Hot or Not? 2014 Ford Mustang Concept Car Design


[UPDATE: The 2014.5 / 2015 Ford Mustang has been released! Check out exclusive photos, videos and media from the unveiling as well as the car’s specs and related news.]

There’s no doubt that the Mustang is currently the hottest muscle car on the block, but keeping it that way is going to be a challenge for Ford! In order to lead the pack over the next decade, many people believe that a design change could be in order as early as 2014. This has sparked quite a few renderings and concepts, but I had to pull one of my favorites to show you guys:

2014mustang.jpg2014mustang2.jpg Personally, I think it looks pretty bad ass! There are some design elements I could live without, but this obviously looks like some sort of GT500 concept, rather than a base model. As the 50th Anniversary model develops, I’m sure we’ll hear alot more about the rumors surrounding the car such as an IRS rear and a complete overhaul rather than developing the current platform.

So I want to know what you guys think about this? Hot or Not?

Tell us why in the comments below!


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  • clevie

    According to a seven year old girl that just seen the picture. she said the front has big black lips with the stripes that makes it look like buck….kids are our future and I agree with her….need to do better FMC…

  • Cody

    It looks like a pimped out 2010+, not a Camaro. Sure it looks more aggressive, but that’s allowed seeing as even the v6 puts out higher numbers then most of the v8’s owned by people posting here. Keep trolling because your car isn’t shiny anymore.

  • http://LimestoneCountyMustangClub Marcus

    Well they sorta fixed the ass end of the 2010-13. Its bad ass but looks alot like the Ford GT to me


    Its not that bad an evolution. The tail is a bit odd but i could definitely get use to it. I like the front but it needs to be de-mitsubishi-ized. The fender flares are a bit wide too. I would not be suprised to see the mustang go this direction and to be honest, with all the worse designs that are possible, i quite like this one.

  • Tyler

    I think the back looks pretty nice and I like the side exhaust but I think it should mate with the front of the current model.

  • Bob

    Camaro wanna-be? Why in the world would any car want to be a Camaro?

    • Mel

      I agree. It looks too much like a Camaro. Yukk. Hated the New Body style from the get go. ’05-’08 looked the best. Awesome retro look. Come on Ford, get a grip on reality and stop trying to copy the European look. Go back to the original basic body design used in the 60’s and early 70’s.That’s what’s gonna sell to us that grew up in that era. Look how popular Challengers are because of that Retro/Old School look.That’s the way that Ford needs to go.Sorta of reminisant of the Late 70’s and Early 80’s when Ford destroyed the Muscle car look with that design..

  • http://na felipe martinmez

    Love it, I would like to see that in our GT”s yesterday. Working @ a ford dealer this change would be well welcomed.

  • Ben

    It looks nothing like a camaro. The camaro only wishes it was a bad ass as the shelby!

  • Tim

    Like the front—can’t stand ANYTHING past the side view mirrors.
    How about a revise? And why get rid of the “retro” look? That’s what most people love! Why get rid of the things that has kept the mustang the mustang for almost 50 years? Ford needs to be careful when trying to revolutionize this car. They could easily destroy this car’s popularity if they get rid of what has made it so strong.

  • Zack H

    Looks like the new camaro, which I think is hideous! Bring back the fastback look and people will drool over it.

  • steve

    heres what they do for 2014. take the curent engines and put them in New Edge body’s. Meet the 2014 New New Edge

    • kevin

      best idea i have seen on this post.

  • Lupillo

    Im not feeling this concept a lil over exaggerated on the body

  • DavidT

    Are you kidding? The back looks like an aftermarket body kit from Xenon for 2010+ Mustangs. The rear diffuser is much too big. The front is more tolerable. There is too much expose recessed lighting at front and back. They have to clean-up, and smooth-out the lines of the front and back by making it blend into the side body shape. The side exhaust looks great if they can sell it showroom stock like that.

