Do People Underestimate the Ford Mustang?

This past weekend, SpeedTV’s Pass Time headed to Lafayette, LA for filming. When this 2011 Mustang GT pulled up to the line, equipped with a 9PSI Roush supercharger, the contestants were quick to write it off!

After a few comments about how the car must be “battery operated” or “the quietest Mustang ever“, the contestants spat out a few ridiculous times (12.86 & 14.01) and one reasonable guess in the low 11’s! The driver of the 2011 Mustang’s girlfriend, who was filming, made it pretty clear that the guesses might be a little off. Okay.. she called them stupid!

A few moments later, the car ripped down the track at 10.57 @ 131mph! The contestants weren’t able to comment, as their feet were in their mouths…

Do you think the Ford Mustang is an underestimated modern muscle car? Tell us why in the comments below!

The episode will air in September/October.

  • Jason Shank Flash

    very much so!!!!!!

  • Sullivan73

    Get those Chevy people outa here!!!

  • John F

    Of course its always underestimated because FORD always uses less cubes than the other two to get the power, yeah I know older gens were underpowered, not the case in the new 5.0.  The others are using 50 to 60 more cubes than FORD does.

  • Zach Wright

     I think it is incredibly underestimated as an all around performance car. People seem to want to carry over the stereotypes from the previous generations, which simply do not apply to 05+ Mustangs.

  • Stpjoe

    i got 07 gt its nuts yah baby… that pass time…yeehaawww

  • Marsha Mais

    I do think the ‘Stangs are underestimated….terribly.  Mustangs were originally made as a pony car, not muscle, so they have that “blemish” on their history to start. Trust me, it kills me how people scoff at the Mustang, even more so with the “Camaros are better comments”.  A lot of people are really uneducated about the 2 cars..but particularly Mustangs.

  • Connalrowe

    Definitly.I have people all the time underestimate mine.They say things like oh it’s just a 4.6 with 260 hp(2003).Yeah 8 yrs ago.Or they’ll say,It looks good but they’re not that fast.The thing is Mustangs are so easy to mod and they’re so many to do.I have a N/A 2003 gt.I’ve taken off almost 400lbs.4:10 gears,complete suspension,Nitto DR’s and every bolt on there isd.I have outrun a lot of cars who’s owners wrote me off.I like it when they have their gf with them( all they know is mine looks better).I’ve also outrun cars that cost 4 or 5 times what i got in mine.I plan on gettin a 2011 5.0 soon.I kinda liked the idea of a quiet one(seems hi-tech or something).Na i want to hear it.

  • Ccaudle

    I hope that driver and his girlfriend went back to that host after that run and asked for some further commentary.   I like Passtime but they are GM biased to say the least;   quiest Mustang ever?   Give me a break; you guys just got owned;  own up to it at least. 

  • Lineagebp

    If you count modern as the past decade then yes. Even the 03-04 Mach 1 and SVT Cobra were underestimated by many people. Not many cars at that time came with a sub 13 second 1/4 mile  off the showroom floor for that price (even now, 8-9 years later, that statement can be said when comparing the 03-04 Mach and Cobra to today’s competition which says a lot about the mustang heritage and workmanship). Ford may not use as much cubes as the competitors but they know how to make an engine that takes a beating and be efficiently upgraded that put down the numbers. The numbers say it all, it’s just too bad so many people (non mustang/ford fans or anti-ford/mustang people) don’t look at the numbers lol.

  • Jspen3

     I would have to say yes. Way to many people underestimated this piece of American History. The Mustang has been around for over 40 years. Alot of people might say that classics like the GTO or Challengers are true American Muscle but when you look at the Mustang its been around just as long as they have and it still is manufactured today without any down time. what other modern day muscle car can say that. Top it off with a reasonable retail price, reliability, a list of modifications and upgrades longer than i care to take the time to list, plus the ease of maintenance. These cars are hands down a true modern day muscle car, an American icon and they’re not going anywhere in the near future.

  • GBech

    My 2011GT runs 12.7’s consistently on the PZero’s with nothing but tune, 93oct and CAI….please continue to under estimate…..

    • Sombershark0714

      My ’11 Mustang GT has a performance tune, 3.73 gears and on 93 oct. Did a 12.1 @ 115.99 mph. Have yet to install a CAI. Hello 11’s !! 

  • Tristinbeyda

    people forget that the car is so light weight that pretty much any upgrade will make it fly. it’s the lightest car of the big three (mustang, camaro, challenger) by a mile. 

    • Mtflyboy25

      it is always underrated..   I go to the track and get scoffed at for running what looks and is almost a stock 2011.   I then run 11.7xs on the stock 235s with a tune LTs and intake…Give me slicks and we will hit low 11s!  You cant beat the high end power on these either… They may get me off the line because of traction, but I wave as I fly by at the 1/8th or 1000

    • PUGBOY

       The Challengers are fat, slow, pigs that handle like crap – in addition to the indignity of being Chryslers. The Camaro SS is a bit closer, but I personally think they are ugly. The interiors are garbage and you can’t see a thing out those damn windows! The convertibles are much better looking than the coupes IMHO.

