Get Up to 37% Off With August Sales!

The long, humid swelter of August is here, and the best way to beat the heat is to grab your keys and hit the road. If you’ve got a convertible, this is the time to put your top down and enjoy the wind on your face. If you’ve got a coupe, roll the windows down or crank the air conditioning up. And while you’re speeding down the road, take a second to contemplate your mod list. Whether you’re thinking about some major engine work or some minor cosmetic changes, this is the perfect time to pick those parts up. Take advantage of the light and the warmth–and these great deals–so you can cruise in style when the weather cools off.

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  • Jake

    American Muscle is amazing! Best prices and great customer service!!

  • Sam

    I bought my mustang because exists

  • JerkyBoy

    Question to AM____ is it possible to find gears like in the 93 cobra R (3.08s)

    got an 02 GT , next buy might be gears. Would like to stay in 1st gear a little longer. and don’t want to hit 5th too quick.

    i know they have a cam upgrade compared to stock 5.0, just curious what you think.

    • AMChrisRose

      In your 02 GT, your stock 8.8″ gears should be a 3.27. I assume this is a Manual vehicle? If so, you might want to look into a set of Ford Racing 3.73′s, as they’re still great for the street, strip and don’t affect gas mileage too much at all. This is what most people choose to go with, and it usually ends up being the best option.

  • jeff l

    question to A M have a 2010 gt what is the best upgrade for the money and i only have 1500 miles on the car so far. wanted something in case a camaro comes lurking around

  • AMChrisRose

    I have to be honest… an axleback exhaust, cold air intake and tuner package are usually the first three things people do to their 2010′s. (or even 2005-2009) GT’s.

    There is truth that Ford did improve the stock airbox for 2010, however we’ve seen outstanding performance gains with our JLT and C&L cold air intake systems with custom tuning. Our 93 Octane Race tune has gotten around 28 Rear Wheel Horsepower on average! Gas mileage and driveabilityis greatly improved. Throttle response is night and day!

    Give one of our Bama custom tuning experts a call! You won’t regret it!

    From there, of course an axle back exhaust to wake up the sound a little bit!

  • NY Mustang Club

    Hope everybody stays cool this August and buys lots of parts from American Muscle :D