And, the May Ride of the Month Winner is…

Angela Leggett’s 2003 Dark Shadow V6 Mustang. Here are the details of Angela’s awesome ride.

Year: 2003

Model: V6 Mustang Coupe

Color: Dark Shadow

Wheel style & size: Cobra R 17X9

Comments: “I have no trophies and consider this Mustang a work in progress. I have just added the Eibach pro-line springs, struts, and shocks and it rides, drives, looks, and handles 100% better, best mod I could have done. I’m working on many more things as the money comes. I call this Mustang the Dark Horse because it is an under dog being a V6 and my hopes are to change that soon with a super charger and some power upgrades.”

Angela’s lowered V6 has been personalized with a variety of mods, ranging from interior to exterior, and from performance to suspension. Angela’s exterior modifications include smoked head and tail lights, plus a custom third brake light that says “Dark Horse,” a rear solar wing, and a running Mustang decal. Her engine bay looks as sharp as her exterior, with a radiator cover that has a custom “Hell Horse” in black and blue. Not one to neglect performance for the sake of looks, she also has a BBK throttle body and a K&N FIPK Generation II, and is planning on adding a supercharger, as she mentioned above.

As Angela modestly mentioned, she doesn’t have any trophies to her name yet, but we’re confident that her blend of style and performance will start winning judges over as she continues to personalize her pony. As our May Ride of the Month grand prize winner, Angela gets bragging rights for a month, plus a $50 gift card and an AmericanMuscle t-shirt.

Think your Pony has what it takes to be the June Ride of the Month? Submit your entry before Tuesday, May 25th. Entries are only good for a month, so make sure you submit yours again if you didn’t win for May. Make sure you check out May’s generational winners, too!

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  • Angela Leggett

    Thanks so much for May’s ride of the month honors!!! I honestly thought I would be submitting my entry for many months as there are many great mustangs out there!!! This honor will added to my first ever car show this month, May 15 @ The Avenue’s in Murfreesboro, TN for the Mufreesboro Hot Rod Club car show.

    • James

      Congrats Ms. Angela,

      Is there anyway to get some pics of your interior….I too have a work in progress and love the exterior color and stance of your car. Once again, congrats


  • Shannon


    Looks good!

  • Greene0119

    Not bad sis!!!

  • Andy

    Great looking car Angela! Enjoy every mile!

  • S. Jones

    That’s My Girl!!!




    Congrats!!!! you did a great job, can’t wait to see more.

  • Bob A.

    Looking good!

  • Paul Bledsoe

    Congrats Angela, from last month’s winner. Very nice!

  • Rob

    Very nice Stang Angela, love the stance.

    Also to the webmaster…in the title Of the article you have “Dark Shadow”, did you mean “Dark Horse”? Just curious.


    • Angela Leggett

      The color is Dark Shadow Gray Metallic. It has the Metallic flake in it and occasionally changes colors depending on if the sun is shining on it or not. Just didn’t leave me enough rooom to complete the color of the car.

      Angela Leggett

  • jack mehoffer

    Wow Its a nice car, but ride of the month??? Is that really the best entry submitted? Do they look for the car with the most bolt on stuff from the site?

    • Betty Jean

      Comment deleted, fighting and provoking one another won’t be tolerated.

    • AMStanger

      We look for the most interesting, promising, or unique Mustang from the pool of submissions each month. We welcome submissions from all generations and styles of Mustangs, no matter how modified (or not) the Mustang is, or where those modifications came from.

      If you want to give yourself the best chance possible to win, make the most of the submission form. Fill all fields out correctly, take good pictures with a real camera (cell-phone cameras aren’t high enough resolution for us to use), and don’t be afraid to enter more than once. It’s no secret that there are tons of awesome Mustangs out there, and we’re going to feature as many as we can, as often as we can. Dedicated as we are though, we can only feature so many great Mustangs at a time.

      That said, you are free to disagree with our selection, but please don’t be insulting to the winners. Offensive, profane, or off-topic comments will be deleted, and we prefer not to have to delete comments.

  • Rob

    Just got it…Dark Shadow gray…Gees.

