Bama Custom Tuning at AM: Raw Pony Power

We’re always cooking up something at AmericanMuscle to help our loyal customers take their rides to the next level. What’s on the front burner this week? BamaChips and AmericanMuscle are rocking the aftermarket performance industry by joining forces to create and deliver precision custom tunes for Mustangs. The result? Bama Custom Tuning at American Muscle. This exclusive partnership integrates world renowned custom tunes from BamaChips with AmericanMuscle’s award winning customer service.

Whether on the street or at the strip, Mustang owners know the benefits of custom tuning their cars – more raw power and better performance. When fractions of a second can make the difference, every bit of horsepower counts. Still, for many Mustang owners, the concept of “custom performance tuning” has been kind of exotic and cloaked in mystery (sorta like our Mustang girls). We’re gonna make it simple for you…

If you’ve done any performance mods, a custom tune is only way to get the full potential out of your modified Pony. Here’s why Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle is the only place you need to go for that:

More power, more precision. Synchronize those great mods you’ve already done with a precision custom tune, and get the absolute peak performance out of your Mustang. Our performance custom tunes will get you another 10 – 20 horsepower. As Mike Wilson explains in the video above, a custom tune is not only about horsepower – it’s about getting a total performance upgrade for your Mustang.

Onsite dyno tested and refined. Our team regularly dyno tunes our in-house Mustang fleet for any new tuning devices in the market and for nearly all new performance mods. These on-site dyno tunes create our base value files; we then take specs and mods from your specific car and tweak these dyno tested tunes to build a file just for you.

25+ years of experience. Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle has established an unmatched team of custom tuning professionals, led by master technicians Doug Studdard and Mike Wilson.

Free tunes for life! What stronger incentive could you need to buy a tuner from If you make another mod down the road, and need your tune updated, our team of experts is on it. We’ll have your new custom tune prepared (and tested) quickly – for life.

BCT process

We start by finding out what the daily use for your car is. Are you racing the car every weekend, or are you just driving it from here to there, or are you taking it to shows? Once we know what you want and need we can design our tunes around your needs and get you exactly what you’re looking for.

The Team

Doug StuddardDoug Studdard brings many years of experience to the Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle partnership, as well as an excellent reputation for developing technically superior tunes. “I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with AmericanMuscle’s organization,” he said during a recent stop at AM’s corporate headquarters. “It’s very cool to focus my technical expertise exclusively on performance oriented Mustang enthusiasts who appreciate the added power that a custom tune can bring to their cars.”

“This is a win-win for our loyal customers,” says Steve Voudouris, President of AmericanMuscle. “They get the benefit of Bama’s years of experience in custom tuning, coupled with the highest standard of customer service that separates AmericanMuscle from the rest of the industry. This partnership pushes both of our organizations to excel.”

Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle has established an unmatched team of industry professionals, led by Mike Wilson, who brings over ten years of tuning experience to the team. Mike was one of the first technicians in the country trained for SCT and DiabloSport tuners, and was also responsible for developing custom tunes in support of Shelby America’s 725hp Super Snake project.

The team is backed by a newly installed on-site dyno testing facility at AmericanMuscle, and expert refinement of the tunes prior to release to the customer. Additionally, SCT Performance LLC, the leading manufacturer of custom tuning equipment, will be working directly with the team to ensure the highest quality of tuning software is reflected in SCT’s hardware.

The Green Light

We’re ready to get your Mustang rockin’ for the coming driving season. The question is: are you ready to synchronize those great mods you’ve already done with a precision custom tune, and get the absolute peak performance out of your stallion?

Give us your best shot in the comments – we want to know what you think (or what you want to know) about Bama Custom Tuning at American Muscle, or the tuning process in general.

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  • Frank S

    Congratulations on acquiring the expertise and brand value of the BamaChips tuner and name. You won’t be sorry: Doug has long been an acknowledged leader in the field. Innovation and performance are sure to follow.

    • PATTI D

      I totally agree!! Doug is the BEST!! Free tunes for life is also GREAT!!

  • Norm

    Awesome news!

    It’s the perfect setup. Super genius tuner backed by AM customer service and product delivery.

    I’ve been figuring since last year that this should happen.

    Congrats to all!

  • Norm

    Haha… just watched the video.

    Great final scene with the guys and the cars in the parking lot!

  • TheReaper

    Free tunes for life from these guys. What more could you won’t.

  • oldlugs

    Nice to see that Doug & BamaChips are doing OK. My Bamachips tunes are still my favorite, and much preferred over the other “brand B” tunes.
    Go Doug!