  • Slednex670

    HAHAHAHA, I cant stop laughing at them idiots……14.01, are you serious…..NAAAAAA, just DUMB!!!! I wish she kept filming and got their reactions to that 10.6 pass!! However, mustangs are very underestimated, new or older fox bodies. People do not understand at all. 

    • PUGBOY

      They are idiots. The new 6 cylinders are well under 14.01, which is insane when you think  about it.

  • Jay

    That was beautiful. 

  • Rufus

    just like most chevy sheeples……smart as a rock….. 

  • Josh

    wow those judge type people are idiots! Plus wouldn’t the “quietest car i’ve ever heard” be the car you don’t even hear at all?
    Also the youtube page says this car has a race weight of 3900lbs…that’s odd I thought these cars were in the 3500lb range and the GT500 was around 3800lbs. Did ford under-rate the weight?

    • PUGBOY

       The 2011/2012 GT – non-convertible – no glass roof – is 3600lbs. The Shelby GT500 is slightly over 3900lbs.

      • steve

        That GT500 has a d*** boat anchor. ITs powerful. That 11 5.4 weighs in at 700+ lbs. The bad thing is the 07-10 add 110 more pounds

        • steve

          the engine by itself

  • Bob

    Even a bone stock 2005-2009 will do under 14.01 !!  haha

    • Joe

      13.98 05 mustang gt 3.55’s stock.

  • anon ymous

     Because most people are clueless and unaware of what the Mustang is capable of.  They think because they race a late 80’s mustang and beat it with their 14 second car that all Mustang are that slow.  

  • Speedosteve

     I get that all the time..02 vert GT, just a few things done..mostly from the newer tuner guys with TDi Jettas and golfs..Mustangs aren’t the fastest things out there, but without spending oodlles of cash, you can go fast, all day long. Try That with a turbo diesel anything all day without breaking it.

    • Guest

      My gf has a 06 TDi. Its a nice little car, but if they think they are able to keep up I would lol my face right past them. Even with a tune her car is super slow. They can barely run 15’s tuned with extra boost/fuel. I enjoy spraying it in 1st gear and putting a solid bus length between us by the time I am at 40mph.

    • Guest

      My gf has a 06 TDi. Its a nice little car, but if they think they are able to keep up I would lol my face right past them. Even with a tune her car is super slow. They can barely run 15’s tuned with extra boost/fuel. I enjoy spraying it in 1st gear and putting a solid bus length between us by the time I am at 40mph.

  • 2000GTVERT

    Here’s my favorite Mustang clip from Passtime in which again, the panel get’s owned again… 😀


       I dont think even one of them saw that 8 second run coming!

  • Matt

    I will stand to the death next to my mustang but they are seriously underestimated. they are a very popular car and alot of people have them. some who lets just say cant drive worth crap. this whole “oh, they are everywhere ad my sister has one” means they are a sissy car to alot of people. its redculous. ive had people in everything from civics to Maximas and even a mini van think te can out run it. they all failed miserably. people need to realize that the mustang is back and just cause your mommy had one in highschool doesnt mean they are the same old car. they are nasty, and getting faster everyday. good thing there are good ol’ boys like me and alot of guys on here to set em straight…  

  • Blown95GT

     that idiot really guessed 14 seconds? a stock foxbody can run 14’s. rofl

  • Blown95GT

     that idiot really guessed 14 seconds? a stock foxbody can run 14’s. rofl

  • Mike P

     I eat them chevy’s up all day.. the cobra stays hungry.

  • Xaeirosx

    Mustangs are very underestimated, and I like it that way. Plus who says you have to be the loudest to be the fastest? 

  • Roush427R

    People blow off my car as “just a Mustang” all the time. Most Camaro and Challenger owners have no idea what Mustang can do, least of all, the higher end ones by Roush and Saleen. I like getting those WTF looks when I make easy work of an SS or SRT.

  • Aaron Slater

    mustangs have always been the underdog. im glad he can drive away knowing those guys just ate their words.

    people always say, “what do you have in it, just a 4.6” i tell em yup, thats it. they want to be rude, i dont need to tell them about the vortech under the hood running 10lbs of boost

    • 02GT

      HELLYES im running 13 pounds and they dont know it till its too late

  • Johndoe

    Giggity Giggity

  • JerzeyStangz

    The mustang gt is definitely underestimated. The reason why because the 5.0L mustang is a quad cam modular that is highly tunable from the factory with out the supercharger, let alone with one. The heads flow so much air from factory, that bolting on a supercharger is like giving a kid candy. The motor is very efficient as it stands so forced boost, isn’t a problem.

  • Will Leach

     LOVE IT!!!!!! Guys had to have been chevy fans, that, or they just plain don’t know cars in general.

