Cop Steals $10k to buy Mustang Parts from AmericanMuscle!

Would you go to jail for a turbo kit?

Check out who made CBS News in South Florida this weekend! A 23-year old parking attendant / police officer in-training decided to steal some cash and a few credit cards during a DUI stop and order up some parts for his 1994-1998 Mustang from!

Among the almost $10,000 worth of parts ordered was a Hellion Twin Turbo System, Bama Custom Tunes, 3.73 Gears and Underdrive Pulleys. Here’s a few clips from the video:

cbs1.jpg cbs2.jpg cbs3.jpg

Mary has been here for 5 years, and I guess nobody realized she doubles as a detective! She intercepted the order, notified the credit card company, and the police took it from there. All joking aside, our staff works really hard to protect ourselves and our customers from fraudulent activity and we want to thank them. Processing orders can often be a thankless job, but one that is critically important. We are proud of Mary’s work and happy to have this guy off the street!

I mean, I know Bama tunes are HOT, but damn! How fast do you think his Stang would have gone?

  • Biggiesmalls

    you CANT fix stupid

  • Ken Kampschnieder

    HAHAHA!! What a noob

  • dillon

    not for that car i wouldnt..

    • Jim

      I saved up all year to buy 4 tires, SLP catback system,Rims,Led rear lights (All on the up and up mary) Just to be pulled over last nite and told my exhaust was to loud, My tint to dark,And even questioned my new moon lit dash just put in an hour b4 he pulled me over. Bottom line is these cops are just like anyone else, But act like god, Hope he gets the exact treatment any ordinary joe gets

      • dillon

        hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha sucks man gotta go with that 25% up front

  • Jozy Castañeda

    Big ups to Mary…

  • Homelessmatt

    Gotta love the research they put in it. Cause his mustang clearly looked like an 00′

    • nick

      no it doesnt. I looks like a 94-98.

      • nick

        Nvm, didn’t read your response as sarcasm 😛

    • Jose_thizzlamic

      Looks more like a 94 98 and maybe a v6 at that

  • Marty1990

    DUH Winning

  • djolson

    judging by the pic at the top of this page. probably wouldnt have gone fast at all considering the hellion kit wouldnt fit. looks like a 6 banger to me.

    • DirtyGirls

      no, its clearly a 94-95 based off the tail lights, and its also a GT because of the spoiler. the V6 didnt have a spoiler and back when they made the 94-95 stangs the GT and the V6 both said “mustang” on the bumper. There wasnt a difference made with a “GT” added. The only thing that makes it seem like a V6 though would be the three spoke rims…. hmmm

      • Al

        Actually the 95 GT did have “Mustang GT” in the bumper

        • DrK_PhAnToM_StG_II

          Guy’s… I knew this guy personally. I went to high school with him. The car on the news is not the car he drove. It look’s to me that the car on the new’s is his mother’s. I know she had one for years. It is definitely a V6 model. He drove a 2000 GT (Black). That’s why all the part’s he ordered where for the 99-04 model’s. It’s a shame he went a did something like this, because this is not like him at all. I guess that one stupid decision you make ruins the rest of your life.

        • DrK_PhAnToM_StG_II

          Sorry Al… I meant to reply to all the comments, not just yours… Clicked the wrong button. 😉

      • John

        it wouldnt fit a 94-95 gt either….

      • corey t

        its a v6. in the video it only had on exhaust pipe.

      • Turbo347Cobra

        Your a dumb ass 94-95 GT’s say “MUSTANG GT” on the rear bumper and say “MUSTANG GT” on both fenders. I should know I own a 94 GT Jack ass.

      • DrK_PhAnToM_StG_II

        Guy’s… I knew this guy personally. I went to high school with him. The car on the news is not the car he drove. It look’s to me that the car on the new’s is his mother’s. I know she had one for years. It is definitely a V6 model. He drove a 2000 GT (Black). That’s why all the part’s he ordered where for the 99-04 model’s. It’s a shame he went a did something like this, because this is not like him at all. I guess that one stupid decision you make ruins the rest of your life.

