5-Wide Mustang Burnout Caught on Camera!

Our team has always been known for being a little Mustang crazy. I think it might be getting out of control! Some of our employees can’t even keep themselves from having a little fun when they head out to grab a bite to eat!

We were filming inside in the AM Garage, when we heard the rumble of 5 Mustangs starting outside the door. We luckily caught them on our security camera footage (2012 Boss, 2012 GT, 2011 GT, 2011 V6 and 2007 GT) and were able to put this video together! I’m sure normally this kind of stuff is frowned upon, but here at AmericanMuscle – it’s just part of what we do!

Comment below and tell us which is your favorite Mustang in this video!

  • http://twitter.com/Mo_Ruthless Mo Solo Ruthless

    Cool story bro.

  • O8mustang13gt

    i would something like that would happen at my work..so i could run out and join them with my supercharged 08 gt

  • Chorizoinurmouth

    Nice burn outs but horrible acting and very corrny….

  • Nick

    i so wish i were there huge mustang fan so i deffinatley wouldnt frown upon it and i like the 07 gt best but the boss or the black gt sounded the best no doubt

  • Davidfeola

    You have a burned out tail light in the 07… Drivers side

  • Shannon

    People who frown on this were also kids who wet the bed at night.

    Was entertaining, thanks for posting.

  • gerardo

    very nice

  • Rok65vett

    way to cool.