  • Terry

    Right on brother, I know you can’t keep a good man down. I do have a question though.
    I purchased a single tune file from the original BamaChips, will you continue to update my tune as I add more mods? I’ve recently added a 3000 stall converter and need to have my tune updated. Will there now be a charge for this or will the “tune modification with added mods” still be honored.

    Good luck on this venture, you deserve it.

    • AMStanger

      We’ll support existing tunes, but if a tune requires a significant change, it may be considered a new tune. The best way to determine whether you’ll need a tweak or a new tune is to give us a call at 888-226-9764 to work with one of our tuners.

    • Matt

      Terry? Dfw? Grey ? northstar drag?

  • ColoradoStang

    This is great news for Doug and American Muscle, but not such good news for BamaChip customers that didn’t buy the tuner from AM or BC. If all you bought from Doug was a tune, then your screwed!

    • AMStanger

      We changed our original policy after seeing how much confusion it was causing. Any previous BamaChips customer who purchased a tuner or a tune file is automatically enrolled in our Free Tunes for Life program. If you’re a previous tune customer, you should have received an email with more details and a member id number. You can still feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, as we’re always happy to help.

  • Rich

    So would this work with my DiabloSport Predator tuner? Is picking up parts allowed at the new facility yet? Did you set a date for this years car show? Hopefully you will have a show room to show case all of your mustang parts for this years car show.

    • AMStanger

      If you bought your tuner from Doug and had a custom tune written for your Predator, we’ll continue to write tunes for you. However, we’re not offering Diablosport tunes to new customers at this time.

      As for the car show, we should be announcing a date within the next few weeks, and this show will be even bigger and better than last year’s. We can help walk-in customers now, though it’s generally more convenient for you if you order your parts online. We don’t currently have a showroom, so unfortunately there’s not a lot of exciting stuff to see. :)

  • Matt

    Glad to have bama tune closer to me. Recenty moved from Texas to Va. I will def be up to the shop. Original bama customer. Ps. Did you move up to Pa then Doug?

  • 48prerunner

    Glad to hear Doug is back!!! Sorry to hear you’re not doing new diablosport tunes can’t wait until you do need one bad.

  • 07S197

    Congrats to Doug and team, got my tunes from him a year ago…sent many people I beat to him for tunes. Question though, I did not purchase my tuner from AM or Doug, just my tunes, so no tunes for life correct? Either way won’t stop me from continuing to purchase from AM or Doug.

    • AMStanger

      Thanks for your good wishes! We’ve recently changed our original plan, and we’re enrolling all of Doug’s old BamaChips customers in our Free Tunes for Life program. We changed the policy to make things easier to understand, so that there will be less confusion.

  • Ronald

    Very cool partnership. I did not purchase my Diablosport tuner initially from Bama although Doug has been supporting and providing me new tunes as I have been upgrading my stang for almost 4 years now. Does this mean that I am now cut off? Is there at least a buy-back program to trade in a diablo for an SCT? Thanks.

    • AMStanger

      If you purchased a Diablosport tune from Doug, we will continue to write tunes for you. At the moment, we’re not offering Diablo tunes to new customers (they take us much longer to write than SCT tunes, and our hands are pretty full at the moment), but we will continue to write Diablo tunes for anyone who had a tune previously.

  • Frank DiGirolomo

    There is destiny!!! Bought my first tunes for my 2004 Mercury Marauder from Mike Wilson when he was at Dallas Mustang and have been happy with them. When I bought my 2010 Mustang GT, I called Dallas Mustang looking for Mike and found out he had “moved on”.

    I start checking around for tunes, found Bama Chips and Mike, again. How’s that!!! Both cars running great.

    Good deal guys. Best with the new partnership.

  • richard hoover

    Doug Studdard is a theif….He still has not given me a C/L intake theat I paid for 6 months ago and will not respond to my e-mails and his phone is diconnected.I will never buy a part from American Muscle and I will go out of my way to make sure no one else does either just because of DOUG STUDDARD…

    • AMStanger

      Hi Richard. Doug has done his best to square things away with any old customers who had outstanding orders or problems, but if you haven’t heard from him, you can give us a call at 888-226-9764 or send us an email at If you email, please attach a copy of any receipts you might have from Doug. We’ll do everything we can to work with you.

      • richard hoover

        I just sent e-mail with receipts for payment and confirmation number from Doug for parts.If American Muscle can help customers that have been taken by Doug get there products they would truley live up to there reputation of being a great company.

