And, the Generational Ride of the Month Winners Are…

The submissions have been reviewed, votes have been cast, and the panel of dedicated Ride of the Month judges has spoken. We’re pleased to bring you May’s Generational Ride of the Month winners. All winners will receive a $25 gift card and an awesome AM t-shirt, plus bragging rights for an entire month.

2005+ Winner

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Shane Peltz’s silver V6 Mustang is sleek and stylish. As Shane says, “My father bought me my 2006 Mustang V6 thinking we could make a real head turner. With my father’s love for cars and my sense of style we knew we could do it. We started this monster project by putting on a chin spoiler. From there, we decided to dress up the hood by putting on a carbon hood scoop and two black hood pins. From the hood to the engine compartment, we have Red Line chrome hood struts. To brace the the car around turns, we put a Steeda strut tower brace on… We designed our own custom Kat-skin interior. Also we installed triple pod racing gauges and rear window side louvers. Rear racing diffuser and custom striping round out our project. Thank you for all your help AmericanMuscle.”

1994-1998 Winner

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Zachary Vincent loves his dark green ’98. In his words, “She started out a beauty and is now the ruler of her walk ways. She always has ricers hitting on her and she always turns them down by leaving them behind her and seeing them pull off quickly to avoid the embarrassment. She always gets looks and compliments, but she will always be striving for better and never settling for less… I treat her as I want to be treated and everything has worked out between us.”

1979-1993 Winner

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Vic Putiri’s strawberry 1990 fox body is a stunner. Not content with stock, Vic has modified his pony extensively. The hard work has paid off, as he won two different awards at Ford Nationals in Atco, NJ last year. Vic’s fox sports GT-40 upper and lower intakes, GT-40 aluminum heads, a 70mm throttle body, and a Powerdyne supercharger, to name a few. Some of his other mods include a 3 inch cowl hood, plus a custom painted dash and center console, along with silver-faced gauges.

Will you be our next Ride of the Month?

Think your Pony has what it takes to be the June Ride of the Month? Submit your entry before Tuesday, May 25th. Entries are only good for a month, so make sure you submit yours again if you didn’t win for May. Make sure you check out May’s grand prize ride of the month winner, too!

  • felix

    Weres 99-04? :(

    • Chris

      Comment deleted because of inappropriateness. Please keep comments clean and on-topic.

      • Andy

        Actually a 99-04 won…

    • AMStanger

      The grand prize winner (an ’03) is featured in her own post. You can find it here:

      Congrats again to all our winners! :)


        how can we see more of the 2005+ winner

        • http://AMERICANMUSCLE.COM sharon

          I would like to see more also of the 2005+ winners mustang.Father and son projects always seem to turn out great.


        i have a question for you AMSTANGER will a hood from a 2010 mustang fit on a 2006 .

  • shane

    helll yeah i won 2005+!!!!

    • hoofbt2

      Congrats Shane, nice car….I was lucky enough to build up my 89 with my dad as well, we took it from a 100,000 mile 4-banger, and swapped in the running gear from a ’91, and installed a supercharger for grins and giggles…and we also worked together on my 98 GT. It really brought us a lot closer, you’re very lucky to have had this opportunity to do this with your dad, and don’t let what anyone says spoil it for you.

  • Preston

    The 2005+ winner would’ve been awesome… If it was a GT.

  • James J

    ya wth. 2005+ needs to be a freakin V8. lame v6 makes me cry. looks nice but thats as far as a v6 will ever go.

    • EYentz

      James J…How do you go about making fun of the 2005+ winer for his car being a v6 and not a gt…i give him all the more credit for it seeing that it is a v6…most people arent bold enough to bother with a v6…however for those that do it sure is a nice feeling when the little v6 smokes the built v8 cars…its now become no rare feat to see a v6 mustang well into the 10s and and a select few are now in the 9s…with a little “lame v6” as you so simply put it…

      I give all the more props to the 2005+ winner….if you realy want to make is run as nice as it looks visit

      All the winning cars look amazing…congrats to all!


        good point about the V6. thats like insulting your brother or your sister.It’s a awsume mustang v6 or v8 .

      • Angela Leggett

        James J,

        Would you like to tangle with Americna Muscle’s V6 project car!!!! There are V6’s every where that can stomp the V8’s!!! Mine will be one of them!!! Everyone that drives V8’s always down my V6 and I can’t wait to show them other wise!!! It will be soon!!!! American Muscle’s “Ride of the Month” May 2010 Grand Prize winner!!!

