9 Mustangs and 7,176 Horsepower on the Dyno & Track

Are you ready to be jealous? There’s 9 of the sickest, streetable Mustangs in these videos, putting down an average of 800HP to the rear wheels! These aren’t just steroid-ed up Mustangs cruizing the street, these are the ones that put them to shame.

This year, the crew at AmericanMuscle.com and our friends at 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine picked the perfect pack. We had drama, broken parts, 4-digit horsepower and blistering track times on street tires! Watch the track madness:

What is the King of the Street?

Every year we bring the most powerful, streetable Mustangs to Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green Kentucky during the NMRA World Finals to go head-to-head and find out who’s got what it takes to be the King of the Street. They put down big horsepower numbers on the dyno and face-off at the track to earn their place as the most powerful and highest performing Mustang of the year. Each Mustang is also judged on streetability as it is driven on real streets and put to the test where it matters everyday!

You could be the 2012 King of the Street, make sure to enter when we post up the applications in August 2012!

Got something to say? Make sure to tell us what you think in the comments below!

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  • Anonymous

    I’ve never seen a Mustang with 800 hp power; that is crazy powerful. Can’t believe that is street legal but I’ll take your word for it if you say so : Sounds insanely powerful…

    Ford St Louis

    • Mtnwalt

      There are even 1000 HP Mustangs!

  • Maria Wegner

    I can’t help but think
    “Mustang” when I hear the phrase “American Muscle Cars.” To me, they’re
    synonymous. These videos are exactly why I think so! 800hp on a Mustang! That’s
    sick, indeed! Check out more awesome American Muscle classics at http://www.colonyfordlincoln.com/used-cars-mississauga-dealers.htm.

  • Ivo Beutler

    Whoa! My mind was blown! Those Mustangs are so amazing. Possessing one of those will definitely make you a street celebrity! The red one is really beautiful. I just hope I have enough money to get my hands on it!

    Ivo Beutler