        • AMStanger

          Thanks for sending us your information, Richard. We’ll do our best to work this out with you. In the mean time, if you have any questions or concerns, you can feel free to contact me at the email address listed in response to Andy’s comment.

          • richard hoover

            All right guys I must say that AM is the most standup company I have ever delt with!Mike has helped me work out my problems and has won my buissness for life.Thanks to AM for being a great company and having great people to deal with.Thanks again

  • Slim

    Glad to see your back at it Doug. Wish you could come back to oklahoma.

  • Andy Holmes

    I just received the email with the news and was disappointed. I have ordered product from AM in the past, you do have impecable customer service and prices, but I can’t believe someone is so well-respected in the tuning field and is taking peoples money and running. I removed myself from the email list and will not shop this site again until Doug is no longer associated with you. The above post by Richard Hoover is true, I know him first hand, have done much of the work on his car and cannot believe all that he has gone through to try to obtain a $700+ product from Bama after making payment in full. Disappointing to say the least.

    • AMStanger


      Please understand our position. In any partnership of this size it’s impossible to go through 10’s of thousands of customer records and root out any and every problem that’s ever existed and fix it by ourselves. We’d love to keep your business, and Richard’s as well, and to that end, we’re doing our best to work with any customers that might have had issues with Doug in the past.

      Of course there will be an issue here and there that occurred in the past and needs to be dealt with. While we can’t go back in time to prevent these issues, what we can do is work with affected customers to try to make things right. Although we may not be able to solve every issue that occurred in the past, you can be sure that we are open to discussion and we want to make our customers happy.

      We’re committed to providing the best quality tunes and highest level of customer service to our customers. If you have concerns or questions, please give us a call at 866 727 1266, or send me a message at with any information you have. I will do my best to help in whatever way I can.

    • Pablo

      It appears AM is fully willing to try and resolve any back issues with Doug’s former operation. The man is one of the finest tuners in the business, who apparently got in over his head on the sales operations side. The partnership will allow Doug to get back to what he does best, creating killer tunes and AM will gain far more people who want to benefit from Doug’s tuning skills than they’ll lose over resentful grudges.

      • Mustang Mike

        “resentful grudges”???

        The man took people’s money, then didn’t deliver the products!! I’d be resentful too!! Wouldn’t you, Pablo?? $700 ain’t chump change, dude!

        If AM makes good on the bad deals and past “issues”, then there won’t be any grudges.
        Honesty is still the best policy in any business.

        Ya lie down with dogs, ya get up with fleas…

        • AMStanger

          I assure you sir, none of us have fleas. 😉

  • Jay

    Awesome news!! Too bad I just recieved my SCT X3 yesterday! Should of waited a few days to order! Are we still eligible for BAMA tune?

  • Jay

    I guess the question is I ordered a SCT tuner X3 last week with custom free tunes for life. Just got it on Tuesday March 10th. Is it or how can I tell if it’s a BAMA tune? Im sure a few others may be wondering the same thing.

    • Mark

      Jay, I have the same question…..just received my new tune a few weeks ago. Is there any benefit to having a new BAHA tune sent or did I already receive a BAMA tune?

      • Anthony

        Ditto….I just got my X3 from you guys this week also, did BAMA do the tune? I ordered it last week. Just curious.

    • AMStanger

      We’ve actually been sending Bama Custom Tunes out for the last few weeks, so if you ordered your tuner any time after mid-February, you already have a Bama Custom Tune.

  • David

    Quick question,
    I guess, its not real clear to me how this works. I buy the tuner, and these guys send me tunes based on the mods to my car, or do I need to go to a local Dyno, get some wheel time send them that data and then they make the custom tune..?

    I guess I need to know if I buy a tuner how do I get the best optimized tune without being there and without a dyno.



    • AMStanger

      Hi David! This is a good question, and I’m sorry I haven’t answered it sooner. Currently, we’re only offering mail-order tunes because of the volume of orders we’ve gotten.

      When you buy a tuner from us, we direct you to a webpage where you start by inputting your basic information (year, engine code, etc), then add a list of any modifications you’ve made. From there, we compile your tune and will program it into your tuner (for your first tune) or email it to you (if this is an updated tune). Hopefully this explains things a little better, please let me know if you have any other questions.

  • Marc

    This is awesome! AM is always upping the ante with their products and services, and yet again they impress. Well done over there. This should be a good partnership for both parties, and ultimately the customers. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  • Joe

    So glad to see Doug is now a part of AM. I know he has had issues in the past, and I’ve stuck with him through those issues. We are all human, and Doug hit an understandle big bump in the road.

