12 Days of Giftmas: Day 1 Cold Air Intakes

Fast and easy bolt on performance, Cold Air Intake Kits deliver more power and better fuel efficiency.

• More Power
• Better Mileage
• More than 8 popular makes in stock!
• Easy Installation
Fitments for All Mustangs ‘86 and Newer

For more information go to Cold Air Intake Kits at AmericanMuscle.com.

  • Ben

    Love to add to my v6 :)

  • keith

    Replacing “Christmas” with Giftmas. Not cool

    • Jim

      Someone should buy you a sense of humor for Giftmas

  • John

    I was told that throttle body spacers will not fit aftermarket throttle bodies. Not that i’m doubting you guys but on the BBK twin plus 62mm for 2005-09 there is a picture submitted by DJ Sterrette and he has the throttle body and it looks as if he also has the steeda TB spacer as well. Does that TB spacer fit this throttle body, or am i just being dumb?

  • John

    I just realized that this may not have been the appropiate place for my question, sorry for the inconvenience of my post above.

    • Jeff

      Not a problem John. Let me know if you still need your question answer and I can look into it for you.