GT500 on the Dyno: $60k On Fire!

Everyone has had their share of miserable days (afterall, today IS Monday). I promise you, after watching this video, you really won’t feel that bad about your own problems.

800RWHP gone in a flash, no pun intended! While you want to feel bad for this guy, it was done on a completely stock GT500 bottom end and the owner has been having fun with the car for quite some time. With the addition of a forged bottom end, the owner of Blue Diamond says the car will be back within the next month or so with 1100-1200RWHP!

This little explosion didn’t keep Don, the owner, from showing off his custom painted hood at the Daytona Destination Benefit Car Show.


Comment below with your favorite dyno mishap video link!

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  • JerkyBoy

    a car with 1000 hp should be a military vehicle!

    • Shelby08

      Building an 08 gt 500 myself out here in ohio. Sorry to see yours go up in smoke like that. We can’t wait to see the new one your putting in now…