Super-Powered 2005 V6 Project Car Videos Revealed!

The wait is over! We are proud to bring you not just one, or even two or three, but FOUR incredible videos which take you through the stages of our 2005 V6 Project Car Build. We know you’re wondering how we managed to add so much torque and horsepower (not to mention sex appeal) to our project Mustang, and we’re psyched to show you the final numbers and performance gains!

Part 1: In the first video, Dave Kaeck kicks things off at Swarr Auto with our baseline dyno run to get the raw numbers, plus a first look at the huge variety of parts we’re using on our ’05 Legend Lime V6.

Part 2: Our performance overhaul continues with the installation of a new CAI, exhaust, and custom tune. We also start our styling with by installing lowering springs and adding a new set of wheels and tires.

Part 3: In the third video, the crew from Swarr Auto brighten up the ‘Stang with new headlights, taillights, and and some side marker decals. After that, Dave heads to the home garage for some final styling featuring pre-painted parts from AmericanMuscle.

Part 4: In our fourth video, we reveal our final numbers as Dave heads back for one last dyno run (and to add a little something extra).

Contest Winners

Now that you’ve watched the videos, you know how accurate your guesses were. That means it’s time to announce the winners of our Guess the Mods, Win $50 contest. The first two people with the most total correct guesses were Matt Natereli and Zachary Vincent. Congrats, guys! We’ll be contacting you at the email addresses you listed on your comments to send out your prizes.

For more videos, pictures, and information about the parts featured in these videos, be sure to check out AmericanMuscle’s V6 Project Car Page.

Now you’ve seen what we did with our 2005 Legend Lime Project Mustang. What would you have done, if this were your project?

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  • Matt Natereli

    OMG I won! Awesome! All I need now is suggestions on what to spend the money on! You guys are awesome!

  • david

    i have a legend lime v6 also and have been struggling what to mod — love it

  • Norm

    Nice project! :)

  • Bill R

    Wow, those dyno numbers are amazing! That seems close to the range of a stock GT. If you happen to take it to the strip please let us in on the times.

  • MustangJames

    Awesome videos guys, the car turned out great! The exterior styling is sick!

  • Blake

    Great build guys! Both my wife and I will be doing similar builds to both our mustangs. I’m throwing in catback dual exaust, a Diablo tuner chip, Pro Charger Supercharger, and JBL shorty Headers. Expecting the total HP to be between 345 and 390 off of the V6 if my numbers are right.

  • ken

    Awesome video series guys. It was incredibly helpful and has me very anxious to add my planned modifications. And wow, what a transformation…going from a boring stock V6 to a power thirsty monster…great!

    Two things I would have liked to have seen.

    1. More sound clips of the Pypes true dual exhaust. Can never get enough of those.

    2. A supercharger added :) Hmmm, maybe a future installment?

    Either way, thanks for the email and the great video series.

  • Jay nine

    Can someone fix my computer?? I cannot view the videos. Thanks!!

    • AMStanger

      Hi, Jay. The videos are compatible with every browser but Internet Explorer 64 bit. If that’s what you’re using, you’ll have to switch over to Internet Explorer 32 bit in order to watch the videos.

  • zyon

    Quick question. You show a picture of two strips of rubber left after a burn out. The V6 has an open rear end which means it only does the one wheel spin. You do not have a rear listed as a modification? If you changed the differential I’m guessing it’s a Ford racing… what gears did you throw in? If I overlooked it I’m sorry but I couldn’t find the info.

    I threw the Ford limited slip and a set of 4:10 and I could pull a stump out of the ground with my car now.

  • Dave Martin

    The one thing I think that was missed was to add Tork-Loc rearend in the 7.5 rear with a rear end girdle cover……

    • zyon

      Yah, and if that is so then the picture of the two wheel burn out was not from that Stang unless it went up the street and back down the street doing a burn out. I ope the forgot to mention the addition of the LSD.

    • AMStanger

      The burnout picture we have up on the Project Page is actually from two different burnouts. We needed a few different shots of a burnout, so the driver was asked to do two burnouts, in practically the same spot. Because the two paths were very similar, the two tracks look almost like a full set. If you look closely at the spacing, though, and where the rubber actually starts, you can see they’re different. It’s also worth mentioning that those shots were taken in our parking lot, where burnouts happen on pretty much a daily basis, so you can also see some faded tire tracks in other places.

  • Donovan Peters

    You get much more power with the Saleen quad exhaust because we had the GT setup on our LL vert and we swapped it over to the quads and the power difference was quite a lot mainly in torque that is.

