2011 Mustang GT: Prototype CAI & Dyno Tune – Huge Power Gains!

The last few weeks behind the scenes here at AmericanMuscle have been 2011 Mustang chaos! Our Bama Custom Tuning team has been locked away, testing and refining calibrations for the new 5.0 platform. We’ve been experimenting with never-before-seen modifications from some of the aftermarket’s top brand names and we couldn’t hold back our secrets any longer. We’ll be unveiling all of these featured finds very shortly, starting with our brand new C&L Performance prototype cold air intake system! See the results after the jump!

As proud as we are to announce that Bama Custom tune files are now available for your 2011 5.0L Mustang through AmericanMuscle.com, we are even more excited to have become a trusted partner for many of the aftermarket test products that you will see. This means that our Bama calibration experts are first in line to develop precision custom tunes for many new products before they even hit the street! All tunes are not created equal, and we plan to show you how ours are superior!

2011 CAI & Bama Custom Tuning Dyno Results:

  • Stock – no modifications: 363RWHP / 331RWTQ
  • Factory tune, Prototype C&L cold air intake:  374RWHP / 338RWTQ
  • Bama Custom 2011 Mustang GT tune, stock Airbox:  379RWHP / 357RWTQ
  • Bama Custom Tune, Prototype C&L cold air intake:  385RWHP / 362RWTQ

With the addition of a Bama Custom Tune file and a breath of fresh air – thanks to C&L – for our pony, we were able to gain as much as 22 Horsepower and 31 ft. lb. of Torque at our peak. We picked up as much as 28 Horsepower at approximately 5400RPM. These substantial gains are sure to please any 5 liter enthusiast, and help us burn some rubber off those new tires! Check out the video below for more details.


As you can see, unlocking hidden horsepower and torque on your 2011 Mustang is as easy as a custom tune. In addition to power gains, you can greatly improve driveability, throttle response, and shifting without sacrificing anything! Interested in turning your 2011 5.0L GT into a tire shredding machine? These calibrations are available for purchase starting today!

What do you think is the next move on our 2011 Mustang GT? We have many modifications currently in the works. Comment below and let us know your guess!

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  • Rob

    I was wondering in the video the top bama tuner says you can adj. cam timing? If you would tell me what sct allows you to do w cam timing. I’m getting a 2011 auto very shortly. The sct website doesn’t say anything.

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      Ti-VCT is something that is still being worked on inside the tune. The programmers we sell already come set up so that you won’t have to adjust any of the retard or advance. The reason SCT doesn’t allow the end user to modify this is due to piston-to-valve clearance!

      • andrew

        I’m calling BS the 5.0 is a non-interference engine. Even with the valves all the way open they will not hit the piston.

  • Alex

    No dyno sheet? Are the numbers SAE or STD?

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      Dyno numbers are standard corrected and both on 93 octane in 95 degree weather.

  • Grabber

    I was really expecting a little more. Was this with 87 oct?

    • Grabber

      93 :(
      Said the shifts are firmer so I gather auto car. That makes it somewhat better.

      • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

        All dyno numbers were STD corrected 93 octane in 95 degree weather. The before AND after was with 93 octane. These are also PEAK gains, where as throughout the curve, as much as 28RWHP we found through factory timing “dips” that we corrected.

        28RWHP/34RWTQ increase out of nothing but an intake/tune combo is pretty sweet in our opinion!

        • Grabber

          Ya I had different numbers in my head earlier. Just wait till it’s good and broke in, my ol lady actually ask me what new part I had put on mine since she had not rode in it since it was brand new. 1200+ on it now and you can tell a difference.

          • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

            This is true, we had less than 600 miles on it for the dyno tune and less than 200 miles on it for the stock track results! Stay tuned, we’ve got some cool stuff ahead!

      • Ty

        Yes the car is an Auto. The auto cars have an “extra” tube coming out of the intake tube right before the throttle body. You can clearly see this in the video.

        I think those are good numbers for an Auto car and would like to see what you can get out of it N/A before adding a power adder.


        • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

          Thanks Ty! Yes there is one extra fitting for the Automatic, you’re correct.

