2016 Mustang GT350R Crashes at Nurburgring!

Shelby GT350 Mustang Wreck

The Shelby GT350 has been out testing at the Nurburgring again, but this time it did not go so well for the SVT Prototype! AmericanMuscle has been staying on top of every move the new GT350 has been making. Since videos started popping up of the GT350 on the Nurburgring, people have been hungry for more of this mysterious car.  Ford has been rigorously testing this new halo car, in the public and in private, trying to work out any kinks it may have. Ford’s latest trip to the Nurburgring for testing looks like it may have pushed the envelope a little too much.

Photos have emerged of the Shelby GT350 going into a spin and narrowly missing the wall on the world-famous ring, which is surrounded by miles of lush green forest; there is a reason a lot of drivers refer to this track as the green-hell. Reportedly, the back end of the GT350 Mustang came around on the right, which caused the test-driver to try and correct it, leading to an over correction, spinning the whole car around. The rear of the car swung within inches of the barrier and could have resulted in a very serious wreck, but lucky the damage was kept to a minimum.

Anyone who has ever driven a Mustang and given it a little gas, knows just how tail-end happy these cars can be, so it is no surprise that this GT350 succumb to a side-effect of the Mustang’s personality. After the spin-out SVT engineers made some adjustments and set the S550 Mustang back out for more testing. It will be interesting to see just how fine tuned they can make the suspension before the big September reveal of the GT350 comes at the Circuit of the Americas.

After seeing this little incident, it once again draws into question the power numbers we might expect from the Voodoo Engine. Could this car we’ve seen testing actually be a new 2015 Shelby GT500 that has more power than the Hellcat or is it just the new track ready Shelby GT350 that will be a Z/28 killer,  we have suspected it to be all along? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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  • Jeff M

    A spin is not a crash and it’s green hell not green death.

    • CiDhed

      This ^

  • nope

    “Could this car we’ve seen testing actually be a new 2015 Shelby GT500 that has more power than the Hellcat or is it just the new track ready Shelby GT350 that will be a Z/28 killer” or it could be neither. I’m going with it won’t be a z28 killer or a hellcat killer. Just another “track ready” mustang

    • chris

      Another ford hater

    • Zakatak360

      Haters will no lives will go on sites just to talk shit. This guy obviously knows nothing about cars and backs up his “opinion” with 15-year old ricer statements. The 2015 GT already outperforms the Boss, so don’t cry like a baby when the GT350 takes the gold, little boy.

      • nope

        Funny how you fan boys know so little about even your own favorite cars. That the only thing you can attack is the person who posted the comment. I was referring to the 2014 mustang GT “track pack” that couldn’t even keep up with the 1le Camaro. So you can shove that ricer comment up your ass where you got it from. Also your retarded comment about the 2015 GT being better than the boss. Wow that’s cool, The 2014 Camaro ss 1le is also better than the boss around the track so I guess that makes two. (and I would hope the new mustang would be better than the old one) I don’t think you realize how truly amazing the 2014 z28 and 2015 hellcat really are. Maybe you should go do a little reading and educate yourself about both sides of the argument. And stop assuming a car you know nothing about will be better than anything. All you have is hopes for it right now.

        • GT/CS Stang

          lol, 1le Camaro, I have beaten them multiple times both on the track and roll racing both matched up stock vs stock and I dont even have the track pack, just a 2013 GT/CS. Reading is one thing but putting RWHP on the pavement is another.

          • nope

            Either you’re lying or they were just bad drivers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtmku2Lw5es. I need not provide any more facts for you. Mustangs are cool cars don’t get me wrong. But sometimes they loose to the Camaro sometimes they don’t.

  • major williams

    Can’t wait to see the specs on whatever Shelby produces. Just wish Carroll was alive to add his input and appreciate what Ford has done to this point.


  • Dean Waynee

    Wrong car… there were TWO on the track, and this is the slower one… the REAL GT 350 has deep dish racing rim’s…!!!