    Is Doug now located at AM? Or is he working with AM through his home location?

    I bought my tuner (SCT) from Doug a few years back, and have received a few updates from him since then. Can I now contact AM directly for future updates?

    Again, so glad to see things looking up for Doug, and this will be a great opportunity for all parties involved.

    • AMStanger

      You can contact AmericanMuscle directly at 866-226-9764 for tune updates or new tunes. Our turnaround time is a little longer than usual at the moment, but we’re still sending tunes out within a few business days. To answer your other question, Doug works remotely, and comes to our facilities as needed (PA is not exactly next to ‘Bama, and this way, Doug doesn’t have to relocate).

  • Steve DelCastillo

    Great to here Bamachips is still going, but it kinda stinks that I had emailed bamachips about a month or more about getting a tune for my Diablo predator for my 05 GT auto, which I never got a response so I joined the members list to see if I would get a faster response and now I get the advertisement of the merger and now no option to order for my diablo tuner cause I didn’t buy it from bama, you should honor any past emails regarding tunes for the diablo.

    Steve D. Orlando, Fla.

    • AMStanger

      Hi Steve,

      We are supporting and writing tunes for all of Doug’s old Bamachips customers. We’re not offering DiabloSport tunes to new customers yet, but we are definitely working with anyone who had a tune before our partnership began. If you have questions, please feel free to give us a call at 888-226-9764. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

      • Steve DelCastillo

        Thanks AmStanger already taken care of, just got my membership# looking forward to doing all my mustang shopping with you guys……….

  • HEMI

    I don’t need no tune.

    I got a HEMI.

    Eat my dust.

  • http://n/a Joe

    Need to know if you guys do Mail order tunes for cars that are far from stock?

    • AMStanger

      We’ll happily do mail-order tunes for a lot of ‘far from stock’ cars. If you have questions about what we can and can’t tune for, you can check our tuner website or give us a call at 888-226-9764.

  • Sean

    The new Bama custom tuning seems all cool and all. But you will get better HP gains and Torque gains by having your car put on the dyno and get custom tuned up for your car. Every car runs differant. I say spend the extra money and do it the right way if you want to see even more power.

    • AMStanger

      Dyno tuning is great, and you will see some awesome horsepower gains. A dyno tune can also be awfully expensive, and there are a lot of folks that don’t live close to a reliable speed shop. Mail-order tunes are reliable, strong, and can be adjusted remotely. Plus, they’re less expensive but will still give you some great horsepower and performance gains.

  • http://None Chuck

    I will be buying a Sct tuner this summer. I was going to go with Bama Chips, but I hear he is 2-3 months behind. So now I am thinking of Brenspeed, unless you can assure me that when I worder I will receive it in areasonable amount of time, say 7-10 days.

    • AMStanger

      Hi Chuck! As we’ve mentioned before, Bama Custom Tuning at AmericanMuscle is not BamaChips. Our tuning department is a new entity, combining some of the best talents in the business. Our current turnaround time on tunes is a little longer than usual, but it is still only 3-5 business days.

  • Paul K

    I bought my Xcal along with a C&L intake from Doug back in late ’05 or early ’06. I haven’t received any email or membership codes, etc. How do I check and see if my Bama purchase records are in order?

    • AMStanger

      Hi, Paul! I got the email you sent, and everything is squared away and set up for you. You’re enrolled in our Free Tunes for Life program, and I sent your member id number to you a little while ago. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

      • Paul K

        Thanks for the assistance, very much appreciated :)

  • JamesGribley

    I want to start modding my 2010 GT….will “just a tune” without any other mods help? I can get a tuner now and then do a new CAI, then I want to do gears…4:10….should I wait and save and do it all or can I start with a tune?? Thanks!!

    • AMStanger

      Hi James,

      You can get a tune before you start modifying your Mustang and notice some changes in performance. These will probably be slight, but every little bit helps. A tuner is a great investment, but you’ll notice the most difference after you’ve installed your first mods.

  • John East

    I bought an SCT tuner from American Muscle at the end of 2009. The tuner died the second time I used it during a tune. My Mustang had to be towed to Ford and the computer reflashed due to corruption. SCT wanted $150 to “fix” the 4 month old tuner and American Muscle “could not help me out” I was told on the phone. I now have “Free tunes for life” and no tuner. I have spent thousands in the past year at American Muscle….can’t you guys help me out?

    • John East

      ………no response……….

