6 engine up front sending ridiculous power down to those rear wheels.

jakus_1.jpg jakus_2.jpg jakus_3.jpg jakus_5.jpg jakus_6.jpg jakus_4.jpg

It is definitely an over-the-top concept style with noticeable characteristics belonging to both cars. The silhouette seems to be Corvette-like, in my opinion. It seems to have more of a “supercar” feel than the muscle pony car like stance. A little over the top, but isn’t that what concepts usually are?

Would you like to see this thing produced? Is it bad-ass or little too crazy? Would you ever even mesh these two together? We want to know what you think!

So, HOT or NOT? Vote or comment below!

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  • mylilpny

    the front end looks like a snapping turtle. the car has a cool body but that front end NEEDS to get changed.

  • Zderick79

    im not gonna say anything bad because that beats everycar anybody drives nice car

  • Hardrider112388

    camaro+boss abortion more like it

  • IndyRed

    It’s too Camaro, hardly anything gives it a Mustang look other than the quarter window. To be honest it looks more like a mix between a Camaro and a Nissan 350z/370z.

  • Justin Wojciechowski

    I mean.. I’d drive it.. if i had to.. 😛

  • Justin Wojciechowski

    I mean.. I’d drive it.. if i had to.. 😛

  • Dloc4112

    I agree with mylipny, the front end needs a face lift.  Where are the headlights and fog lights?  If there is going to be a mix of stang and camero, make unique sporty headlights and fog lights for the car that looks on the car.

  • Dloc4112

    I agree with mylipny, the front end needs a face lift.  Where are the headlights and fog lights?  If there is going to be a mix of stang and camero, make unique sporty headlights and fog lights for the car that looks on the car.

  • Jim Sokks

    It’s AWESOME…. But NOT as a Mustang. Perhaps Ford can use this concept to make a sports car to compete in the Corvette’s target market…

  • Ryan

    It looks really cool I don’t see a whole lot of Mustang in it though

  • Devonbrule

    i agree with mylipny as well, its not bad but it needs the mustang front end, more square not rounded off, its too euro from the front wheels and up.

  • Sean

    Ok, so on the front I see Nissan GT-R.  The rear SHAPE is Gen 5 Camaro.  The rest is a mix of ugly and more ugly.

  • Ramby91

    That dont look like no muscle car, their killing the hot rod stang look or any old muscle hot rod it looks like the 350,370z’s.

  • Jason

    I see a hint of Camaro, but I don’t see the Mustang???  Looks decent enough, but this is not an american muscle car design.

  • Mikeheater

    It’s not a concept it’s really a decepticon in disguise

  • Spillzmillz

    Dont relate it to a mustang but it would for sure be a cool sports car, something to compete with a vette

  • Darrell King Sr.

    It’s cool but the only Mustang I see in it is the quarter windows, the headlights are kind of thin, and to much nose,square up the front or take off the nose cover!

  • Jillian Vaughan

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  • TysonRios

    Alright, real quickly. The mustang is almost nonexistant, and a V6 in a pony car? Anyone else see something wrong with that?

  • 2VSouth

    I cant believe it got 158 votes for hot, that thing is absolutely hideous.

  • KONA50

    Looks like a parrot… KAA-KAWWW !!!

  • Tom Embrey

    Scrap this garbage and start over, this doesnt look anything like a mustang at all, it looks like a retard baby from a nissan/camaro mutant….Attached is my car, this is a muscle car, that is a freak of nature…

  • Josh Mayfield

    Too SciFi.

  • Bob

    All the bad traits are from the Camaro. Mustang looked good 1964-1972,2005-now..Camaro was only hot in the 60s…just saying

  • guest

    600hp v6? LMAO….id rather have a 600hp V8, because theres more potential

  • LikeABoss

    I thought one muscle car plus another muscle car equals one super-powered American muscle car… not a half-ass attempt at a European sports car… WHERES THE MUSTANG?! no one cares about the camaro part 

    • Shelbyg72

      typical ford lover,thinks fords the only car on the planet.i’ve owned about one of every musclecar.i’ve raced fords in chevies n roasted em,and vice versa.they all run on gas and anything can be modified to beat another.why not just like em all n get over it.they all are good machines and i dont see no sense bashing another brand.immaturity is all it is.i personally am a mustang lover but also get into camaros n dodges just the same.and i garentee as many care about the camaro part as much as the mustang.without both the camaro and mustang,there is no more AMERICAN think ford only could keep the musclecar alive,noo.the american spirit of driving muscle wont be kept alive by just the one brand.i support em all.