          We will have N/A results, and who know’s what we’ll do after that! 😉

  • http://mustangforums.com Teej

    I think the next move should definitely be testing power adders like nitrous and superchargers to see what we can get out of the new mod motor. As many know the new 5.0 is a high compression motor and it would be nice to see what sort of boost you can run safely with the high compression. The one thing that makes this motor great stock is the only thing that sucks about modifying it. High compression isnt going to allow you to run high boost to make big power, but will make for an awesome bolt-on only stang so pretty much if you want over 500rwhp youre gonna have to look into new pistons and thats something that nobody buying a brand new car is going to want to do. Shelby is running into this kind of problem with the GT350…putting a supercharger on top of this motor makes great power but with the high compression they are running into detonation problems if i remember correctly. So testing it to see where you think is a safe level is definitely something that should be considered for future. I mean full bolt-ons should definitely be first on the list to see where we max this baby out with the stock longblock and then start with power-adders and see where that takes you.

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      Teej, thanks for the suggestions! We are also fans of forced induction, and going fast. I hope you continue to follow our story, as we have some interesting things lined up for our new toy! Stick around!

  • Justin Yost

    I’m very excited to see what’s in store for this new car. As Teej said, it would be neat to see what forced induction would do due to the high compression, but on the other hand, since AM is working in coordination with their vendors on developing parts for the 2011 5.0, I would think AM would focus on bolt-ons and getting the best out of the 5.0 on Natural Aspiration before going with any forced induction, nitrous, etc. Also, I would really love to hear what the 5.0 sounds with exhaust work done to it. All of the Mod motors sound amazing with exhaust work, and this can’t be an exception. So please AM, develop the exhaust!!

  • Joe

    Do you think the tuning will get better over time as you guys mess with the cars or is this as much as you guys think you can squeeze out of it with CAI?

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      I think that there will be some improvements over time as things are added to the database and new methods unfold. However, for a simple CAI/Tune combination, this is going to be about as good as it gets. The advancements in the PCM will probably only pertain to cam changes, superchargers and other forced induction applications, etc. We have more than enough parameters to create an amazing tune for those sticking with a stock airbox, changing to an intake, modifying exhaust, etc.

  • Joe

    Also with the Auto it feels like they have done everything possible to help fuel economy – shifts to higher gears way too early, lugs engine a lot. I just use the pushbutton grade assist for everyday driving at sub-freeway speeds. Car feels more responsive, 6th gear is locked out, engine revs a bit more.
    Have you guys fixed any of these issues with the tune?

    • Fivo

      I have an ’11 5.0 Automatic, and also use the Grade Assist. I’ve been waiting to move from a sitck to an automatic, and when I saw the the six speed was being introoduced, I sold my ’04 Mach 1 and ordered a white 5.0. No regrets, except I share your frustration with the early shifting. I actually called Ford Racing and asked if there was in harm in using grade Assist like 90% of the time. the guy put me on hold, conferred with someone else there, and confirmed it would be no problem. Not only do I use Grade Assist 90% of the time, I shift manually from first to third in traffic and around town. I am looking forward to some transmisiion mods.

      One thing I find wierd is that flooring it from a dead stop barely burns rubber. It seems to just launch gently and spool up like lightening. In fact, I just dusted a Pontiac G8 GXP a couple of weeks ago, and those are supposed to be 4.7 zero to sixty. So I know mine is not a dog, it just doesn';t seem to load the power on immediately and light up the tires.

      • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

        There is definitely a need for an aftermarket transmission calibration. This will wake up the entire car, and allow it to burn rubber like it should!

  • John

    Not trying to ask a stupid question…especially since I will always buy Bamachips stuff over any other brand. But, the SCTFlash by itself seems to be realizing more power gains out of the box than these tests with the C&L. Am I missing something obvious?


    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      SCT is advertising numbers that are throughout the curve as opposed to peak gains. The number at the top of the curve is what we’re going off. We gained as much as 28RWHP and 34RWTQ throughout the curve, which is in line with SCT’s testing.

