Hot or Not? 2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car Design


[UPDATE: The 2014.5 / 2015 Ford Mustang has been released! Check out exclusive photos, videos and media from the unveiling as well as the car’s specs and related news.]

There’s no doubt that the Mustang is currently the hottest muscle car on the block, but keeping it that way is going to be a challenge for Ford! In order to lead the pack over the next decade, many people believe that a design change could be in order as early as 2014. This has sparked quite a few renderings and concepts, but I had to pull one of my favorites to show you guys:

2014mustang.jpg2014mustang2.jpg Personally, I think it looks pretty bad ass! There are some design elements I could live without, but this obviously looks like some sort of GT500 concept, rather than a base model. As the 50th Anniversary model develops, I’m sure we’ll hear alot more about the rumors surrounding the car such as an IRS rear and a complete overhaul rather than developing the current platform.

So I want to know what you guys think about this? Hot or Not?

Tell us why in the comments below!


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  • Dylan

    Alright i will admit that this design is cool but i say that yall should make it a little less curved beacause i liked the body style from 1990-2004 really bring that back i wouldnt mind making a concept i’d really like to see those body styles again it’d make a KILLER look!


  • Lockup

    The rear end is still ugly! Bring back the 05-09 rear end.

  • Matt

    I like this look a lot as far as futeristic design, but as far as the classic mustang look i feel like it does not do it justice. Yeah its a really mean looking car and i would love to own this car, but it just doesnt look like the classic mustang enough. I got a 06 gt and that is the perfect design in my opinion. It integrates a modern touch to the classic look perfectly.


    I would give my 08GT and firstborn for one in black.

  • Jeremy

    Kick-ass ride! 1 question, though; Why no quarter windows?

  • Michael

    I think this concept design is just a cheap cop out. 2014 will be the 50th Anniversary edition and the Mustang deserves more than a watered down GT500 design. Fist off, leave the gaping maw looking grill/front end look to Mazda. It doesn’t belong on a Ford. Second, lose the oval rear trunk panel. I dunno who thought that was a good idea, but it doesn’t call to mind any of the heritage of the Mustang. Last, if you’re going to do a major redesign, which the 2014 should get, be original and stop modifying an S197. This concept would fall on it’s face and be one of the lowest points in Ford and Mustang history.

  • john

    like the car but the rear end of it need’s to change its to round .

  • Kevin

    For those who see GM, Mitsi, or Dodge. Buy one of them, if thats all you can see! It says Hot Ass Stang to me. It’s fresh and it’s clean. I want one in my driveway.

  • Brandon

    This screams Aston Martin DB-9 to me.

  • Mark

    It’s smoking. Change is good.

  • Alex

    You need two BIG round lights on the bottom grille. That would bring back the look!! 😀
    Looks so great I cannot believe 9% of the people as of right now have voted “EH, WHATEVER!” but I suppose indecision is somewhat part of the human nature.
    Let me see what it looks like with two big round driving lights down there. haha! Great work, love the rear! It’s perfect! It’s a futuristic muscle car. TOP GEAR would have a lot of fun with one of these.

  • Jesse

    ya I don’t know the front looks like a 2010-2011 shelby i never liked that grill and the rear looks like the saleen hate the side exaust still hate those goofy tail lights the should be rectangle I love the coke bottle rear quarters and the gap from the roof to the end of the fender are perfict but I agree with alot of people the mustangs are getting way over wight and defanitly needs to go on a diet and i think there getting to refined there more like cougers than mustangs I remeber when you could get a fox with manuale windows manual locks radio delet and for the love of god don’t be putting a irs in it I like the live axle and they can handle the power dose any one remember the irs in 99- 04 cobras ya I rest my case any was i like the car just needs to be looked at and changed a bit from the desiner

  • Derek S

    looks like an exotic car. if i wanted an exotic car id go to a ferrari dealership. theyre losing the muscle car edge with this.

  • justin

    it seriously looks like they copied the back end of a ferrari.. but the front is ehh. i suppose could b a tiny better then it would b really cool. but.. the car how it is, is good. i suppose but as a few other people said. maybe not 2014. more maybe 2016. i think.

