AM Prove Your Love For Mustangs Contest – Winners Announced Valentines ContestWinners Announced!
The American Muscle Valentines Contest is finally over and it is now time to announce the winners! We carefully mulled over the submissions, and there were some real interesting entries that I am going to post up for your viewing enjoyment! But before we get to them, let’s check out the winning entries first!

The Winners:

  • First Place – $250 American Muscle Gift Certificate
    • Richard B. of Woonsocket, RI
    • Made a movie he did.
  • Second Place – $100 American Muscle Gift Certificate
    • Adam B. of Sunderland, MA
    • Adam wrote a song dedicated to his one true love “Sophie”, his Mustang and sang it to the tune of Ritchie Valens’ famous song “Oh, Donna”!
    • Download and listen to Oh Sophie
    • Lyrics:
      • Oh Sophie, Oh Sophie
        Oh Sophie, Oh Sophie
        I have a car
        Sophie is her name
        since she broke down
        I’ve never been the same
        cause I love my car
        God how I love my Ford Mustang! Love my Ford mustang!

        I have no cash
        to upgrade my car
        I spent all my dough on
        a new alternator
        so I beg American Muscle
        please send me some money, some muscle money.

  • Third Place – $50 American Muscle Gift Certificate
    • Tiffeny W. of Tupelo, MS
    • Tiffeny submitted the story of her lifelong passion of Mustangs…and how they got her engaged!
    • Download Full Story Here
    • Story Excerpts:
      • “It all started for me when I was 3 years old. My Daddy and Granddaddy gave me a little matchbox toy of a red ’65 convertible. I was instantly hooked.”
      • “I hear the ‘tink-tink’ noise of pebbles hitting my car. “Oh my God, he just didn’t.” I jump out of my car about to bust some tail, and he looks at me, winks and says, “How you doin’?” “
      • “The summer after we got engaged, Brad found a 7UP for sale from one of his friends, and presented it as a wedding gift to ourselves. I now own the car I’ve wanted since I was 5 years old!”

There were several outstanding runners up too…especially in the video catagory. Enjoy the winners for now, and check back on Monday for the runner ups!


Read the original post below: Valentines Contest
Prove Your Love For Mustangs & American Muscle!
Friday February 13th Through Monday March 2nd

Do you love Mustangs? Is AmericanMuscle your one true love? Is your significant other green with jealously because you spend more time and money on your car then with them? Then this contest is for you!

The AmericanMuscle Valentines Contest gives you a chance to prove your love of Mustangs and AmericanMuscle is true! And the best part is, we are giving you complete creative freedom on this one. You could draw a picture, make a movie, write a song or poem, take a picture, use your skills in flash animation, the possibilities are truly endless!

But the really really good part is, the three submissions that best prove their love for AmericanMuscle and Mustangs will be taking home a total of $400 in AmericanMuscle Gift Certificates!

The Prizes:

  • First Place – $250 AmericanMuscle Gift Certificate
  • Second Place – $100 AmericanMuscle Gift Certificate
  • Third Place – $50 AmericanMuscle Gift Certificate

To submit your entry, you must attach it to your email or if it is over 2MB, you must host it on an FTP, YouTube, PhotoBucket, or a similar site and include the full URL to it.  The winners will be carefully selected by our expert judges!

The Fine Print:

  • Your entry or entries must be submitted before 3:00PM Eastern Time on Monday March the 2nd. Winners will be announced Friday March 6th.
  • You must include your full name, address, phone number, and email address when submitting. (Personal information will only be used internally for our records and to deliver your prize. No personal information collected will be used for outside solicitations or sold in any way.)
  • Everyone is eligible to enter, you do not have to have made a previous purchase from
  • You may submit as many unique entries as you want. Do Not SPAM the same entry multiple times or ALL of your entries will be disqualified!
  • Contest entries must be kept appropriate for website publishing in order to win. (Think PG13 or Cleaner)
  • Contest open to US residents only, certain terms and conditions apply. Valentines Contest
Prove Your Love For Mustangs & American Muscle!
Friday February 13th Through Monday March 2nd

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  • Anonymous

    Richard B. of Woonsocket, RI awesome video!!!!! I can totally relate!

  • Anonymous

    I am a band director with a 06 vista blue conv ponie. I have about 6-7 kids with Mustangs in the band. I wonder if that will happen like that here. Great Story. I think you should have received first place though.