  • Rick Bauman

    I bought my 2011 black 5.0 about 3 weeks ago, and have approximatley 2500 miles on it. My concern is what will the tune do to the factory warranty?? This thing ripes the way it is, and everybody wants to go faster, but is it worth voiding the factory warranty??? My biggest problem is hitting 3rd gear in a power shift. I think this 6 speed tranny, and or shifter has a definet need for a short throw. I’m still used to my red gt 5spd that won the presidents award in your 1st car show. One more thing. I’ve noticied 3rd stage racing is one of the only people offering a magnaflow exhaust. I was a little dissapointed that it seems to be taking a bit longer than normal for your first concern…. NOISE…. I’ve already lowered the car, and put my 20 inch Bullets on, and even though it turns heads everywhere I go, I would love to have the rumble of a superior exhaust system. I buy 98% of my ad-ons from AM. Thanks for the info, and if your ever looking for a 6spd. to try out let me know… See you in September…

  • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose


    We cant wait to see you at our show! We will have Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Pypes and many more exhaust systems available in the upcoming weeks. We currently have the Magnaflow setup on our R&D 2011, and will be testing long tube headers as well as many other components in the upcoming weeks. Hang in there with us and we’ll have some great quality exhaust components with free shipping and the best customer service that we can provide!

    As for the tuning, it’s well worth the power increase, and can be returned to stock in as little as a few moments with no trace left behind for the dealership. You can get as much as 28RWHP throughout the curve!

    • Jeremy

      I’ve installed an cold air intake and used the tuner which was the last step in the installation of the Steeda cold air intake. If I need warranty work, I can easily put the factory tune in back in the car, but what about the cold air intake? Do I need to put the factory box back in? Or can the cold air intake be left one with the factory tune?

      • Jeremy

        I meant left on, not left one.

  • Victor D

    It needs a new CORSA Performance Exhaust.

  • Jon B

    I have an 02 GT and have engine envy. Anything in the works to swap in the 5.0 to a new edge? :)

  • Rick B.

    Thanx for the info….

  • Dyno Don

    Are you running it at Maple Grove before making more mods? Looks like you might be running 12.8’s, maybe better.

  • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

    We will be running the car, for sure! Coverage will be featured by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine! We have a few other tricks up our sleeve as well!

  • TParks

    Like to see SAE numbers but since it’s an auto, those are still some sweet numbers. Not sure what’s next to improve on but can’t wait to see what you guys do and the gains, if any. Great work AM.

  • jn

    Evolution Performance has a tune & cold air intake that nets more horsepower and torque and also adjusts shift points in the automatic transmission………Bama, you’ve got some more work to do.

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      After further examining the dyno results between ourselves and Evolution Performance, they’re almost identical. The difference is whether or not one rates their horsepower and torque gains at the peak or throughout the curve. Our results are in line with what they’ve gained, while still factoring in the difference in their MD1100SE results and we picked up as much as 28RWHP and 34RWTQ throughout the powerband.

      Evolution has done some great things with their GT500 crowd, and now the 5.0L. We are very excited to see what they, as well as any other shop who is competitive with the 5.0L market, are able to do in the upcoming months! We are enthusiasts ourselves, and love to see these cars going fast when they are fresh off of the assembly line!

      • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

        Just another quick note… our 11′ GT was also an Automatic. We are able to adjust shift points as well as shift firmness, converter parameters, etc. We offer three different custom tuning maps depending on preference in this area and have no problem custom tailoring these shift points for different gear ratios as well. We’ve worked very hard to keep our Automatic transmission calibrations ahead of the rest in the past. We believe that the new transmission platform has plenty of potential and can’t wait to get some more of these tunes out on the street and hear the buzz!



  • Eric

    They are two totally different cars. You cannot assume that each car is exactly the same, as you don’t even know if both have the same transmission… Hater
    Great job AM, keep up the outstanding work!

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      Thanks for the feedback! You’re exactly right… there’s no two cars the same, and definitely no two dynos the same! Thanks again, and stay tuned for some really cool mods that we have in store for this car…

  • http://lebanon-ford.com Charlie

    Those are impressive numbers for the CAI and Tune. However, I was under the impression that the 5.0 put 395 @ 6,600 RWHP??? I understand there is a loss from Auto to manual, but is it that extreme?

  • jeff l

    the new 5.0 sounds great but i was looking for what is the best upgrades to my 2010 gt can u help in any way

  • Barry

    What is the turn around on getting the tunes once ordered?