  • John

    that V6 is tight, except i hate the color

  • Andrew

    I drive my 05 V6 year round, rain & snow, 1000+ km a week. 275000 km (171000miles) so far. I would love to bump up it’s output. How will a well maintained yet high mile car hold up to these mods?

    • Nick NoX

      Eventually, the nitrous will fry the engine, probably within a few months.

  • miguel

    supercharger? this v6 needs one

  • Zach Robertson

    What kind of chin spoiler is that?

  • Zach Robertson

    What type of chin spoiler is that?

    • AMStanger

      Hi, Zach! We used a black CDC chin spoiler.

  • AMStanger

    Thanks for all the great responses so far! We’ve received a few questions from folks wondering if Doug Studdard (of Bama Custom Tuning) wrote one of his custom tunes for our build of the ’05 V6. The Project Car was completed well before our partnership with Doug began, so Eric Swarr did the tuning himself with on of our SCT SC3 Power Flash Tuners at Swarr Auto. Yes, it’s true…editing all of these videos really did take that long!

  • Mojtaba

    Im just curious if the 250 Torque is at the wheels because i have exactly the sane mods C&L intake, 91 Race tune from Doug and Mac duals + 3.73 gears Tlock but my numbers are not even close to those i got 172 Rwhp 189 Rwtorq on Mustang dyno. 250 rwtorque seems too high for just Cai/Tune and Exhaust. Maybe you guys measured the bone stock at the wheels and after at the crank??? I dunno but enjoyed the vid. Gteat job

    • AMStanger

      Mustang dynos will give you slightly lower numbers than most other dynos, but they’ll be more accurate for actual driving conditions. We had our Mustang dyno’d on a Dynojet at Swarr Auto, and we happened to have perfect weather conditions, which helped our numbers out.

  • Derek

    I been saving parts off your site into my favorites trying to decide which ones are the best but im having trouble picking for my 03 v6 pony. Think you could do the same thing you did for the 05 for the 03 =D. You probley already did but i only found your website 6 months ago. plz and thanks!!

    p.s just a list of parts would be nice to dont have to deck out a full car.

  • Tony

    I agree, those numbers seem super high for a CAI/Tuner combo. It would be awesome if that were true since I have those mods. Can you offer some clarification as to how you possibly gained 66 torque and 44 horsepower? That conflicts with everything I have ever seen on the forums?


    • AMStanger

      We got such high numbers because we had perfect conditions for the second dyno run. It also helped that we switched from a low-octane fuel to a much higher one. Other than that, though, there aren’t any ‘secrets’ to share. :)

      • zyon

        A properly tuned vehicle will do wonders. A large percentage of HP is restricted by computer at the factory and not to mention how you can jack things up with better fuel. Add more air input and more output you can push more fuel. Simple key to HP.

        • Tony

          But…if Mustang dynos do indeed produce slightly lower numbers than other dynos, it should all still be relative. Can you really make those claims saying “perfect conditions” accounted for that much of an increase? Can that not be reversed and stated as “well our baseline conditions were crappy the first time, thus such a large increase the second time?” Sounds more of a dyno issue than a CAI/Tuner miracle.

          Not trying to start trouble, considering I have the CAI and Bama Tune and dig the fact you are paying attention to us V6’ers, but I have NEVER seen numbers that high.

          It would be awesome if it were true, but even pre-American Muscle Bamachips showed how it was in the 20-30 range…

          • Nick NoX

            It has nitrous, an easy way to increase HP, as long as you don’t fry the engine.

  • james

    i dont understand the nitrous part. wouldnt you need forged pistions and heads? like ive heard several roomers that you would have to have all this stuff done to even run nitrous or you would blow your engine. so whats true?

    • AMStanger

      We used a Zex nitrous kit because it safely atomizes and mixes the fuel and nitrous through a window control switch. This means you are always getting the proper nitrous/fuel ration. Zex’s tech division designed this kit specifically to work safely with a 3-V from a 55 to 100 shot on stock internals.

  • Keegan Trombley

    I have an 09 v6 and i was wondering about how much hp does just the tuner add?

  • Jimmie Johnson

    Great videos, but you cut out all the parts where Camaros blew the doors off your Rustang!!

    • Mrod1012

      Hey jimmie your obviously one those bandwagon Chevy guys but everyone knows the only thing those stupid ass camaros usually have over most mustang is the fact that they weight extremely to feakin much. And before you come on a mustang site and start yappin your gums about FATmaros, lol, always remmeber this One of the reasons why Louis Chevrolet got into the business of car makin with that William guy who started GM was because they wanted to try and compete with (key word “TRY”) Henry FORD. So really Ford is Chevy’s Daddy. So respect your elders.