  • Jorja

    Hate the grill area and the back…rest is Ok but it doesn’t look like a Mustang anymore!

  • DJ Butler

    The MUSTANG started the retro look.
    The rest are following.
    I say keep the MUSTANG retro look.
    Let the others go to the european look, not the MUSTANG.

  • Jorge

    Looks like the camaro.But they definally need to change the desing in 50th Annyversary.

  • http://FB Terry Gofforth

    Splitting up onto Pro & Con.

    Pro the front end and colors are spot on

    Con The rear corners to me shout Chevy Camaro.
    Con Rear looks borrowed from an Italian car. For life of me can’t remember which one though but the oval rear has been done before.
    Pro It’s a new toy for us mid life crisis lovers. Bring it on.

  • mario

    I think its an ok design, kinda a big jump in my opinion. New model mustangs are always iffy to me when they first come out.

  • bill

    Looks cool but way too radical. Please keep the traditional more in mind come production. This is something Saleen might do to the production Stang.

  • TonyG

    Totally not hot… It looks like some weird vacuum cleaner attachment and they need to get rid of those nasty look plastic side skirts with the nasty looking area where the rear diffuser meets the rear bumper. Personally I think they should build a new platform for the 50th anniversary. They should go back to a lighter platform like the fox body’s but make the mustang a modern design. They’ve already went back and done the ‘classic’ style now its time for the Modern. (sick of those Dodge Charger / Chevy Camaro looking lines that come up over the rear wheels too). I’m ready for the ‘Future’ of automobiles.

  • will


  • kevin

    looks cool, but it leans toward looking like a camaro too much

  • JP

    I agree with the comment that the front end looks ‘sleepy’ and the hood appears too short for a muscle car. I also don’t like the black plastic coming up the ass on the rear, which wrecks the 2011’s as well IMO. Still, it’s a Stang and hotter than most boring production cars on the road.

  • Jesse

    This is soo stupid..Lee Lacocca would be pissed. I’m a mustang owner and the biggest ford fan ever and i can honestly say that i don’t want anything to do with this car. camaro wanna be all the way.

  • steve

    Not liken it, It look like the GT500 with a Camaro face lift. and Im noy liken the 2011 stang with there European look, let them have there BMW and Porsche, Farrai and lambo’s, and let us stick with the stang camaro, charger, I own a Stang and they should not un-americanize our history in Muscle cars

  • Jeff

    This is a joke,right? It’s a Ford badged Camaro,right? That thing looks hideous from the rear. If I wanted a eurocrap car,then I would buy a eurocrap car. This is supposed to be an American icon,quite trying to make it appeal the eurocrappers. As someone stated above,even if it were free,I would pass!

  • Christopher

    The front grill, headlights, taillights and rear decal area are all squished and the hood and truck are sloped too much. Its taking away from the mustang look and more like an import.

  • Sammy

    Great concept however the center of the front bumper need to have some color (it looks like an EVO), the trunk lid is two round, looks to thick from rocker panle to the side windows take out two inches and your good, wide stance is very good for handling but dont make her any longer than the S197. Make her small like the Fox or SN95 but wider, and drop the 5.0 down and back in its sadle. Most of all dont let her look any thing like any outher car but a Mustang.

  • John

    The mustang cues are too distorted,It looks more like a comaro/challenger the front looks like the 500 not the 67/68/Elinor mustangs,which in my opinion are the best.

  • Nastier03GT

    Has anyone even looked at the original muscle cars from the 60’s and 70’s? Ford, Chevy, and Mopar have been stealing styling ideas from each other since the begining. People that don’t know cars that well can’t even tell the difference between the early Camaros and Mustangs. With the move back to the retro styling, of course they are all going to look similar. It has to come down to performance. The look is the look, I just want it to walk the walk…

  • Shawn Krawetzki

    I am with some of the others – to european. The 2005 – 2011 cars have been so popular because of the American Muscle look to the cars. I also agree it has way to many Camaro cues in the body lines too.