  • Shawn Phipps

    Congratulations Angela! I will be stopping by the car show as I live in Murfreesboro also, hope to see you there.


    Awesome ‘Stang-congrats!!! Very well deserved win!!

  • Pittbull

    Unique pony.

    Suggestion though, you think you guys could post the 2nd maybe 3rd runner ups as well? I’m always looking for ideas and seeing what other people do to their rides helps alot

  • Gary Busey

    Not a bad looking car, but it’s just a plane jane V6, nothing really special about it (except for the goofy spoiler thing stuck to the rear window). When I think ride of the month, I think a car that has had a ton of time an effort put into it, stuff that really makes it special. The ROTM should be about the car, not the owner.edited to remove offensive material, keep comments clean and polite, please.

    • Angela Leggett

      Gary Busey,

      I have put a lot of time an effort into my car, maybe more on the inside than the outside, but I also believe in remaining true to the Mustangs style. By this I mean everyone has their own preferences but I don’t like to see the Mustang looking more foriegn than American, with different kinds of bumpers, headlights, and etc. I have spent consideralbe amounts of time on my car. For example, it is under a car port everyday with a car cover and it is clay bar cleaned and waxed 3 times a year (notice the shine) with Zymol the best car wax out there in my opinion. If you need pictures of the inside let me know I will send them to you. As well, you can eat off the car itself and eat off the floors, seats, dash, every where. It still has a show room finish, everyone tells me that!!! Yet it is driven daily!!!

  • turbot4

    quit deleting my post’s already!!!

    • Pittbull

      Deleting people’s comments is not a kool thing to do…

      • Mucmjohnson

        But it is necessary to eliminate idiots with bias and a severe lack of manners.

    • AMStanger

      Be polite, rather than insulting, and your comments won’t be deleted. I am serious when I say that offensive, insulting, profane, or off-topic posts won’t be tolerated. :)

    • mr.snapon

      Sorry turbo. they like to delete parts reviews that only give one star too. Its just how the this place works.

      • AMStanger

        We don’t delete product reviews or refuse to post them, unless they are off-topic, misclassified, or contain profanity. The comments on the blog work the same way. :) We welcome feedback, even when it’s negative, as long as it’s presented in a polite, reasonable way. There’s a difference between saying “This product is a piece of **** **** and was made by a *** stupid *** company” (which will not be posted), and “This product is of low quality and has serious fitment issues.” As long as reviews and comments are civil, on-topic, and inoffensive, they are left alone. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, all we ask is that folks be polite when they express it.

  • David Marshall

    Nice car Angela. What is wrong with you people?Because it isnt a V8 car means that its not worthy? This whole hobby is about enjoying what you have I own a 02 Saleen but Im not goingto knock hers. Again nice car dont let these people bother you. Enjoy.

    • FM1R

      It’s about the complete package in general. Originality, performance, Appearance should all be factors. At least all of the forums that I belong/moderate take that into consideration. I run the ROTM on a couple boards. We try to take all of those into consideration. Often performance is the most regarded of the three. It doesn’t have to make 500 horsepower, but people like to see some performance modifications whether it be a full coilover setup, or blower. Anything that seperates the line from an some one likes cars to a hardcore enthusiast. At least that is how I look at it…

  • turbot4

    you guys at AM better be ready , i got 10k to spend and i’m buying my way into the ride of the month!!!

    • AMStanger

      While we would certainly appreciate the business, we don’t base our Ride of the Month on who has spent the most money with us. Most of our submissions are from AmericanMuscle customers, but this is the AmericanMuscle company blog. It’s natural that our customers would find out about the Ride of the Month contest and be more likely to enter than someone who does most of their parts shopping with a different company and who does not read our blog. :)

    • Mucmjohnson

      It won’t make much difference to any of us.  Your attitude is WRONG.

  • Hardballr

    Looks okay apart from the grill but how is this ROTM? Was this clearly the best car? A basically stock V6.

    • turbot4

      makes no sense and this is a tragedy!! :(

      • Angela Leggett

        Tragedy or not you have to deal with it!!!! I don’t like your insults and you are not a true MUSTANG enthusiast!!!!!

