August Ride of the Month Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Ron’s 2009 Bullitt!

Wheel style & size: 18 x 9  and 18 x 10

Tire brand & size: NT555   255/45 & 285/40

Ron’s Mustang Bullitt has an impressive list of modifications. An Edelbrock E-Force Street-Legal Supercharger has bumped his dyno numbers up to 427RWHP and 396 RWTQ. With a Dynotech 3.5″ aluminum driveshaft, a BMR driveshaft loop and 4.10 Ford Racing gears, Ron’s making the most of all that horsepower. In order to help him harness all that power, the Bullitt now features a Steeda adjustable panhard rod, a CHE K-frame brace with Q-Limiters, BMR billet lower control arms, and Koni Yellow shocks and struts.

Ron hasn’t neglected his Bullitt’s appearance for the sake of performance, though. He’s added sequential tail lights and satin tail light trim, plus a chrome surround for the rear panel and a blackout panel. DG window louvers, smoked front turn signals with stealth bulbs, and SHR lower grille inserts round out his exterior mods. In terms of the interior, the ’09 features Autometer wideband air/fuel and boost gauges on an SOS double gauge pillar mount.


Nick says that his 2004 Cobra is “Just a family car. It has a car seat in the back and a stroller in the trunk, but don’t let that fool you. No trophies, just some street kills. The car went 11.79 @118 on the stock Eaton (supercharger), and I’m looking for 10’s this year.” For a ride that’s only a family car, Nick’s Cobra rocks some impressive mods. From a Whipple supercharger with 16 pounds of boost to 4.10 gears to custom-designed hood vents to a Bassani catback exhaust, the Cobra is personalized. It may carry a car seat and a stroller, but any daily driver this awesome is much, much cooler than “just a family car.”


Waldo’s tangerine 1994 is remarkable, and not just because of the color. He’s gone through a few engines in his quest to find the perfect combination of motor and turbo. When the Mustang was last dyno’d, it put out 640RWHP and 651RWTQ. Since then, he’s upgraded his turbo and is looking forward to seeing what kind of numbers he’ll get. The car is far from stock, with a custom engine and turbo setup and a wide variety of fuel and electrical modifications. The Mustang’s brakes and suspension have also been upgraded, and the interior received an extensive makeover including new gauges, a rear seat delete, and new Corbeau seats, too.


Marc’s silver ’89 LX coupe is a heavily modified beast. This is Marc’s fourth fox, but it’s easy to see why it’s his favorite. The silver fox features an R302 FMS block that’s been bored out to 306 cubic inches, Trick Flow heads, Crane Gold Roller rockers, custom ground Crane roller rockers, and more engine mods than we can list. The suspension’s been beefed up, and the exterior and the interior have been personalized. Since Marc prefers a simple look he went with a Harwood cowl hood, custom lights, and tinted windows. He’s taken home more than his share of 1st place and best in show trophies, so we’d say the look has a lot of appeal.

Think your Pony has what it takes to be the September Ride of the Month? Submit your entry before Wednesday, August 25th. Entries are only good for a month, so make sure you submit yours again if you didn’t win for August. We’ll be changing things up a little next month and only picking one Ride of the Month, rather than one general winner and three generational winners. Keep an eye on the blog the first every month for other exciting changes!

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  • chris

    All of these are nice cars, but what do you have to do to win it. my 98 completely demolishes’ these cars! You all picked the most molested cars that arent even recognizable as mustangs and completely riced out. yall suck. Im not mad about not winning, but mad about who is doing the choosing.

    • Billy

      Yeah your right, we look for American muscle not ricers

    • Dyno Don

      Please explain how these cars are “riced out”.

      Then get yourself an XXL sized crying towel. Sheesh.

    • Nick

      Whats done to your ’98?

    • Nick

      Chris……………… Dont leave us hangin’. We want to hear from you.

    • Paul

      Please explain how these cars are “riced out”.

      Then get yourself an XXL sized crying towel. Sheesh.

      Read more: August Ride of the Month Winners | Mustang Blog

      NUFF’ SAID

      • Dyno Don

        Actually, nuthin’ said.