  • Cedric

    it looks very slick and modern day-ish, so i like it for the most part. i dont like the front double grill look though. it does look sort of like a camaro though like the guy above me said. would like to see some small modifications to make it look more like a mean muscle car

  • JOSH

    It looks cool. i wonder how close it will be to the concept. the side pipes will not be real or will not be there. dot says that they have to exit over the rear wheels from the factory now. that is why the 97 f 150 had it before the rear wheel and the 98 up models didnt. they got fined for it.
    this thing has a supercar look for sure.

  • Clayton

    I think it looks like a greaet car but it does have that european look and also a camaro look. i think the muscle cars are starting to look the same as the years go by now.

  • Arturo

    for what I think look really nice ! but

    What do you think on a beautiful Ford Mustang Convertible but with the same style like the hard top like volvo or mercedez that will be something totally new and different !

  • Wayland

    No C-pillar window. I think it’s time that Ford just made the switch to aluminum space frames and carbon fiber body panels 😀

  • http://Facebook Fast Eddie Gerosa

    Way to GM looking , yuk !!! Looks nothing like a Mustang .

  • zac

    this is too much for the mustang. it would be just like the camaro, ok at first then just look worse every time you look at it after that. keep the mustang real american muscle!
    I wouldnt mind seeing something more along the lines of the 99-04’s

  • John

    I think they need to stay american in the design of the new mustang. I understand trying to make the car look like the originals but european is just too much. My favorite body style is the 99-04 totally unique to the mustang line just like the foxbodys. If ford wants to do anything i say to continue to re-invent the past.

  • Tim

    At first glance I thought it was Camaro-esque… look at the quarters. I like the back end, kinda like the 68 Shelby, minus the bottom valence things, which are cool, don’t get me wrong. Overall a cool look, but it needs to perform. That’s a mustang.

  • josh

    It needs side back windows.

  • Andrew

    lost the top or the bottom grill. One has to go.

  • Bob Battaglia

    Looks nice but at first glance, with the rounded front and rear, it looks like Camaroish. Square it off.

  • swaggerty

    Its a nice idea, no doubt about that. But this isnt a mustang. The curving lines, splitter, and huge intake vents are too european for my taste. I still like the S197 look the best.

  • Big Lou 3536

    Don’t care for it. I agree with alot of the other guys, looks to much like the camaro. I think ford forgot that this is the concept for a mustang. Keep it oldschool keep it simple. You should never say to yourself ” what the he’ll is that? Is that a camaro ohh no it’s a mustang”. When you see a mustang there should be no doubt its a mustang.

  • Gil Valdez

    I did a side-by-side comparison of the 2014 Mustang concept with a 2011 Shelby GT500 and the front end is almost identical with slight variations with fog lights and turn signal markers. I like the diffuser rear end, but don’t care much for the bubble look and single piece rear bumper – as one of the poster’s mentioned, this would be a body shop nightmare. I own a 2006 Mustang GT and still prefer the equal length vertical tail lights like the vintage ones as opposed to the new 2010+ angular ones. I added Raxiom 2010+ tail lights to mine to give it an updated look, while still maintaining the vintage look. The side exhaust is a nice touch, but the average user may not appreciate it and like the burns.

    Although I think a more aggressive body style would be the way to go, bottom line from a business perspective is FoMoCo needs to continue building Mustangs that will appeal to the masses and not a select few. Otherwise, sales will plummet and the breed will die. I don’t want that to happen since I’ve been a loyal fan since High School. Live long and prosper, Mustang Sally!!

  • jay

    i dont like the side exhaust

  • Frank

    the new design is very stunning. the side exhaust is a bonus and the rear looks amazing. the only thing i find a bit wierd is the front. that and that there is no small side window like most mustangs but hey its a design. and overall its pretty sick

  • Sean

    I agree with Charlie, too many of the body style elements look way too similar to the new camaros. It’s a radical design and I kinda like it, but I wouldn’t want to drive Ford’s version of the camaro with a face-lift.

  • Javen

    Come on Ford. WTH, the new mustangs are already going to a camaro look. Why can’t we keep the mustang with the old iconic American Muscle you started out with? The 05-09, Ford came back with a bit of a new Retro look and it sold like crazy. This new design doesn’t even have the Quarter Windows and no rear wing stock. Not to mention the 2010-present, the front-end is getting closer to a hint of Dodge and the back is definitely like the Camaro. I do agree with the effort of trying to make new futuristic cars but this is horrible, doesn’t look like any type of American Muscle at all. Looks like a mix of a Ferrari, Camaro and a little lamborghini or Jaguar on the front. Fix it Ford, and do it the right way.

