Mixing Mustangs and Models. Original, huh?

Like beer and pizza, the pairing of cars and babes never gets old, and never goes out of style. Once again celebrating this wonderful combination of curves, the upcoming 2010 AmericanMuscle.com calendar will feature 12 months of greatest hits from both of these all-time favorites.

Of course working for AmericanMuscle comes with some serious benefits, like getting your car in a calendar. This year’s theme was employee cars. So now you know what we’re driving. We wanted to share at least some of the experience with you. Here’s a little behind the scenes look at the 2010 AmericanMuscle.com Calendar photo shoot that took place here at our office last week. Now don’t say we never did anything for you.

Here are just a few of our favorite behind-the-scenes photos. You’ll have to wait for the calendar to see the rest.

AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 1

AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 2AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 3AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 4AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 5 AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 06AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 07AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 08AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 09

AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 10AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 11AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 12AM 2010 Calendar Shoot 13

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  • Norm


    Post more videos of hot chicks jumping please.


  • Brandon

    Only one problem with that shoot, my car isnt there!

  • http://www.PrecisionCarRestoration.com Jon Hantsbarger

    The two best things we have in America. Muscle cars and beautiful girls.

  • Aaron Baldwin

    Mother of god. Next year, do a shoot with Canadian Mustang owners. *cough* Did I mention I’m Canadian?

  • http://www.gain-muscle.co.uk/ Richard Smith

    Woa those chicks are amazing! That’s hotness all round with the skidding too, yowsers 😛

  • Chris

    My car should be with the girl in black skirt from first pic. Love the photo shoot. Very Nice

    • http://phillysnaps.com JoeyMas

      Chris we can do a custom shoot when ever you like. 267-690-1443

  • JoeyMas

    It was a great day and as the Photographer for the calendar shoot I would like to say that I never worked with a classier client! AM took great care to make sure we had everything we needed to do the job. Even the girls made a point to express how respectful everyone was.

    It was an all out fun day :)


  • http://nwimustangs.com Garrett Bianchi

    When can I get my hands on one of these calendars???

  • Derek

    I second the hot chick jumping request!

  • Dick Murphy

    When will the calendars be available????????? It is on the top of my christmas wish list!

  • butthead

    Huh huh huh huh.

    Come to Butthead.

  • http://phillysnaps.com JoeyMas

    12 cars, 5 girls and shot in one day in one parking lot. Everyone seemed pretty happy and the Calendar looks great :)

    We spent about 1/2 hour per car and were movin fast.

    AM is a great company to work for Dave. You should def offer to do the 2011 Job if you have the staff for it. But I do think that knocking the companies current product is not a great way to start a solid business relationship.

    Think positive brotha


  • Mustang Charles!

    I got my yearly American Muscle Calendar. Its not bad, but who’s the cow in the October shoot? C’mon guys, you can do better than somebody’s sister you owe a favor too!

    • http://blog.americanmuscle.com Cobra4her

      Mustang Charles, I second that comment! That goes for most of the “models” (I guess that’s what you call them.) And no, to all of you who think I’m jealous. If your going to spend the money to put together a calendar with beautiful cars, hire models with the same attributes. I’m not saying Playboy, but make the calendar something EVERYONE would appreciate looking at. Not all Mustang owners are men. I would have bought one.

      • Car dude

        Yo Cobra, different strokes for different folks, know what I mean? It’s obviously a low budget production, these girls can’t be real models. It could have/should have been much better.

  • http://blog.americanmuscle.com Cobra4her

    Wow! The cars are beautiful. Why not splurge and hire attractive, professional models to compliment the cars? You have done much better in the past. I saw maybe 3 cute girls. Looks unprofessional. Not trying to bash, but not what I expected.

    • Stangarama

      Yeah, the whole thing looks cheesy, like you shot it in one sunny day in your parking lot. Spend a few bucks next time, boys.


    that all you got you should see my girl.

  • http://www.igre.it Igre

    Wow, great video.. drifting and babes :)

  • Marsha

    …How about chics that are gear heads too? What about us?

  • fastback

    I think they did an awesome job. I will be one to say thanks guys! loved it. The rest are haters, typical on the net. ps wk… lets see your girl! lol cause, it would appear she didn’t make the calendar 😉

  • Darnell

    come work on my stang with me Marsha..wink ( ;

  • http://colorgenerator.net/ Colorgenerator

    UU mmama 😀