        Angela Leggett (Dark Horse)

        • Shawn Smith

          Angela L,
          Congrats on the win!
          Just because you have a smaller engine does not mean you are any nicer of a person. V8 engines have a place in the winners circle just as much, if not more because they are bigger, as V6 engines do and we mod our engines with the same love as any Mustang enthusiast.

        • Preston

          I personally think it’s a huge waste of money to turn a V6 into a “beast” when the same amount of money could turn a GT into a ‘Vette killer.

          • Zora Arkus Duntov

            That’s a nice fantasy you have, Preston. I suppose you’re referring to an ’83 Corvette with 250,000 miles on it and a bad tranny.

            Otherwise, you’d better bolt a rocket engine onto your GT Rustang if you want to even think about ‘Vette killing. Ever hear of a ZR1?

          • vettes4breakfast

            ’83 Chevette, that’s funny, Dunkov….You Chevette guys are all the same…all talk and hot air!!
            Keep on thinking that your precious Vette is the baddest on the road…How’d that joke go, what the difference between a Vette owner and a porcupine? Comment edited to remove vulgarity.

          • AMStanger

            Guys, let’s remember that this is a Mustang blog, and we’re here to talk about Mustangs. There are plenty of forums and blogs out there where you can hash out the Ford vs Chevy debate. Mustangs are our favorites here, but we respect all American muscle cars. Please extend the same respect to your fellow commenters.

          • vettes4breakfast

            I have no problem with that AMStanger…but I’m not gonna sit back and let some Vette dude come in here and start bashing Mustangs when there really is no call for it. I mean if that’s the case then his post should have been totally deleted….I respect all cars too…American and Import as well, but I don’t appreciate the comments that were made to begin with….thanks for a great site and forum….I’ve made my point.

          • Zora

            Well, vettes4, what other American production car has a 205 MPH top speed right off the showroom floor? That’s not hot air, it’s a proven fact. That’s why the ZR1 is the baddest car on the road.

            BTW, do you kiss your mama with that mouth? LOL

          • Dave

            yo vettes4breakfast- the chevy guys dont need to come here and insult Mustangs, just read all the nasty comments from fellow mustang owners about Angela’s ride of the month winner! lots of haters here dude too bad

          • vettes4breakfast

            Yeah, Dave, it’s pitiful…

          • vettes4breakfast

            It is a pretty bad car, no joke intended, not being funny, I think I first saw the ZR-1 on the Barrett-Jackson Auction, I was impressed with it, seriously….but I have yet to see on turn up anywhere. Any word on production numbers….my brother-in-law had an 04 Z06, black, that car was pretty wicked quick. Sorry for the hard-time earlier, couldn’t resist….as far as the bad language issue though, all I said was a word that rhymed with ‘rick’ and began with a ‘p’…ha-ha!!
            Take care guys!!

  • Joe

    I’m diggin the ’98. Would like to see more about that one.

  • ken

    Congrats to the winner! Love to see that a v6 won and your ride looks sweet! And to every GT owner that is upset over a v6 winning the show, the new 2011 v6’s are lining up to smoke your butts off the starting line. Hahaha! In fact, just the other day I saw a supercharged v6 destroy a sluggish 09 GT…hmmm, not so wimpy I guess 😉

  • Zachary VIncent

    I won! This site can not get any better! SWEET!

  • shane

    No they just know whats good. Thats why i wonn!:)



    • steve

      Maybe it’s because your CapsLock key is stuck?

  • AJ

    Hey man anyway I can get the tire and rim size as well as the brand of rims on the 98?

    • Zachary VIncent

      The rims size on my 98 is 18×9 (3.25″ lip) in the front with 245/40R/18 and in the rear is 18×10 with 275/40R/18 (5.00″ lip). The rims are Omega godspeed rims. I also have a 1.25″ wheel spacer on the rear tires from this site.

  • Zachary VIncent

    I won the 94-98 Mustang “may of the Month!” I have added a lot and not close to stopping yet.

  • hoofbt2

    Congrats to all the winners….nice cars, every one of them. I have entered my 98, we’ll see what happens, I hope to be joining you guys in the ‘winner’s circle’. It would be nice if there was some way that we could see what cars are being entered for each month though…

  • Stephonie Erin

    Zach deserved to win! haha [: he loves his car wayy too much sometimes though.

    • Zachary VIncent

      Thank you! I really do love my car to much at times but it pays off in the long run. I want to keep her forever as my first car so my son can to have the same passion I did.