  • Straghtclownin

    his stand was a 94-95 u can tell bu the tail lights

    • Straghtclownin

      sorry stang

    • Straghtclownin

      sorry stang

  • Ultiamteaero2009

    luckly the cops found him before he was able to get in the car or he would have been gone….

  • Swimfreak

    wow what would you do right? and for a v6 96ish stang sad


    As a Trooper I’d really appreciate it if AM took “COP” off the title to this story. I hate the word cop to begin with and secondly, the guy wasn’t even a LEO. He was a meter man and not having the same duties as a LEO.

    • kmw

      COP=constable on patrol. You are a statie, or state trooper. If you don’t like what we call you, remind your buddies to stop stopping me for illegal mod in ohio, even though 9 of the ten who have stopped me didn’t know a distributor from a cat.

      • Shonole

        Actually, “cop” is a slang term that derived from LEOs wearing copper buttons on their uniforms in NYC.

    • Norm

      I’m not a “COP”, and I completely agree with INTROOPER.

      • Shelbyplumber1

        you wouldnt if he gave you a ticket

        • David

          If I was speeding and he gave me a ticket. I would still think the title is wrong. He was an officer in-training. Not a Cop

    • Shelbyplumber1

      poor little state trooper was offended as you and the rest of you cops get away with speeding by showing your badges to each other and then ticket us for the same thing all of you ARE A JOKE!!!!!!!

  • Solowolfking

    Good to know American Muscle watches out for their customers.Thanks guys.

  • Hoover12

    Typical hispanic criminal activity in that area. A lot of low life garbage. Thankfully he was caught. His mom didn’t sound surprised enough to me.

  • Jay_Jay3

    First off let me start by saying big up to Mary way to go…Second @ Hoover12 was that a racist jab u throw..I mean all Hispanics are not low life criminal there hispanics out there that bust their butts to get what the want and deserve!! Third he wouldnt have gotten anywhere in that stang…LOL!!

    • Mystang460

      I agree with hoover call me a racist i dont care.

  • Mhurtjr

    It should be a low mileage find when he gets out and has to sell it because he can’t get a job.

  • Codycat91

    I would

  • Mhurtjr

    he should do extra time for having a trailer hitch on a Mustang, what could you possible tow and why?

    • Ed

      Thats what the turbo and gears were for.

    • Sd

      track wheels/tools to track

  • Johnny


    you guys planned this just to get on the news for more customers!!!

  • Who’s This?

    AND 99 cents. lol thats funny.

  • Fakmhmr

    even if the stuff had been shipped, the car wouldnt move. you cant just throw twin turbos on a car without internal work. he would have jumped in it when the cops came, crammed it to the floor and blown up. no get away here.

  • Customer

    Nice headline grab for the free publicity.

    Sadly, I think alot of your potential customers which happen to be real police officers will be offended with the somewhat embellished title of “Cop Steals…” when it turns out to be some Parking Enforcement employee.

    Absolutely, this asshat should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. He brings enough bad press and embarassment to the organization who hired him and apparently did a poor background. But don’t pour salt in the wounds for a quick headline.

    You might be suprised at how many of your client base is paying for your goodies on a legitimate law enforcement salary.

    • Dduis

      Who cares if a cop gets a little pissy, they are sooooo sensitive that’s why they became cops in the first place.

    • Missheartbrokenhurt

      O.o Well I know Im NOT getting paid on law enforcement salary. Cause I know one day there gonna get me for speeding and then they will be the ones taking my cash. OMG lol.

    • Officer

      Police officers are supposed to set the example for other citizens both in the off icial duties and as a fellow citizen. Bad press is an insult to those that strive for that higher standard. No one remembers the positive, I would hope that those who watch this realize that this meter maid isn’t the same as the officers who arrested this guy

      No hard feelings AM

  • DirtyGirls

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH what an idiot.. thats what happens when you go for the big dirty.. you try an do the big dirty and your gonna get caught… i tried the big dirty landed me in con college

  • Dave C

    The spoiler was optional for the V6 and it has the V6 “Pony and Bars” emblem on the fender. Does Hellion even make a kit for a 3.8?

