Beating the Odds: SCT Tuner Giveaway

Four weeks. Four SCT Tuners. Four winners. Not too bad, if you ask me.

As we said from the start, your odds of winning an SCT Power Flash Tuner with us were better than winning the lottery (at least $10k), getting struck by lightning, becoming President (of the United States), finding out you are actually a superhero, or getting lucky with Britney Spears.SCT Tuner

If anyone reading this actually won the lottery, became President, or any of the others during our giveaway, and did not win an SCT tuner, please tell us about your good fortune. We love good fiction. In the meantime, we’d like to congratulate our four lucky winners, and everyone who entered.

Week 1: Jake Stahlecker, 2008 GT Coupe
Week 2: Nick Thompson, 2003 Mach 1
Week 3: James Carr, 2008 GT/CS Coupe
Week 4: Dean Casanova, 1998 V6 Coupe

Stay tuned for more great contests coming soon on our blog and

  • Eric R

    Very upset…i expected to win all four times and sell off the three i did not use!

  • Ritchie C

    i was upset too… i had high hopes for it i have a pretty good modified GT and when the economy took a fall i havnt been able to tune it and thought maybe this could be it congradulations for those who won it…

  • Josh C.

    I also was hoping to win one of these to tune my 1997 Cobra with my new exhaust setup and MAF. Oh well hope to try again sometime.

  • Daniel R

    why does the week 4 guy need to tune a 1998 v6? hahaha man! i wish i would have won!

  • Frank

    Ay bro a mustang is a mustang so quit hatin on us sixers.

  • Steve Luty

    Maybe next time I would sure like on for my 08 Bullitt.

  • Dick Hurtz

    Who needs a tuner?? A tune up for my Camaro is just putting the pedal to the metal and blowing away any Rustang I see.

    Eat my dust, guys.

    • camaro eater

      yeah i would have to say that the camaro is a nice but they have a problem keeping up with the 5.0 and thats kinda funny when you think of that big 6. whatever being left behind. the new camaro is kinda ugly anyways. get yourself a realy car

  • Amparo Muddaththir

    Immediately, I received a second-degree burn and trip to the emergency room as a result of a baked potato exploded in my hand.