  • Thomas

    would be ok if it still had the rear quarter windows. idk about that rear bumper….i think the gt500 engine should be a 351 supercharged IMO. if they can keep up with a smaller engine imagine what ford could do with a bigger one

  • Pat

    The Side-exit exhaust would be great to see on all V8 Mustangs in the future, but this design is just way to curvy for my taste. I’d really like to see them stick with the S197 retro style to be honest. Muscle looks its absolute best when it’s this hulking monster approaching in your rear-view, followed quickly by an ear-splitting roar as it passes. The Challenger is the perfect example. One look and you know you don’t want to mess with it, something the Stang really had ’05-’09.

  • George

    While I really like the overall design you have there I do think it is time for Ford to downsize the Mustang , make it lighter….something closer to the original sized 65′ Mustang…that said I do like the fact that it still looks like a Mustang although a more modern version. Time to step into the 21st century and employ a world class IRS while the’re at it.

  • Jay

    I think this concept is ok. It has a large similarty to camaros. They should try some skechests of a remodeling mustangbased on da fox bodys except awhile lot more modern look same way they based the look on05 based on the 70s mustangs.

  • srtyder

    the back kinda resembles a toyota supra, but i think its a sexy look for an amazing car

  • Spinbad351

    Its looks good but the front end reminds me of the latest Nissan Skyline..they should make the grill smaller and one solid color…as far as the lines looking like a Camaro, it was said when the first Camaro came out, back in the 60s, that it looked like a Mustang…just change the over sized jumbo grill and it would work…

  • Durden

    I think they need to bring back the fox body

  • Amanda

    i agree i think it looks like a camaro in the front and kinda of a viper look in the back. It shouldnt look like that people shouldnt look at that 2014 and think well that just looks like something else they should look at a new desighn and say now thats a mustang, therefor i think yes they should stay with the 94-08 body styles because thats what a mustang should look like (all american and all muscle).

  • Thomas

    Looks like a retarded ferrari

  • http://am will

    it looks to exotic for a muscle car.

  • Bob

    I’m not that impressed with it. Looks too much like a Camaro, and being a Ford man, well……….

  • Tim

    This is HORRIBLE!!! Looks like the new Camaros. No classic styling whatsoever. I would lose all faith if they went with this design. Looks more like a Ford GT than a Mustang.

  • Bobby digital

    Not to big on the jap\euro look, id prefer a more retro style but better then the 2011 on my opinion. I still prefer a 05-10 look

  • Bev

    This “new” design is just old European – big whoop. This is America and our muscle cars should look like OUR designers created good looking cars with THE USA MUSTANG in mind. The retro ‘Stang is beautiful & we should be excited when we see news models on the road, or drive one. And, above all, any and all new Stangs should sound like a Stang – keep that rumble of a herd of Mustangs – USA Mustangs. Signed: proud to be an American and owner of 3 Mustangs.

  • jim 5oh

    hello guys/gals now i have had 86,89,91,93,96,03,and now 2011 5.0 by far the most refined ,2014 eh! to camaro like also someone commented on the weight of the’11 i had mine checked at the local land fill no where near 3785 it tipped in @just over 3500 w/half tank of fuel,no driver

  • Al

    Well, it certainly is a change from the current body style, but as far as I am concerned that is good. I much prefer my 06 with a few modifications, ducktail rear spoiler, rear quarter window Shelby style scoops, and a little more aggressive front fascia, not busy but a little bit meaner looking. compared to the current style. I can see the resemblance to the new Camaro, especially in the rear quarter, and I agree, lets let them continue to follow us, not the other way around. I know you have to change things up every so often and I guess the new style is fine. I do like the way it tries to pay homage to the greatest Mustangs in my opinion at least, The Shelbys, just don’t lose track of what it is, A Mustang.

  • Kenneth Edwards

    I personnaly think the need to keep the Mustang looking like the 2008-2009 mustang may-be some minor improvements, a bettet cover under the back end over the gas-tank making it the same color as the car,it would be nice to see some greease serts on the front suspension like the good old days. The newer cars look ok, we don!t need to put black-diapers on the back,and make the nose look like Dodge-charger, after all we drive mustangs the best sports car on the market,I think.