  • Louisville SEO

    Very nice car, Angela. I’ve got an 03 same color. Just bought it about a month ago. I’m looking to very soon lower it with the Eibach springs as well – as my first mod. (Can’t stand all that empty fender well space – ugh!!!) I really like the smoked head and tail lights – looks really good with this paint color.

    • turbot4

      this is one of the cars that lost to this 1….

      • turbot4
        • STEVEN

          I like the gtr wing on these cars it makes the gt’s stand out real well and no one has them really.

        • woody258

          Comment deleted, as insults directed towards other commenters will not be tolerated.

          • STEVEN

            Comment deleted because bickering won’t be tolerated. Please keep posts on-topic and friendly.

          • turbot4

            Comment deleted because of profanity and bickering. Enough is enough.

          • Mucmjohnson

            please quit being a jerk.

          • mr.snapon

            rice is better than beans at least

        • Angela Leggett

          Exactly what I mean when I say TRUE to the MUSTANG, thanks for agreeing with me woody258!!! This is to foreign for me!!!

          • turbot4

            yeah a true mustang is a v6 with a solar wing :( ???

    • vicm8lin

      Good lookin’ car Angela. I have the same suspension on my 99 GT convertable. As a first mod u will notice the difference right away and enjoy every high speed turn.

  • FM1R

    I don’t know what they base ROTM on at AM, but I was under the impression that that there was more to it than how many stick on parts you purchased from the AM.. then again, I guess. I would like to think that performance, originality, would be factors as well. While this is a very nice looking car, it doesn’t appear that the better car has won this month. I am disappointed American Muscle….

    • FM1R

      Beautiful car Angela, enjoy your 15 minutes of e-fame…

      • turbot4

        Prefacing something mean with “I don’t want to be mean” does not make it less so.

    • AMStanger

      Speaking as one of the Ride of the Month coordinators, I am disappointed that instead of celebrating a fellow enthusiast and congratulating her, there has been so much complaining about the selection process. Every person is entitled to their own opinion, and is entitled to express it (within the previously–and often–stated guidelines).

      The best way to make sure a Mustang you approve of becomes our Ride of the Month next is to submit yours. When you do, make sure your pictures are good quality and decent size, and that you fill out the entry form completely.

      Once you’ve entered, take a minute to remember that this is a fun contest. And that it’s going to be running for quite a while. So if you disagree with our selection this month, check back next month. Please don’t insult a current winner’s car simply because you don’t like it. :)

      • FM1R

        You can see mine featured under the customers’ rides 2004 Section “Jason’s 2004 Mach1”

      • vicm8lin

        I agree totally AM STanger! I’m submitting mine next month.

  • Bill

    Looks pretty good. Very clean look. I traded in my V6 for a Bullitt a few years ago. I’m not a fan of the grill. I prefer the Mach 1 grill delete, but each to his/her own.

  • turbot4

    i’ve lost all respect for AM maybe i should just start ordering from cjs pony parts…since the knucklehead when i placed my order said i needed 3 quarts of royal purple when i only needed 2…15 bucks down the drain as i’ll never use that bottle…

    • Mucmjohnson

      Maybe that is why most of us check the owner’s manual…or a Ford dealer?  Wake up!

  • Mark C.

    Nice ride Angela. And to the rest of the haters, I’ve got a V6 but it’s my 5th one starting with a ’70 Fastback when I was 17 and I love it as much as any of em. It’s not just about having a blown V8 with 12lbs of boost and 600 hp, it’s about heart. Anyone can go out and buy a so called ‘sports car”, but my respect goes to the person who builds their car the way they like it and not anyone else. She said it was a work in prgress. Would you be happier if it had twin turbos and was blowing you into the weeds. I’ve got my blood, sweat, and yeah some tears in my ’04 and I bleed blue (oval).

    • FM1R

      Mark, it’s all about what you like as an individual. I mean it’s your car, and your money in the end. My biggest thing was that I knoew of several members of my forum who entered cars that in my opinion were way more unique, looked way more physically finished, and had real performance modifications done to them. I thought they were more deserving, but I didn’t discredit Angela. I questioned the system to which cars are picked. Using my own experience as an example. I questioned the fundamentals that were used upon picking a winner.