      Great Project American Muscle. I myself have an 02 GT with a Kenne Bell that took me 5 months to save up for lol. At first the wife hated the idea but now she tries to sneak off with my keys just so she can drive it to work lol. I think its cool when guys try and beef up the V6 Stangs its always intresting to see how far a person is willing to go just to be able to run with the big boys. Great Project Though and good luck to everyone with the V6 projects.

      • Jimmie Johnson

        Well, Mrod, it took a while, but I finally deciphered your bad spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

        Louis Chevrolet was a successful race car driver and engine designer. Some things never change!

        The Model T was cheap to build and purchase. Some things never change…

        Given your logic, Chevrolet and Ford’s Daddy is actually Karl Benz, whose Motorwagen was built in 1885, and patented the next year.

        Where would Ford be without Chevy?
        In 1918 Chevy built a V8, and an overhead valve inline 6.
        In 1957 Chevy introduced fuel injection.
        In 1955 Chevy produced their small block V8 engine, which is still going strong today.
        With an in-block camshaft and only two valves per cylinder, it greatly outperforms Ford’s small block with overhead cams and three valves per cylinder. Some things never change…

        So respect your betters.

        • mario

          Comment removed because of profanity. Comments must be free of profanity and vulgarity or they will be deleted.

        • Rudy

          So what do you think about the new 5.0 and the new 3.7 in the Fords? You have to admit that Chevy is far behind Ford today.
          Even in the number of sales Chevy is lacking…. I still can’t see why you would even take the time to visit this site if all you want to do is make uneducated comments about fords products.
          Please stay in you “little” Chevy fan club….

    • AMStanger

      Enough, guys. This is a Mustang blog, and we’re here to talk about Mustangs. We respect all American muscle cars, and we ask that comments be kept polite and respectful. Any comments that are out of line will be deleted.

  • Steveo

    Where those base line numbers off the Manual transmission or the Automatic Transmission.
    I’ll assume it was the Auto as 9-10 V6’s are autos. Perhaps I’m wrong.
    Mine however is different, as it has the T5 manual. So I was wondering what kind of test Mule you used…

    I plan to get an SCT yet again I’m not sure if you provide the correct software. but all this will be questions I’ll ask you guys when I get around to doing that.

  • Jared

    Although the build up was cool, I dont think you guys should have used that stang. Even with those little bolt ons, that V6 will probably only keep up with GT’s not walk away from em.

    I think it would be cool if you did a build up on a 2 valve GT. I know most of the people who shop at this site are just looking for basic bolt ons, but for the percentage of us who want a little more that 35-40whp that would be cool. Id bet you could make 350-400whp out of a new edge with heads cams and a blower.

    • Steveo

      Same ole same ole comment “Why don’t you just get a gt? God that gets old.
      Look at the price difference between the two and then see of your estimate is the same Jared.
      You will be surprised what can be done with a 5,000 dollar price difference between the two.
      Yes obviously the GT will reflect better power figures…it better bloody should…

      Am I comparing the two? no way…the Gt is in a class of its own…but to say that they choose a wrong set up is merely your opinion.

  • project cars

    Very tasteful project. I like.

  • Taylor T.

    I have an ’07 V6 with a CAI and Ford Racing True Dual exhaust kit, I just ordered the bama tuner. Everyone says tuning your car will make a huge difference…Can I get some real advice on what tuners do??? (I ordered a 93 octane tune)

  • mikeycasanova

    i got a 08 bone stock red mustang v6 and im been going back n foward on how can i make it look sexier. dis video helped me wit performance but now on its sex appeal i need some suggestions. im aiming towards the white racing stripes

  • mikeycasanova

    i got a 08 bone stock red mustang v6 and im been going back n foward on how can i make it look sexier. dis video helped me wit performance but now on its sex appeal i need some suggestions. im aiming towards the white racing stripes. any opinions?

    • Ben Hooks

      Deleted due because of childishness. I was not kidding. Be polite, or have your comment deleted.

    • The Situation

      Comment deleted because of lack of legitimate content.

      • The Situation

        Yo AM!!! I got your legitimate content right here!!!

  • Zachary VIncent

    No way! I also won! GREAT! This is so awesome.

  • Wayland

    I see that American Muscle is staying up to date with the newer V6es and that’s great, but I have a ’94 V6 with no plans to get a new vehicle soon. For me personally, there isn’t enough dedicated to my model on the website.