  • Ed F.

    I recieved my tuner for my 2011 5.0 today from you guys at A/M Bama tunes, you guys did a great job!! The difference is amazing!! Thanks, Ed

    • Joe

      Ed give us some feed back!

  • Aaron R.

    This is great news for the new 5.0, but what is being done for the new 3.7?

  • Richard Woodford

    Got my SCT with Bama tune today, installing tomorrow. The “Bama Tune” metal plaque is a great touch!

    One question – do you guys take off the top-end speed-limiter (for track use only, of course!)?

    • Joe

      Give us your opinion on the tune!

      • Richard Woodford

        2011 Mustang GT
        I finally had a chance to install the BAMA/SCT tune and play with it. WOW. It’s actually such a boost in raw power that I’m thinking of using just the street tune for daily driving. Here’s the detail (note: my car is an automatic and my testing method was basically “floor it” – I did not power brake or anything like that):
        I used my g-timer prior to tuning. Stock, I got 0-60 in 4.75 and 1/4 mile in 13.17@108.3. Good numbers in line with most tests we’ve all seen.
        I answered my own question – there is a “remove speed limiter” option. I left everything the way BAMA set it and installed the “performance” tune.
        The first thing I noticed – the car used to “chirp” on 1-2 upshift, now it completely breaks loose and lays two nice 30-foot long tire marks on 1-2 upshift. So much tire spin that I’m sure lack of traction is hindering the times (i.e. if I had better tires, these numbers would be even better). I’m pretty sure the 1-2 burn-out is so crazy that the traction control is kicking in too, futher hindering the full potential. One note (to be fair), I also put in a K&N panel air filter into the stock air box, but I’m sure most of this gain was the tune.
        Post-tune g-timer results:
        0-60 4.38, 1/4 12.60@114.7.
        Shifts are much firmer and the engine sounds excellent. Not to mention that these times are FAST.
        After I finish break-in, get the oil changed (Royal Purple or Q), and get a cooler day at the track, I’m betting it breaks 115 in the 1/4.

        • Joe

          That is great. Was your idle rough at all? Did this smooth it out?

          • Richard Woodford

            I did not have any rough idle before or after the tune.
            One other person on this blog mentioned the “laziness” of the automatic. The Mustang automatic can be slow to respond. The tune does seem to make this somewhat better too.

  • amplifier28

    will i need a special tune if i also install an aftermarket axleback exhaust like the flowmaster hushpower axleback exhaust?

  • Omar

    Flecting back to one of the comments made earlier. I went to lethal performance website and noticed that they provide a 25-28 rwhp increase with just the tuner, but also noticed that they used 93 octane. Your average is 22hp on 91 octane. Does this mean if your tuning can achieve similar numbers if 93 octane is used?

    • http://www.americanmuscle.com AMChrisRose

      This is correct! We’ve seen as much as 40RWHP gained in certain spots, such as 5400RPM where the factory timing has a dip, that we smooth out.

      • Omar

        Thanks !!

        • James Miller

          wow, so you guys picked up 40 rwhp at 5400 rpm with this combo kit? Im hoping thats with the 93 octane “performance” tune and not the “race” tune that i cannot use as i my wife usually drives the car daily. That is definately very impressive, especially since you guys are selling this combo WAY less than the competion. Im definately looking into ordering this kit asap

  • http://Americanmuscle Dave

    This is all good, but how people forget about the 03 – 04 MACH1 13.17 ON A QUARTER MILE TIME. a HIGHLY UNDER RATED 305hP AT 5000RPM.
    I have a very low mile 03 with a full x pipe Magna flow, C&L cold air intake , weapon X 80,000V coils and iridium plus, 65mm twin Throttle body, dynoed at 351rwhp at 93octane. This car is running my best time 12.67 with street tires It makes it’s 7G redline so fast. They told me the car is making over 400hp, I put down the new camaros and challengers ( I love the look on the Camaro guy’s faces That is pricless). I would love to go against a 2011 stock GT. I am sure a set of gears and tires would be a great improvement on the ET. Not sure why this car responded so good to the stuff maybe its the clean air in Canada but love my Mach1 and stangs in general. I also have a 03GT convertible I will probably trade in on a new 2011 GT but never will I get ride of that Mach1 she’s a real spoiler.