      • LikeABoss

        i dont think ford is the only car on the planet however i love muscle cars and think they are the best.. especially MUSTANGS!!… and whats the biggest rival of the mustang ?? oh yeah, thats the CAMARO! and saying i dont care abut the camaro is not bashing it… im stating my opinion.. which is not being immature..whats immature is that you think by replying to my OPINION u can change my mind into loving every kind of muscle car.i would think that if a company took the time to try and mash up these two popular american cars, it would have a more recognizable and appealing look that both chevy and ford people will like .. and not something that ugly! … oh and btw the AMERICAN MUSCLE site.. ya know the one hosting this poll?.. well its for MUSTANG people.. so i doubt that you can guarantee that just as many people care about the camaro … but nice try! 😉

  • Nick2furious

    i would drive it because its unique and different, but i dislike it because it has a v6 in it thats the only thing i hate about it

  • Joseph Doby

    Hell to the no!

  • Jamesyak52

    build exact replicas of the old 60’s stangs and theyd sell like crazy

  • mustang lover

    it is hot . it got more dynamic look  than any older mustang it is so f hot . i like it . the 224 voted not! are probably have i love my dog sticker on there car lol .

  • Cochise2uc

    Camaro has completely changed its looks and style and doing well in sales. So why can’t the mustang be redesigned too? As a previous Mustang owner I would buy one. Anyway, the word muscle means power, raw power to the rear wheels. Build it, people will get use to it. One thing I think the front could be redesigned a little. Right now it looks too Europe. Put some American style in it and watch the sales go up.

    • Dennis

      Mustang DID in 2005!  Camaro just tried to follow  the crowd, hidiously I might add…

  • Highrise955

    Butt ugly!!! All I see is a Camaro concept car. And nothing can help that POS.

  • Devilson Gj

    It would make a bad ass ride to drive I think it hot

  • GBrownie86

    The body is alright on it except for the nose.  He needs to do something with the head lights and tail lights.  I looks like some kind of bug.

  • Disanto6

    It’s a cool design, But not for the name( Mustang)

  • Bikerboy6925

    Why would they ruin the good reputation of the Ford Mustang,by joining a Camaro with it! this upsets me for sure hardly even looks like a Mustang! Not impressed! 

  • Bill Edgecomb

    It look like a NISSAN !!!!!

  • Digginginpa

    most of the car I like , but the front looks like a pair of lips, a little like a Mazada’s mouth shape. Not liking that part.

  • Kalob Smith

    Looks like a GTR

  • Jkdvegas

    Well, first impression: It’s a parrott! The pony part is crying!

  • Erniemc

    I think that maybe a couple more little tweeks need to be made to the stang to be MORE like original, not less, and definately NOT ANYTHING like the camaro!!

  • Bramantownsend

    Looks like the Lexus LFA

  • Jack Shat

    looks like a vette with a terrible body kit

  • Jace

    The only time Mustangs and Camaros should be put together for anything is on the street/track. Concept or not I think its a horrible idea

  • Dice Gamble

    Looks like a bird, with that beak thing…

  • Kcgater

    1964-1969 look good,1970-1972  fare,2005-2011 outstanding my wife had and silver 05 gt,I had a black 06 gt,recked it,baught a 06 screaming yellow auto gt,gave it to my wife she loves it. and got me a 2011 kona blue 5.0 GT 6 speed ,3.73 rear Love it. 

  • Chris O’Neil

    He’s FIRED!

  • Wookieman_90

    looks like an overweight Aston Martin with a Corvette style rear end………. i think ill pass….

  • RedChamber

    Putting aside Chevy vs Ford, muscle cars are great. But this guy should be slapped for even designing something like that. It looks more of a mash-up with Maserati and Lamborghini at the helm. Sigh..

  • Big_59

    i agree wholly with indyred thats a nissan nose