        According to the Urban Dictionary, “Riced Out” means: “Commonly used to refer to poorly modified Hondas and/or other imports. The common characteristics are neon lights all over the vehicle including the rims, under the body, inside the car, and maybe even on the loser driving it. Another characteristic is an exhaust that sounds like a weed whacker. The driver of the rice bucket usually thinks his car is tricked out to the max, but really all the people lookin at it are laughing not admiring.”

        How on earth are these Mustangs “riced out”??

  • http://yahoo Dylan

    great looking cars, all of em but i was wondering why the Bullit’s lb ft of tourqe were so much lower than its horsepower

    • chris

      im thinking its a v6? I know it says bullit, but im thinking it just has bullit wheels. Theres no fog lights in the grille. If it is a v6, 4 cylinders and v6’s produce more hp than torque especially with forced induction. But as far as the car I might be wrong.

      • Andy

        Bullits didn’t come with fog lights.

      • Jason

        Seriously? It’s a BULLIT. There is no such thing as a V6 Bullit. Also, take a look at the engine bay pic. Does that look like a V6 to you. LASTLY, Edelbrock does not make a supercharger for a V6. And your theory on V6’s producing more HP than TQ is ridiculous. Put a turbo on one and see what happens. Good lord, get a car education on something. Stop reading forums and dig into a car.

        • Joe

          seriously? It is spelled Bullitt.

      • wayne

        Chris are you as dumb as you sound? Bullits don’t have fog lights moron. These cars are awesome!

  • JerkyBoy

    ahh , that’s funny Chris. I love these people who are so quick to slap on a supercharger or drown it in nitrous. don’t need power adders, as long as I got my Hurst shiftin my V8.

    poor bullitt. ain’t no bullitt no more.

    • chris

      I mean mine is supercharged but what im sayin is that the cars AM chooses for the months look like ricers with every chrome accessory available at autozone or walmart slapped on.

      • JerkyBoy

        ohh ok, I am a naturally aspirated kinda guy.

        Yeah , looks don’t mean anything.

        they should have a pure stock photo contest.

        I don’t think the bullitt is a V-6, I don’t think anyone would dare do that. supercharged with low torque , what’s the point.

        I have seen a person take a V-6 and clone a saleen(99-04), the body kit, the V-6 dual exhaust. The too straight saleen letters gave it away. And the fact I saw it before the clone process.

        why can’t we vote. Power to the People.

        • http://yahoo Dylan

          yeah i wish that they would choose more naturally aspirated cars, stock style stangs with really nice rims and paint jobs for ride of the month, i definately prefer my bolt on n/a V8 over the turbos or superchargers, only a handfull of us can afford powering our cars like 500hp, and that seems to be all that they are choosing

          • chris

            again i like superchargers but I agree with Jerky boy. POWER to the people. Obviously am stanger has no taste

          • Stefan McIntosh

            They don’t Just choose supercharged vehicles, I submitted mine( 2005 Roush) with a list of mods a mile long but did not get even a mention. So I dont’ know who picks or looks for what.

      • Bill

        Chris your dumb bro how the hell is a cobra with a whipple supercharger riced out?

    • Nick

      Mine is factory supercharged

  • Billy

    to those who say it a v6 and not a bullet your wrong, it is a bullet . Bullets where the only one made with the Strut Tower Brace VIN.

    • JerkyBoy

      it used to be a bullet, before the power adder whoops I mean power assist.

  • AMChrisRose

    Guys, it’s unfortunate, but each month we have a similar issue. We pick a V6, and the V8 guys get mad. We pick a naturally aspirated V8, and the forced induction guys get mad. We pick clean, stock looking cars and the exterior-oriented people get mad. It’s the nature of the beast.

    In this case, the Bullitt looks exactly as it came from the factory minus 2 or 3 small bolt on “accents” and it’s putting down 427RWHP and 396RWTQ… far from a “ricer” or a car that got it’s parts at Walmart.

    The Cobra has an aftermarket Whipple supercharger, and also has a stock appearance. It’s probably a low 11 car all day long. Again, far from a “walmart ricer”.