    • AMStanger

      If possible, would you please email me at and explain things to me, with as much detail as you can? I’ll be happy to try to work this out with you. Thanks!

      • John East

        Email sent. Thanks.

        • John East

          You guys didn’t forget about me did you?

          • John Who?


          • John East

            I’ll try one more email and then move on I guess.

    • AMStanger

      John, I appreciate your patience, and I’m sorry you haven’t heard back from me sooner. Unfortunately, I was out of the office yesterday because of a pretty rough cold, and I’m working to catch up. You’ll be receiving an email from me by the end of the day, so we can keep moving forward with this. :)

      • John East

        Thanks for getting back to me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

        • John East

          After the thousands I have spent in the past 10 months at American Muscle I am disappointed. The attempts to make my tuner work are too late and costly. I really like your selection and prices, but I am going over to the Breenspeed guys from now on. I have emailed and called them several times in the past few days and get a response promptly. There is more to be a great retailer than good prices and fast shipping. When something goes wrong that is where greatness shines. I wish American Muscle the best and hope this truely was an isolated incident. I hope no one else has to lose time and money like I did.

          • John East

            I ordered my tuner from Brenspeed at 8pm on 3/19, 3/20 I received an email for car info for tune, 3/21 received email that order was filled. Should have my tuner in a few days.

  • http://americanmuscle sheldon williams

    I got a 4 bank chip from American Muscle,but they could not tune my chip. I guess because i have done more than just bolt on mods. So I don’t know how well the chip works as of yet. I’m goingoin to get a dyno tune this weekend and see what i get. Just a little up set that i now have to spend another $500 bucks for a tune when they said they could do it for me. So the free tunes for life does not help me at all. So I hope that Bama can help them out so I can take advantage of the tunes for life, becauce thats the only reason I got the chip from A.M. in the first place.

  • ScottW

    Question: I have one of Doug’s old tunes w/ SCT tuner that I’m looking to sell. If someone has a Mustang with slightly different setup other than what mine was, what would be the cost for ‘editing’ the tune? It came with the regular, midgrade and premium tunes, SCT tuner and C&L intake. Thank you.

    • AMStanger

      Hi, Scott. Once you hook a tuner up to a vehicle, it becomes ‘locked’ to that car. Basically, the tuner recognizes the car by its VIN and in order to use it on another vehicle, you have to unlock the tuner (which means setting the vehicle it’s currently locked to back to stock) in order for it to recognize the new car. This can only be done a few (five, to be precise) times, and after that you’ll have to call SCT directly to have the tuner unlocked for a new vehicle.

      All that aside, if you purchase a tuner from us, you’re enrolled in our Free Tunes for Life program. However, that membership is non-transferable. If you sell your tuner to a friend, they would then have to purchase a tune from us, which would be $50. Hopefully, this has explained things for you, please let me know if you have any other questions. :)

      • ScottW

        Thanks. That about takes care of what I needed to know.

  • Joe S

    Hello glad to hear about the new team, i am about ready to purchase a SCT tuner from you and was wondering i have a 1997 Mustang GT with a PI Heads, cam, & intake swap is there a tune for this setup being it is pretty popular for us NPI motor guys? thanks

  • http://N/A ZeleronX

    Here’s my question and forgive me if it was already asked. Is this new partnership going to allow for an extension into other Tuner companies?

    I purchased a Diablosport Trinity T-1000 right here from AM but I’ve having a very hard time finding a company to do tunes for these tuners. It was my impression that Diablosport is a leader in the tuner industry so I’m amazed no one seems to offer this service.

    Will you guys be able to offer up tunes for this brand or should I just return my Trinity and get an SCT instead?

  • http://corral Glenn gustafson

    I have an 89 fox with typical GT40 heads,mild porting/270 comp cam/performer intake/3.73 gears/long tubes/pullies and a T5.I had it dynoed and made 274/310 but the A/F ratio was 10.5-11.2,very rich.Is this something you tune for and what gains are expected on a fox with these mods?

  • John East

    AMStanger says:
    March 19, 2010 at 10:27 am
    John, I appreciate your patience, and I’m sorry you haven’t heard back from me sooner. Unfortunately, I was out of the office yesterday because of a pretty rough cold, and I’m working to catch up. You’ll be receiving an email from me by the end of the day, so we can keep moving forward with this

    I am still waiting………..

    • John East

      Thank you Emily for your solution to my tuner problem. I truely appreciate what you have done to keep me as a loyal customer.

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  • Patrick

    Is it unrealistic to try to get 30mpg in a 1996 mustang gt?