12 Days of Giftmas: Day 8 Smoked Headlight Covers

Black is definitely back, at least when it comes to Mustangs that it is. Smoked headlight covers install easy on any Mustang and add an aggressive look that helps your ‘Stang stand out in the crowd.

• Easy Installation
• Durable Plastic Protects Headlights
• Slick Stealthy Look
• Fitments for All Mustangs ’87 and Newer

For more information go to Mustang Headlight Covers at AmericanMuscle.com.

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  • http://Americanmuscle.com Lynn Webb

    How do I acccess the previous 7 days of giftmas, and can I purchase any of them now? Or can you only purchase the item on the day it’s shown?

    Appreciate hearing from you! Thanks so much, and have a really great Christmas1

    Lynn Webb

    • Jeff

      Not sure if you’re talking about the videos or the products featured in the videos. All videos and products are available now. You can find the other videos we’ve posted by clicking on the AmericanMuscle Blog logo at the top of the page and then scrolling down from newest to oldest.

      Links to each of the products featured are included at the bottom of every post. I you are still unable to find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 866.727.1266.

      Thank you!

  • Ray Charles

    How do I see down the road at night if I have smoked headlight covers????

    • Jeff

      Headlight covers are not recommended for driving at night. They apply using a very strong tape, but I have also heard of people using velcro or similar fasteners to be able to easily remove then for nighttime driving. Or, if you are want the stealth look for your Mustang, but don’t want to worry about removing headlight covers, consider black headlights and taillights. You can find them in the Mustang Lights section on AmericanMuscle.com. There are some models that have great lighting as well as the cool stealth look.

      Here are the links to their location:



    • Jen Eric

      Would help if you took off your sunglasses. 😛