    We could keep going… The point is that we aren’t going to be able to make everyone happy every month. These were some of the best cars we’ve had submitted.

    Good luck to all of the contestants next month!

    • Anne-Marie

      So well said………… its sad that AM has to justify their selections every month!!!  I think you guys do a great job with variety and unbias judging!!  Its sad that people use this blog to complain soooo much!!  Keep up the great job AM!!!

      Congrats to the winners!!! Very nice stangs for sure!!!!

    • Robbie

      Thanks for finally saying something, (AMChrisRose)…you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try, someone will find something to complain about. I have submitted my car several times and haven’t won, you don’t see me cryin’ or complaining. I mean we are Mustang folks guys/girls, we need to get along…there have been other people that log on here and own Vettes, Camaros, etc…and they really get their kicks off of people putting one another’s cars down…WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER AND SUPPORT ONE ANOTHER!!
      Having said that, I would like to see one thing change….if it is someway that we could get a confirmation e-mail stating that the submission of our car has gone thru, that is my only complaint…Thanks for a great site and support!!!

  • JerkyBoy

    were just having fun. still no company compares to AM.

  • JerkyBoy

    the silver 89 Lx up there, now that’s a mustang.

    • Zach

      that body style isnt even a mustang. it looks like crap.

  • Nick

    Whats “ricerish” about my car? There isn’t one aftermarket body part on my car. It even has the stock chromed out wheels on it.

    • theDude

      I love your car, man. VERY unassuming. Great work. Don’t let these clowns fool you, ALL of the cars chosen are ones I would call my ride, any month!

      • Nick


  • zyon

    Why would an aftermarket car parts dealer have a competition to see who has the best “stock” Mustang. If you want stock Mustangs, go check out your local dealer. I want to see what people are doing with their cars… Stock is boring…

    • JerkyBoy

      so is a supercharged

      • Nick

        So lets hear something about your’s and Chris’s “cool” mustangs. If you ask me, it sounds like your two are mad about not being picked.

      • Jason

        Yeah, you’re right. My Supercharged 331 in my 95 is totally boring. especially when I tromp on the gas in 3rd going 60mph and it destroys the tires. Yeah, it’s sooooooo boring.

        • Nick

          That is fun but it also gets old. I’ve been down that road and it can get hairy at times. Do you have a roots or centri.?

        • 1slwgt

          I bet your car isn’t even supercharged. And for everyone that talks crap about mustangs that have forced induction, it will tear your car apart any day of the week! Yea it’s ridiculously expensive but if your really that into makin your car fast then you won’t say anything bad about them

          • Nick

            I took my car from basicaly stock to 570rwhp on about $2500 and thats including two different tune sessions. Thats not too bad for a little 281. I made some deals and did some trading and ended up with a whipple and supporting mods.

  • AMChrisRose

    Hey ‘chris’,

    I see that you’re unhappy with the Ride of the Month selection. I understand that you’ve got a vehicle (98 Mustang) that “completely demolishes” these cars.

    Let’s make this fun and interesting!

    How about AmericanMuscle takes care of setting up (logistically and financially) getting your car, and one of our Ride Of The Month winners out to race at a common track. We could cover the whole thing. I think it would be a fun challenge! You’d get your car on the blog/videos/etc.

    Can you give us some details about your car? Let’s make this happen!

    • Tim

      This sounds like a great idea. I would love to see Chris go against Waldos Tangerine or Rons Bullitt.

      One other thing, Chris, Bullitts were never a V-6, never had fog lights. The whole idea behind the Bullitt is a sleeper. A car that looks plain, but handles and has decent horsepower. Ron suplemented his horsepower without ricing up his Bullitt. It still looks like a Bullitt. Learn about the cars before you bash them.

      AM Keep up the good work

    • Matt

      That sounds like fun, kind of a true street format. Then the only question would be if it would be heads up or bracket. Like it or not a power adder is the great equilizer. I would do it just for the fun of it. Maybe you can work something out for the Sept. 11 event. If you do I’m in.