  • S3phf1re

    I think another part of it is because people look at the size of the engine and since its not over like 6L they think is slow. My 2010 gt with minor bolt ons and a tuner is definatly fast and I regularly beat the new ss. The new 5.0 is a beast end of story.

  • Boss V6

    Its plain and simple… Ford Mustang is a true muscle car at a price that a working man (and women) can afford.  How offten people want to believe that a car costing $100,000 or more is a “true” 500HP???  I’m proud of the video and hope that everyone gets to see it. 

  • Jacob Barnett

    I think it’s underestimated only because too many people hate a car that is better then theirs. Many people think that a Mustang doesn’t have the power under the hood because it has less HP than a Camaro and Challenger; not taking into consideration that high HP isn’t all you need to win races…

  • Homelessmatt

    The guy who guessed 14’s should be shot

    • Hunterstreet13

      my 08 v6 runs 14 with almost nothing done to it. that guy is stupid

  • Geoff Sloan

    There is nothing wrong with being underestimated, its nice to see the expressions when you blow past them 

  • Daves925 0

    the gm boys are biased. i drive a 92 5.0 with some excellent upgrades and can walk all over the gm boys who spend a lot more on their cars and get a lot less out of them! 

  • Joe

    Without a doubt people underestimate mustangs. The most frequent argument i get in is that mustangs are only made for straight line speed they cant handle the turns. Then i ask, go check out motortrend shootout M3 vs 2011 5.0. Evidentally they havent driven a modern day mustang…….. 

  • Stinger04GT

    I always put a face of embarresment to a lof of GM and Mopar drivers out there in my 2004 mustang gt just with Borla Stingers purchased at American Muscle of course. So far 5.7 GTOs have only been able to play catch up. Then there was this 2009 challenger RT at the light. So I roll down my windows and ask him what he is got in his car and and he replys “I dont anything foo” so we go 3 times and he was not able to pass me a single time. From what I know mustangs are always underappreciated because there is a lot of V6 owners trying to play with Hondas and the likes and many tend to believe all mustangs are the same but once they meet a guy in a GT or Mach1 this people cannot believe their eyes. Nothings against V6 owners though.

  • Sine_one

     Ford mustang is the best fuge the Chevy


    They are only underestimated by people that have not been in one. My friend raced NESCCA for 20+ years. He was blown away by my ’11 GT. She is bone stock now, except for a tune. I stuck with a 3.31 rear and 6-speed manual and I am pulling 12.5’s. With my “low” gearing that gets laughed at, I was cruising the Atlantic City Expressway at 140 MPH in 5th gear. I’m not even sure where she will max out. My guess is around 165-170 MPH. Not bad for an under $35K car :)

  • nicholas herard

    theres so many  mustangs out there that look nice, or dont even look nice so now people are like oh look anouther mustang. My V6 isn’t anything great but i can still show it off and burn rubber like a V8, and beats the hell outa a ricer anyday! 

  • Agent Zero

     I just traded in my 08 Mustang GT for a 2011 Mustang GT/CS…Now im a FORD guy for sure and of course I thought I was driving one heck of a fast car before but even I was not prepared for the difference between the 08 GT and the new 2011 5.0… The power right off the lot without any mods is UNBELIEVABLE!!! So long story short… If a FORD person can underestimate the power of the new Mustangs than its almost certain that everyone else does as well !!!!!

  • bballplayer21

    More than half of the people who bash mustangs are people who wish they had a mustang instead of their crappy car. It just makes them feel better by hating on the mustang.

  • steve

    To me the truely underestimated ones are the V6 Mustangs. 5.0 magazine once called the 3.8L Essex a mistake. Some think they’re weak. Look at this stang and say its weak.

  • Tsk59

    What was the number Ken Herring put up?Even though he’s chevy through and through, I would hope he had low time.Nothing wrong with being under the radar.What they don’t know can definitely hurt them!

  • Cebayne

    14? wow…. how’d he get on that show?

  • nick

    thats crazy that a car can still run after something like that. im glad the stang still runs, but wish the rims didnt make it through the tornado. they dont go with the car

  • Yo Daddy

    Anyone know what type of wheels that guy is running?

  • Mikedac

    A car that can out power any camaro or chalenger and out handle almost any vette costing three times as much. If you want more, Ford racing can make it handle like an old trans am series car for a thousand bucks. If that ain’t enough get a load of laguna seca parts right over the counter. If you’r really itchy there’s a three liter huffer in your future and how’s 625HP and you still need the sound pipe to hear it. Underestimated? Yeah I think just a little. Do be carefull though, that G;T next to you just might be a Super Snake and you’ll have to work for it.

  • Mustang

    Dependable, tough,  easily maintained, responds ridiculously well to simple bolt-on’s, and a distinct growl love ’em. The market is kinda flooded with Mustangs though, as they’re very popular, so I think that’s one reason they’re disregarded by rivals/competitors. I’ll tell ya though, I’ve had no problem taking an Infiniti douche-mobile, or either R/T’s with my 06 GT. Mustangs HUA!