    • TIM

      REPLY TO DAVE-10/07/10,

  • Richard Croom

    I just bought a 2011 V6. You guys can play with it any time you like. LOL

  • http://n/a gregg

    purchased 2011 gt automatic trans California Special- was told could install FRPP 624 supercharger as long as i got custom tune – after spending 10k on parts (including headers, too) and 4k on installation am now told supercharger has to come out – there is no tune!!!! – computer code is corrupt and will not accept aftermarket changes HELP !!!!

    gregg in pompano beach fl

    • Jtlr87

      I have the same problem with the Edelbrock Eforce on my 2011 GT.  Car will accept Edelbrocks tune, but when I asked the tuner shop to work up a 93 octane tune, they said the computer wouldn’t take it…not sure what the deal is… have you had any luck with your setup?

  • MattS

    Big props to Bama Tunes and American Muscle.

    I ordered the CAI and SCT programmer combo kit yesterday for my 2011 Mustang GT 6 speed. Unbelievable free shipping and customer service.

    Installed today and ran through all 3 tunes. First tune is a 87 street tune, second a 93 octane performance tune and the third a 93 race tune.

    Unreal difference. Car is friggin scary and I love it! Big need for bigger tires! I now have to peddle the car all the way through first and second and speed shifts to 3rd result in some sick sideways action at 70.

    Thank you Bama tunes!

    I did several launches with each tune and have settled on the Race tune for now : )

    • Omar

      I have to agree with you 100%. These cars are really run nice under the race tune. AM a new intake manifold is coming out next month at evolution performance. This intake manifold is the exact one that they will be using for the 2012 mustang boss. Any chance when it arrives at AM and will a modification of tuning be require once purchased. Thanks

    • Alltoomuch14224

      do know what ur smoking,  I did cai and bama tune for 93 and showed little if any gains……..

  • Dan Rifkin

    I purchased a 2011 Mustang Gt, 6 speed Auto, Grabber Blue, Roush billet grill, Roush lower fascia with fog lamps, Roush rear wing, 3.73 Ford racing gears, C & L cold air kit, Bama 91 octane Performance and Race tunes, Borla axle back “S” type exhaust. I have had 6 Mustangs, including a 2007 Saleen PJ model, with Saleen supercharger. I have to say my 2011 with the Bama tunes makes this car my favorite. Its fast, and is a great driver. The shifting calibration is great, no lag anymore. Burns the tires in 3 gears, and accelerates almost as quick as my Saleen! (Almost) The Bama tune and C & L cai from American Muscle made a huge difference, and the service is great. Thanks Ryan, (Bama expert tuner) for making me smile everytime I get in my car!

  • Lastwhiplash

    I have been running the 91 ethanol octane tune with the C&L intake and Sunday April 3, 2011 I hit the dyno for the first time and even tho it was about the 12 th pull and touching 90 degrees in the shop I still hit 374 rwhp. The dyno tech said that this “canned” tune was amazing. Very little tweaking can be done to gain anymore power with the cars current setup. Kudos guys thank you very much for your hard work.

  • Lastwhiplash

    I have been running the 91 ethanol octane tune with the C&L intake and Sunday April 3, 2011 I hit the dyno for the first time and even tho it was about the 12 th pull and touching 90 degrees in the shop I still hit 374 rwhp. The dyno tech said that this “canned” tune was amazing. Very little tweaking can be done to gain anymore power with the cars current setup. Kudos guys thank you very much for your hard work.

  • Billdav

    It would be good to see a drive shaft (carbon fiber or Al),
    Ultra light weight wheels
    Low restriction cat converter
    Lighter mufflers
    Ram air
    LED ~ lights:brake, head, turn sig, parking, and tail
    change the glass roof option into a solar panel and fan vent combo
    Rear battery locater pkg.
    chrome/moly, tubular suspension parts
    light weight hood with AL prop up bar

  • DJones

    I’ve been looking through the comments, and I don’t see anything about the 6speed Manual…..I bought a 2011 Mustang GT 6speed and have added a roush catback exhaust. What numbers should I expect?