AM My Hooptie Contest – Winners Announced! My Hooptie Contest – Over $300 In Prizes!
The Winners Have Been Announced!

The My Hooptie Contest has come to an end and it is time to announce the winners!

We had a ton of good entries, so selecting the winners was no easy process. But we believe that the cars we selected are the quintessential epitome of that which is Hooptie!

  • 1st Prize – Jesse N. of Tell City, IN:

    “My hooptie is a 1990 ford thunderbird! She has right around 200k miles on it and plenty of dents and marks that remind me of the fond memories. My father brought it brand new and when I turned 16 he gave it to me. It got me through my high school years and it’s not as gas efficient as it used to be so I use my ‘stang for college but when I want to go out and have fun without worrying about my ‘stang I take my hooptie!!

    You have to start it with a screw driver and push it to go reverse but other than that it’s great! My memories range from burning my tranny doing a burnout in reverse (stupid 16 y/o event) to taking a gravel road too fast and putting it in the creek. After all it’s my hooptie. It’s irreplaceable! Keep Rocking American Muscle!!”

    • 1st Place Prizes:

      • $150 American Muscle Gift Certificate

      • American Muscle T-Shirt
      • American Muscle Quarter Window Decals

  • 2nd Prize – Coradene M. of Antonito, CO:

    “I have so many memories and stories about my baby, it is hard to pick one. This is a 1996 Ford Mustang V6 3.8 and I have had this car since 2004. I am proudly the 3rd owner, and I have had the chance to sell her, but just can’t. Last summer I blew the motor and had to pay a mechanic $1700 for repairs. It took forever to re-build this engine and I waited patiently.

    After the repairs to the motor, I wanted to spice up the appearance as you see she is in dire need of a new coat of paint. I started with the small things first. A Chevy pick-up backed in to my car. The folks of this pick-up refused to pay the damages. So I paid for them on my own. I wanted to replace the headlights that they ‘knocked’ out-and I found out about American Muscle. I purchased these headlights, and waited patiently. About 1 week or so they had arrived UPS. I opened them up-and to my surprise-they were gorgeous!!!

    It took my dad so long to put them on-if seemed to be one excuse after another. He didn’t have the tools, he didn’t have bulbs, and finally he just didn’t have the time. I found a friend to put them on-and it took about 2 hours. I continued to wait patiently. My friend said that I had to purchase new bulbs, and so I did. I drove to a local automotive parts store and purchased new bulbs. I learned through this process to put the bulb in myself. So I did. I proudly put the bulbs in, and at last I was ready to be on the road again. I told the store clerk Thank You, and I walked out! I started my Mustang-and proceeded to back out and I wiped out my tail-lights! HA! Can you believe this! And to top it all off-it was another Chevy Pick-Up! So don’t be surprised to see an order for tail-lights!”

    • 2nd Place Prizes:

      • $100 American Muscle Gift Certificate

      • American Muscle T-Shirt
      • American Muscle Quarter Window Decals

  • 3rd Prize – Courtney O. of Jeffersonville, IN:


    “Hello, my name is Courtney, and I am a loyal customer of American muscle and I want to submit my entry for my Buick century 1995. It has 144,000 miles on it and I LOVE IT!!!! LOL my girlfriend hates the car but I can’t get rid of it. Only 1 window works and the driver’s side window motor just stopped working so I had to duct tape it to protect it from the rain LOL. I get attention all the time but for the wrong reasons LOL. People look at me like I’m scum and I just can’t help but laugh.

    The air conditioning doesn’t work and even though its summer time I still roll down my only working window halfway and enjoy the little breeze that I have in 94 degree weather LOL. Its missing a hubcap on both sides of the car LOL. I’ve blown 2 head gaskets but it’s been a true soldier! I have had it since it was new and I will NEVER get rid of it!! It’s so old that the rear-view mirror has fallen off twice, the windshield is cracked but I love it!! I am proud to say though that I just bought a 2004 Mustang GT 40th anniversary edition but I still have my BUICK LOL. Please look at these pictures as my words don’t do it justice! LOL”

    • 3rd Place Prizes:

      • $50 American Muscle Gift Certificate

      • American Muscle T-Shirt
      • American Muscle Quarter Window Decals

For original full contest details, click here!

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  • Anonymous

    I wish I’d realized this contest was going on. I was once the highly embarrassed driver of the Whooptie of all Whoopties. I know you’re spelling it “Hooptie”, but “Whooptie” is the way I remember it. I even had “It’s my Whooptie” pasted in sticker letters across the back window.

    I congratulate the winner, but let it be known, that there’s no way he could compete with my 1984 Volkwagon Rabbit / Diesel, with the “Ultra HOT” sticker on the hatchback. I mean it was a peice of junk, and I had the unfortunate privilege of driving it. Not only, could you hear me coming 6 blocks away, but it had a faulty horn as well.

    I’ll never forget the series of speed bumps we had down our high school entry-way. There were three of ‘em, and I was convinced that everybody who was anybody in our school, was lined up just waiting for me to arrive.

    My two best friends, who were twins, had to catch a ride to school with me one day, and the minute we turned into the school drive, Brent, who was in the back seat, hit the floorboard, and Kent, who was in the front, rolled the seat all the way back as fast as he could, so he wouldn’t be seen.

    You talk about embarrassing… I’m tellin’ ya, I cringed every time I hit a speed bump, because each one had the potential of setting that horn off. I can literally remember each time that happened, and the way I had to bang on the horn to try and make it stop. Occasionally, I could stop it, but most of the time it started right back up. Sometimes it would even stop for several seconds, and then start up again. I remember sitting there in my parking space, banging on the horn for two or three minutes after turning the “Whoopster” off, trying to get that horn to stop. One day I just left it honking… Needless to say, I didn’t get many dates back in high school!

    Fortunately, though, in 2000, I got the opportunity to upgrade (Don’t worry, I wasn’t still driving the “Whoopster”). I was selling Fords at a dealership in DeSoto, TX, when the car I’d been waiting for, finally rolled on the lot. A bonafided “Chick Magnet”! It was a 2000 model, black on black, Mustang GT, loaded to the hilt…leather and all!

    She’s still my baby, and probably always will be. She’s currently got 128,000(+) miles on the odometer, and a very rich history to go along with each mile…. but that’s for another time and another place.

    My congratualtions to the winner, and the runner’s-up…. Just know, though, you are very fortunate souls!

    Lance Fisher