12 Days of Giftmas Teaser Video

In an attempt to bring you, our valued customer and friends, a look at some of our best Mustang stuff before the holidays, I rallied our video guy and headed out to our warehouse, Santa suit and all. I can definitely say it didn’t go as planned. In fact, it went from good, to bad, to worse, in no time flat. Nonetheless, here’s a look at the start of our first-ever 12 Days of Giftmas Video Gift Guide.

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  • Rich Murphy

    Nice, I sure hope I get some mustang parts for x-mas. If not, an American Muscle gift card would work too.

  • Mike H

    Great video….And i see Rob is still falling for Balls..!!

  • Franz Kolarz

    The actor Playing Santa needs acting lessons, DESPERATELY…
    The stunt warehousemen were very professional and obviously members of the Stunt guild and deserve Double Pay ,retroactive to the day of the performance.
    The Director and cameraman were magnificent and should do a sequel, Surely these professionals will receive a call from Steven Spielberg and ultimately an oscar nomination.
    Keep up the fine work, I’m available for the SANTA part.

    • Jeff

      For the record, I never put acting on my resume when I got this job. LOL. Thankfully, you are correct about our director and stuntmen. Too bad I’ll be dragging us down come Oscar time.

  • Kyle

    Truly epic….nuff said.

  • http://www.mustangtraderonline.com Mustang Trader

    what a great idea guys.. keep it up.. love the promotion..

  • http://www.classiccarsaz.com Classic cars

    Hey… its a nice step… I would appreciate if any of the Mustang part will come in gift..!!

  • http://www.rvdealertrade.com RV Dealers

    Gifts are the nice things.. I would love to have….

  • Ernesto

    Nice video not bad at all =D