    • 1slwgt

      I’m down for this! It sounds like an extremely good idea! Maybe am should set up an event in a mutual location and everyone that wants to come can bring their cars and have like a weekend race type deal go on! Maybe get it set up for like beginning of next years race season or the end of this years?

    • kcturbo944

      What, no more comments from Chris? hahaha

      • Matt

        Must be speechless.

        • Nick

          Or he is scared because people want to race him and he has the chance to but he just realised his car is stock and couldn’t “demolish” any of these cars in his riced out Civic. Isn’t that right Chris??
          I find it funny how neither Chris or Jerkyboy haven’t said anything in awhile.
          Don’t tell anyone but I think someone’s scared.

  • Marty Brown

    Congrats Ron on being AM’s Grande Prize Winner for August.
    Congrats to Nick, Waldo & Marc, they are all fantastic looking Mustangs.
    AM has made some really nice choices for this months winners.
    My favorite would have to go to Waldo and his 1994 Stang !!

    • Nick

      Thank you Marty.

    • Robbie

      I have to agree, although, I guess I am partial, since I have a 98…just love this body style. Congrats Waldo, nice Stang, tastefully done…not over-done!! Congratulations to everyone, I like all the cars, and everyone did a tasteful job of photographing their cars as well…good job people!!

  • Wayland

    Waldo’s ’94 is wicked. When I saw the dyno numbers before upgrading the turbo, my jaw was on the floor. I have a ’94 V6 and it desperately needs a paint job. I want to get a carbon fiber driveshaft to wake it up a little. PST quoted me around $500 for one which is the lowest price I’ve seen so far. They said the weight would be 9 lbs.

    • Jeff

      I think you will be happy with the driveshaft. I had a two-piece driveshaft and went to an aluminum one. I lost 26lbs off the stock driveshaft weight and could tell a huge difference when I opened it up. A good low cast upgrade that I bet you will be happy with. Good luck.

      • AMChrisRose

        Jeff is right! A lightweight driveshaft will really help the car feel like it can rev alot easier! The RPMs will shoot up in half the time compared to the stock, 2 piece, heavy driveshaft.

        • Wayland

          Chris, my ’94 V6 is an automatic. Is there anything else I can add/replace in the drivetrain to reduce power loss such as a flywheel? I know that adding lightweight wheels would help reduce unsprung weight therefore putting more power to the ground.

  • Jeff Couch

    Hey, I am in for the racing against Mr 98. I read this every month and I mean to enter my car the very next month but life happens, I get busy, and I forget. I am proud of my car and with that said, that is what I see out of the winners that AM picks, PRIDE. All the winners on here as well as anyone who submits their ride for consideration is undoubtedly proud of their Stang. We all know that the bottom line to looks and speed is money and not everyone has a lot to spend so it is what they have done with what they have that is important. If you are a Stang owner, have taken the time to do a few things to it, and you are proud enough of it to send it in for consideration you should be eligible to be recognized no matter how much or how little you have done. This is all about Stangs so let the people that created this be the judge of who shows this month.

    Now that I have babbled let me finish by saying, I will submit my car this month and I can only hope that AM chooses mine, either as a car of the month, or as one to take to the track against Chris “the 98 owner”. I don’t have a super fast car but I will be more than happy to line it up and run it down the track. So, let’s heat up some tires, drop some clutches, and see if the 98 can smoke the 09.


    Very nice cars!!!! Congrats winners!!

  • theDude

    All of the winners are excellent and I could not agree more about who was chosen. That Bullitt is spectacular, remarkably clean yet packs a punch. I like it. That’s not to say the others weren’t incredible in their own right. Who can’t resist a Turbo5.0? CCCCMOOONNN!

    Im just sad there isn’t more pictures of the winners=(

    P.s. JerkyBoys and Nick are haters because their rides aren’t this cool. V6 Bullitt? SACRILAGE!

  • theDude

    Also, if Steve McQueen were still alive, he would have punched Chris(not AMCR) square in the mouth.

    • Chad McQueen

      I’m alive, and I’d be happy to stand in for my father!

    • Walter


      Too bad about that rug, it really pulled the room together.