  • Scooter

    Some of the comments here bother me a bit. Regardless of the word COP or LEO or the less known LEP, I do not believe anyone is equating (or intended to equate) law enforcement professonals with criminal activity, expect, of course, in the line of duty.

    When people equate soldiers to “murderers,” I don’t take offense, because it doesn’t apply to me.


      Agreed! Our intentions were definitely not to offend anyone who works in the line of duty. We just wanted to share our story! Enjoy!

  • lucas03GT

    nope my freedom is worth a turbo kit

    • lucas03GT


  • Missheartbrokenhurt

    I love my stang and AmericanMuscle. Just bought the banner for the front windshield back in december. But stealing to get my parts, no way thats so wrong.

  • Jwagers002

    Well at least he went big and ordered good parts, and his mustang would have been hella fast…… but still he is stupid for doing that!

  • Wes

    You can’t fix stupid and a 94/95 V6… lmao

  • DGibson82

    What a joke. Good job Mary!

  • Beckyd_76

    I have never been so desperate to steal anything at all for what ever reason. Wow I am glad my mama Anne Childs raised me right. Taught to know right from wrong, and if in doubt dont’. Works !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JM

    great publicity tho! :)

  • 8pistonpony

    Way to blow $9500 on parts for a sixxer dumbass, lol. Look at the exhaust, badges, rear bumper, and wheels. Kudos to AM for keeping an eye out for this guy, though. Nice to know they stopped the order and didn’t cost his victim any more money. I think they called him a “cop” because he had just graduated the Law Enforcement Training Academy.

  • Finaltouchhlimo

    The tape is cheap, and doesn’t stick to the car. The company refused to send a new one after it flew off the next day. They what me to buy a new one ! This products tape is garbage for the window cover.

  • Billybob

    damn too bad he got cought. i wish i had 10k to spend on my stang

  • Crfrider16

    Nice way to lie and sensationalize the headline by calling him a cop, when he’s a meter attendant, who happened to be on a ride along with a cop.

  • machnone

    he wanted to be fast so bad. shoulda just gotten a cobra.

  • Bubba

    I have the upmost respect for the job that police do, but please INTROOPER. Give ne a break.

  • 2011 gt saleen bdykit

    shitd for 10000 I would’ve bought a 99_04 gt those look better than the shit he got

    • DrK_PhAnToM_StG_II

      He did have a 99-04. It was actually a 2000 GT. I knew this dude personally. It’s a shame that he ruined his career like that. Actually, his whole life. I never would have imagined that he would have done something like that. He was a really cool dude. As far as the Mustang they have on the news report. I think that’s his moms car. I know his mom had a V6 Mustang, I’m just not sure if that’s the one.

  • Mike

    All of you LEO’s need to stop whining. It’s not like police have all that great of a reputation in the first place. If he was able to stop someone for DUI, I would consider him a little more than a parking attendant.

  • Uppolez

    should have just used bill me later!

  • Matthew Rogers8384

    thats awesome. Im happy to see A.M. was all over that though. Stupid ass, it was a V6 anyway

  • Ploxe149

    was he really going to try and stick a twin turbo on his v6?

  • Anonymous

    I find it funny that judging by the picture of his car, he spent more on upgrades than the car!

  • Djspsics

    Forrest Gump said it all, “Stupid is as Stupid does”.

  • Chris

    What makes me laugh is the “Troopers” who get upset over the term cop, but meanwhile pull the same illegal bullshit that every other person does on a daily basis.. I live in a state where tinting your vehicle is “illegal” and will get you pulled over.. Certain municipals will pull you over, others won’t.. But in order to make that fast cash, they do it.. But here is what makes me laugh even more. The cop who pulled me over, writes me a ticket, which I fight for illegal tint.. And when he shows up, he drives a Pontiac G5 with Limo Black tint on his vehicle.. So heres the question for you cry babies who want to whine about things.. Give me one reason why its okay for you to have your vehicle tinted, your wife’s vehicles tinted, and your kids vehicles tinted, but not mine? Sounds to me like its okay for Law Enforcement to do as they please, but not okay for me to do so? Your kid might be the next kid to pull a gun on a cop, so don’t even tell me its for “Your Protection” because your full of shit on that one.