  • JoNNy

    if they want people to buy that then it would have to be no more then 26oo in weight but they should go a little back to the 04 style front bummer

  • Erick

    Looks SEXXXY!

  • Jimmy

    The only thing I don’t like is not that the cars is wide cuz the wider, the better proportioned and the better handling. It is just too big, I wish next generation to be lighter, smaller and wider. But indeed looking muscular. I wish a concept out of the 1987-1993 5.0, those were small and light cars, and good looking.

  • http://TeamShelby Erik

    I, for one, don’t like the fender bulges. they look wat too much like the Camaro. I would have though Ford would have come up with something better for the 50th anniversary car. My ’07 Shelby looks very much like the ’67 coupe my family owed. I was hoping for more of a throw back.

  • Anna

    im not crazy about the front end but i LOOOOVVEEE the back end. also, if you follow the link you guys provided, i love the drawing of that mustang there. im so excited for the new model, I cant wait to see what they go with

  • Jarrett

    Looks good but not for a mustang. They are leaving the American muscle look behind with this. Do what dodge did and bring back the old look. Bring back the 67 fastback or the 70 mach 1 with just updated with modern engine, suspension, interior, lights and some appearance tweaks.

  • Randall Barton

    The one thing that I like about Mustangs is that stayed with the old muscle car look from when they were conceived. The rest went to this ‘what the heck was this look’I really really did I mention I really don’t like this can I be a camero like that they are doing

  • Greg M

    It’s bad ass as far as a car goes but as far as a Mustang it looks TOO much like a Ferrari!…

  • miguel a morales

    Ford does it again. wow. you make them well buy themm we could use a few more options..pleasebig numbers on the dash for thebaby boomers who need so much help.

  • Tracy

    my first thought of the grill was that it looked like a dodge ram grill!! and losing the side windows definitely takes away from it. Backend rounded like that reminds me of some rice cars .. guess I’m just not seeing the “american” in this concept car ..

  • jds4191

    I say that the change needs to be in 2014, that is the 50th anniversary of the mustang, and therefore it needs to be when they do the major change

  • Brian

    looks good but reminds me of the new Camaro (at first glance) took me awhile to get used to that car…

  • Ryan

    The front end looks awful! the back is kind of cool. Go back to the 05-09 look.

  • http://americanmuscle michael labar

    i have a 2010 gt 4.6 love the car,i got the car because i like the retro look of the fastback i dont see it in this one no side window camaro look in front end lots of curves 2 it looks good but not a retro mustang and thats y fords sold a lot of them not this camaro

  • Armen

    OK, this is the most amazing looking mustang ever, it looks like a european race car…I would definately buy this car. by far my favorite looking mustang ever to be made..keep the design its beautiful.


    I love the new models but I think Ford needs to back pedal a little and design a smaller Mustang like they once were. Keep the 5.0 and drop the weight and size of the models and you will really have a beast.

    I would love to see a modernized 4-eyed Fox Body. Go back to sharp distinctive lines but stay modern with an old school twist.

  • Dom

    I think the tail lights should be more old school but bigger than the ’67. III III (Each of the three’s having a chrome “like” edging around them with the cars colour all around the tail lights and a flat “bridge across and between the tail lights. Also make the tail lights stick out more. (Not tucked in like this demo car.) I would also incorporate ’67 style functional quarter window louvers that can open and close. Simplify the head lights to be round (More like the ’05 head lights) and also remove the lower half front grill replaced with just a solid panel that is of the cars main colour. Keeping the upper half front grill as is. The 67 fastback has got to be the inspiration for the 2014 Mustang. (Not so much like the Ioccoca car either. That car looks too Buck Rogers to me.)

  • cato

    99-04 best models.

  • DavidT

    It looks like there’s a car inside and you have to peel off the outer shell.

    • DavidT

      It looks like there’s a car inside and you have to peel off the outer shell to see the car that’s inside.