      If Angela had a set twins on the car, sure I would probably appreciated it a little more as there would’ve been more effort in the build. I know how difficult it would be to fab everything up etc..

      Personally yes, I would rather have a primered notch sitting on coilovers all way round with big and littles and blown and stroked 5.0 under the hood. I am all about performance. Not just about horsepower, but about efficiently make the most power youc an with your setup, and getting it to the ground as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Angela Leggett

    May 5, 2010 at 7:49 pm
    yeah a true mustang is a v6 with a solar wing ???

    I want to reply to your above comment turbot4!! Do you know what the solar wing is for? I don’t every remeber seeing the mustangs in the 60’S with those big ugly spoilers!!! The solar wing is just that “SOLAR” it is made and was made to keep the SUN (solar) out of the back window since you CAN NOT put tint on the black dots that go around the rear window mainly at the top!!! So until now I was not making fun of your car and I don’t appreciate you making fun of mine!!! I hope AMERICAN MUSCULE never gives you the shot at RIDE OF THE MONTH!!!

    • Pittbull

      HAHA solar wing… thats right you read that right S O L A R W I N G!

      you had to pick up about 20hp from that right? with the aerodynamics and downforce and wat not right? i gotta have one of those xD

      nah on second thought I wouldnt wanna order the last one, bc i wouldnt want a Kia Rio owner getting upset.

      AM i love the ROTM its frickin hilarious! i just wish youd post the runner ups! JUST PICS THATS ALL please? 😀

      • Angela Leggett

        My car is not FOREIGN, so don’t refer to it that way!!! Its not for horsepower its for LOOKS, oh but you don’t know about LOOKS DO YOU?

    • turbot4

      angela…no offense to you at all, it’s just alittle gay the way judging is….honestly i only spent like 225.00 dollars with AM i guess i should’ve spent more….
      it’s your car and since you spent the time on it, reps for ya!!…but like i said far from worthy of anything special….
      just my .02

      • Angela Leggett

        Do you think I haven’t spent money on mine? I just spent well over 900.00 buying the Ebiach struts, shocks, and springs to take the gaps out between the tires and the fenders, not to mention another 200.00 just for the caster camber plates to be able to make adjustments. I think AM is saying its not based on how much you spend but the whole package and I don’t like your car and you don’t like mine so leave it at that and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

  • project cursed

    Congrats on the win Angela,
    people are going to pick apart any car that’s not there’s. as long as you like who cares what they think.

  • Dustang

    I too would like to see runner-ups from now on, it would be cool to have like a top three, just so us fellow enthusiasts can see more of the cars you guys get submitted.

  • Matt

    I’m a little “eh” on the solar wing, but other than that nice stang Angela! I love the grill (goes really well with the color of the car), the pony in the rear window looks sick, and yeah cobra R rims just like mine! I love those rims.
    May your journey towards a supercharger be a speedy one!

    • Angela Leggett

      The pony in the rear window you can not see all of it that is probably why it doesn’t look right!!! It is the origianl mustang emblem that FORD has always had!!! I even purchased it from Muscle Car magazine!!! The solar wing is not there to give it any kind of extra horse power just to keep the sun off my leather seats!!! I get plenty of people asking me where I got it!!!

      • FM1R

        Angela, the extra horsepower was a joke. It’s a common thing for Muscle Car guys to tease ricers about.

  • Elouise

    Angela, good job on the car, nice.

  • Chris

    Wow I’m a little dissapointed I didn’t win. Not everydayu see a sixer beat a 800rwho mustang gt….

  • Chris


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  • Mucmjohnson

    My wife’s 04 V6 is Red & Black.  We put on staggered black Bullitt rims, Cervini hood, painted the rear spoiler to match the painted hood (along the hood lines!), a limited slip diff, 3.73 gears, true dual exhaust with a true “H” pipe, and a new leather interior.  She has won 3rd place three years running and last year she was runner up (2nd) place to my 04 GT at the Pensacola Mustang show.  Get in touch and we will post a picture.  It is really killer.  At the shows, most people comment on her car, but my car wins.  This year we have done a bit more “work”: and I’ll bet she either ties or beats me.  SHE IS A HAPPY WOMAN.

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