  • jeff

    i entered a totally modded mustang (90% american muscle parts) with the opening contest and they picked a stock machine.
    all look good in the monthly but i do not think AM KNOWS A GREAT LOOKING MACHINE when they see one

    • Nick

      I didn’t win my first time I entered. But I kept on re-entering. Maybe they chose a different theme (stock, mildly modded, to a full race car.) every month. Maybe your car looks like the walmart ricer to the fine people at AM, and thats why they didn’t pick it.
      I can’t beleive how many people are getting mad over not being picked. Comeon people. Its not the end of the world.

  • Nick

    This is me calling out Chris. My car is not fast. Its a 4Klb family car with 100% stock 281 c.i. motor, AC, power windows and locks. It even has stock exhaust manifolds. Since you said your car will demolish the cars that were picked, take the offer given to you and lets make a race out of it. It will be fun.

  • Joe

    I hate all these people hatin on other mustangs. A mustang is a mustang. Everyone who owns a mustang has the right idea.

  • Joe

    C’mon, It’s all about personal taste and especially it’s about what you can get away with. Let’s just enjoy each others rides. Mustangs are made to Modify! No matter how simple or extreme. It’s all fun.

    • Matt

      Personal taste is correct. Some people like cars bone stock while others start to mod theirs within the first week of ownership. Personally I think cars in stock form are boaring and are made to be a starting point to something better. I could have bought a Roush or Saleen but it wouldn’t be individualized and my wife would have shot me for modding a $40K+ car.

    • Nicole

      I totally agree. That is one of my favorite things about mustangs. You can personalize them as much as you want-or leave them as it. It’s all about the freedom to do what you want with your ride!!

      • Nicole

        sorry…leave them as is.

  • AMChrisRose

    Guys, this is an awesome conversation! Keep it going!

    Personally, the Ride of the Month could be based upon many different things. If you haven’t been picked for Ride of the Month yet, it doesn’t mean your car isn’t awesome! Hell, I’m afraid to submit my own 07 GT!

    It just means there was some great competition out there each month… Keep submitting! Keep building! Keep being one of the best things out there you can be.. a Mustang owner! :)

    • Nick

      How many car are typically entered every month Chris?
      I think I will always be a mustang owner. The addiction started back in 2000 when I bought my 1st mustang which was a ’98 Cobra. My mom wasn’t thrilled about it because I was only 17, but she put her name on it as well…Love you Mom!
      Since then I have had 89GT with super low miles, 94 GT H/C/I/E, 98GT stock, and now the ’04. Cobra’s will always have atleast one spot in my garage. Hopefully a 2011 GT500 will come home to me :)

      • AMChrisRose

        All depends on the month, but there’s always hundreds of entries. Maybe you can get a pair of 2011 GT500’s and shoot one over my way! LOL

        • Nick

          I’ll do that for you, but you have to do something for me. That one small thing would be find someone to send me $120K. Easy enough right?

  • PX-NH

    Nice rides! I’m partial to the Bullitt.

    • Ron

      Many Thanks to PX-NH and to all others for their positive comments!

      Perhaps I’ll see y’all at the Car Show on Sept 11th.

  • Stangzilla

    Nice lookin’ Fox!

  • MaximumRisk

    Hello everyone!, I am the owner of the Turbo 94, I just wanted to thank everyone who complemented the car. It has being a long road to get the car to where it is.
    As for the “Ricer” comments, that’s fine with me, to each their own. It is funny how SO many people still think that Turbos belong in imports only, LOL!!!! You would not believe how many times I have heard those comments! HAHAHAHA priceless!!……
    Anyways, anyone that would like to see a little more of the “RICE-OUT” mustang, there are a few more pics in this photobucket album

    P.S., I would not mind a friendly race :-)

    • Nicole

      Very nice!! How long have you been working on your stang?

      • MaximumRisk

        thanks!, I have owned the car for over 10 years and it has been thru a few combinations of Nitrous and turbo setups, with the 80mm being the latest. Hoping for 750whp (or more :-) )on pump gas at round 15lbs or so. Wish me luck

        • http://yahoo Dylan

          seriously hot ride dude, u ever put more than one turbo in?

