Cale Woodward, Jeanne Baker and Raymond Neice, Jr. — First Scavenger Hunt Winners!

­The contest now has come and past,

It was fun, we had a blast.

The time is here to now proclaim

The winners of this Hallowed game.


To all that played, we thank you much,

And in the future, wish you luck.

A new contest around the turn

Will be a chance for all to learn.


To Raymond, Cale and Jeanne B.,

You have been chosen as the three.

You’ve won the prizes we did pick,

And you will get them mighty quick.


A Chin Spoiler for Raymond Neice,

I hope you like this styling piece.

For Cale Woodward, some new floor mats,

A better prize than flying bats.


For Jeanne B, you will receive

A prize so cool, you won’t believe.

New Light Covers for your ‘Stang,

Will be the envy of the gang.

Thanks again to all and one

For joining in our hallowed fun.

For taking on this daunting quest,

You’ve surely proved you are the best!

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  • Anonymous

    This is Raymond, just wanted to give a huge thanks to American Muscle!!!!!!!!!!

  • emilie

    LOL You’re welcome :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks a lot! I think I might have sent the wrong link for my choice of floor mats. My car is more of a dark charcoal than a medium graphite.
    I can email this link to you from my email to prove its me if need be.

  • emilie

    Hmmm…it’s already at the warehouse. If I can grab it before they put it on the UPS Truck, I’ll make the change. If not, you’ll have to send it back to use when you get it…I’ll email you when I know.

  • Anonymous

    They got here yesterday and they look great. Day or night, those ponies are shining up at me when I get into my car. Thanks again.

  • emilie

    You’re welcome! I’m glad you like them :)