  • ruben

    i dont know if i can belive the claims about you guys geting 285 hp on your v6 because iv been doing research and all the 6ers with nitrous end up getting minimal gains like theyr running like 14.8 that isnt eaven a full second better than stock and the only way ill belive it is if u post a video of this cars time at the track

  • Rudy

    When are you guys goign to drop in a power adder other that NOS? I wasnt to see what numbers come out of the V6 with a supercharger or a twin turbo system or even one huge turbo on it. I just have to see the numbers and it seems like this is the only thing you guys are missing on this V6……

  • http://Americanmuscle Pull me over red

    Hello Jimmy Johnson

    Read Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” Henry Ford is god.

    Btw this is a mustang site so don’t try to come into a blog shooting your revolvers. Ss vs. 5.0- look it up :)

  • Alfredo Gonzalez

    Congratulations for your mustang very nice mods, my question is how do you refill the zex nitrouse ? and how much money did u spent in everything?

  • KB

    WOW! Would this all work on my ’08 V6 as well? It’s an automatic tranny, though. Will that make any difference or are you already using an automatic?

  • http://n/a Rod

    I need help. I ahve a nice little car. 2010 Ford Sport trac. It is gutless. Can you guys help me beef it up? Or point me in the right direction? It is an auto, 4wd, all options with a 4.0 V6. I know it has a sleeping giant under there!

    • Steveo

      SORRY its not a sleeping giant…BUT its can be modified to an extent.

      what works on the 4.0 v6 for the mustang will work for yours if its the same mill…so Yeah look around the site and see what will pop up for the v6 mustangs…

    • StrangerDANGER

      American muscle might not like this but if your looking for more 4.0 stuff try.
      and Explore express 

  • V6 Power

    what kind of 0-60 and 1/4 mile times is this set up capable of, with and without the zex?

  • Mr.K

    What was the total price range of all these add-ons?

  • Allen Shears

    Was doing research for an article I hav e to write for your class this site helped such a large amount thanks!

  • Blake J

    hey i have looking at your site for months now trying to figure out what i should buy, i was wondering if you could help me out. I want to know how to get the most HP and Torque out of my car. Can u help me pick all the mods i need…. i have a 2005 V6 Mustang Coupe (all stock)

    • stabNwagon

      If your talking about serious power than a super charger and a tuner but that will be a lot just guessing it runs around 4k. 

      Normally people start with a cold air intake and a tuner which will run around 600 or more. Also cut weight, weight=power for every 100  pounds lost usually gives you the feeling of 10 hp. (its also free)And some companies also make under drive pullies which will free up some horse power.

  • Jeff Buky

    I don’t understand the initial dyno. Isn’t the un-modified 2005 Stang specs 210 hp and 240 lb/ft torque?

    • Nicky Sixx Richardson

      No, 210 HP – 240 LB/FT torque stock isnt to the wheels. They’re talking 210 HP raw power to the wheels and 250 LB/FT Torque to the wheels. Drive train loss is a big factor with mustangs because they are rear wheel drive which causes them to loose above average in drivetrain loss.

  • Anonymous

    is about to purchase a 96 ford mustang… any suggestions on what i should do to the car?

  • Sgrodek

    The mustang looks awsome, I’m in the process of getting my mustang fixed upped myself can’t wait to get it all done, Just bought some window louvers, seat covers, hood scoop and then my next purchase is my rear spoiler i’m getting the GT style spoiler for my 2005 Mustang, just the other day had my windows tinted man my mustang is really starting to look good I really enjoy driving my mustang it’s a awsome car tks

  • Mattslanina

    Isn’t there a cleaner way to have a dual exhaust conversation without cutting your bumper!? Ouch

  • C Garlow1990

    Hi love the project car but I was thinking you guys should bring it back into play. I’d love to see how the stage 2 procharger runs on this beast as I am thinking of getting one myself and would like to see how it performs with the current mods. I think it would be an excellent segment.

  • Wizz

    panhard bar?

  • Lukehenderson360

    Hey if you have the Pypes true dual exhaust for v6, What rear bumper do i get?

    • Kevin Duck

      A gt bumper fits the v6

  • Terry W

    I have a 2008 convertible that I have added cold air, throttle spacer, pypes duels and a tuner ( the car rocks now)  also 20” x 10’ and 20”x 8’s, new rear and front lights, grills.
     I have not dynode it so I was wondering what the 05 project car spec’s ended up.

  • Jordan Latouche14

    Hi! Very Nice looking car. I currently have a  2002 v6 and I want to upgrade to this generation. I just want to know one thing, was this an auto or manual transmission?