  • Nick

    Here is a little video of my car.

    • Wayland

      Nick, that’s some crazy power man. Are you rolling with the steel driveshaft or have you gone to aluminum or carbon fiber to have even less drivetrain loss? It’s a sharp car man.

      • Nick

        Thanks. Its the stock aluminum DS. The rearend has 4.10’s for now. I might step back down to a 3.73 or go up to a 28″ tire. Before I got dragradials I could smoke the tire to about 80mph. Thats 1st-3rd, and if I hit 4th hard enough it would kick the rearend out on occasion. 1st gear would leave a black mark about 4ft long and you would have to shift. So I wouldn’t even us it and launch the car on the street in 2nd with street tires. The only things I’ve broke so far is the rearend and the input shaft. Both have since been upgraded.

  • Matt

    I love the ’04 Cobra. That’s what I call the ultimate family car. I have a car seat in my ’06 GT so I’m right in line with your thinking.

    • Nick

      My little boy who is almost 3 absolutly loves the car. Its funny. He will even give it a hug…lol

      • Robbie

        That’s really cool Nick, I remember feeling the same way about my Dad’s 70 Boss 429, too bad he had to sell it, my sister’s fault for being born, kidding…..I’m 38, and I still hug my ‘Stang, even give it a pat on the rear from time-to-time…ha-ha!!

  • Travis

    Sign me up for the race against Mr. 98!!!

  • nick

    still waiting to hear back from Chris.

  • live2driveastang

    Great example of “put up or shut up”. Nice job AM.

  • Eric Tangert

    These are all great cars and deserve to win. We can’t all win…without losers there would be no winners. With that said, to the jackwagon that thinks putting a supercharger on a Bullitt somehow ruins the car, You truly are a horses ass. Mustangs are and allways have been about making it the way you want it. While I love to see a pure stock 69′ Boss 302, I can also dig the time and effort poured into a Pro-Street 90′ notch with a 1000HP big block Ford motor. I own an 08′ Bullitt, #3268, and from the day I bought it brand new, I have been modifying this car because quite frankly…315hp is just not enough. I also own a Pro-Street 78′ Pinto with a 540hp 347…It weighs 2500lbs and is a handfull. Getting out of the Pinto and into the Bullitt was quite a letdown. But now, with a Pro Charger, 14lbs. of boost and 530hp at the rear wheels, its not as nasty as the Pinto but its a WHOLE lot more fun than stock….and isn’t that really what it’s all about?

  • Desi

    UMM i really dont see how ne of these stangs look like “Ricers” maybe u should go to more car shows n look around an ull find a ricer or two. But the winners were tastefully modded and the owners didint go over board with the moddes on the outside or inside so im thinking maybe a couple of you are hating cause u aint win not to mention ne names “Chris, Billy” but maybe if u spend a lil more time working on ur cars n not worring about other ppls cars yours would be up here…. 2003 ALL BLACK GT 450HP

  • MP

    WAHH WAHH!!! My car did not win!!! WAH!!! Wow, some of you are the biggest crying babies I have ever seen. Everyone thinks their car is nicer then whatever wins. Get over it! Hundreds of cars each month, only a couple can win.
    Chris and Jerkyboy. I don’t even know where to begin with you two, so I will only say one thing. Shut up!
    All these cars chosen are sick sick visions of Mustangs that I would be proud to park next to my Cobra. And to whomever said the silver coupe was Mustang, just turn in your keys to the nearest dealership. The Fox body saved the Mustang.
    AM, great job at choosing cars this month. Maybe one month I will enter so I can cry and stomp my feet when I don’t win.
    To all the winners, you all have built some very nice cars. Great job.

  • StangGuy

    Clean looking Stang, I love the look of Bullitt Mustangs. The ponyless grille looks great!

  • Mustang News

    Congrats to all the winners! All well worthy

  • Billy

    i haven’t even posted mine so if you saying im whining, im not thank you Desi… Posting this month…. it as basic mustang with exterior mods…

    • Billy

      congrad to winners of this month…

  • Willis Soffa

    Might 2011 become good intended for you and your family.